by Brandon R. Luffman


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ISBN-13: 9781483919430
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/07/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Born in Statesboro, Georgia in 1976, Brandon Luffman was raised in rural North Carolina from the time he was old enough to walk. In the sixth grade he discovered The Chronicles Of Narnia. Soon after that, he was on to Stephen King and Arthur C. Clarke. At the same time, he was making his first forays into writing fiction. After creating a series of short fantasy pieces for a class assignment that were received with praise, he was hooked on writing fiction for the entertainment of others. Now Brandon writes supernatural horror as well as fantasy, science fiction, and other genres. His short fiction is available online in various formats. Brandon still lives on the family farm in northwestern North Carolina with his wife and family. Taking inspiration from his homeland, he brings southern sensibilities and a modern flair to these classic genre themes. Frostwalker is his first novel-length release.

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Frostwalker 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
There is an insidious evil worming its way through the people in town. For five nights in a row, Jake had seen the light, felt it calling him. Tonight, he crossed into the forest. It had called him and he was determined to solve the mystery. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I knew something was coming just from the eerie cover. That was no bullet hole in that thar deer. And Dan. Poor Dan. That is when I was drawn in so deep, I had to know – what in the h*** happened to him in the woods? I knew it was something bad just by the description of the gruesome, bloody and savage attack. Brandon Luffman did an excellent job of creating a feeling of impending doom in this horror novel of the creepiest kind. There is an insidious evil worming its way through the people in town. Have you ever approached something and balked at going through with it? A sense of something, intuition (?), saying it wasn’t right, that something was very wrong? That’s how Jake felt when he would approach the woods. His foot would not cross that barrier. When the s*** hit the fan, it did it with a vengeance. Every opening door, every creak of the floor, I thought something was going to jump out at me. Jake and Eric are best friends. They are just regular Joes, nothing special about them. The evil they face will prove the lengths they will go to for each other. I liked Nancy right off the bat. A no nonsense, do what must be done kind of gal. There wasn’t no monster gonna scare her away. She was strong and not a screamer. I hate those horror movies where all the women can do is cry and scream. Wendy is one of them. Will she step up when the time comes? Or Regina? John Birdsong is a Shaman. He is Tsalagi, now known as the Cherokee. He is Frostwalker. As soon as John and his grandmother entered the story, I liked where it was heading even more, a twist that would make the story even deeper. I like the spiritual elements of the Native Indians sprinkled into the story. The Grandmother is the the storyteller. The story she has to tell is almost beyond belief. I always wonder how I would perform in such situations. I guess that means this is a good story, because it actually had me asking myself – what would I do? Brandon did an excellent job in creating a tremendous amount of tension through anticipation. I knew it was coming, but he strung me out for so long, I couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when we finally got there. And it wasn’t where I thought I was going. Great ending! “Sounds like something’s gone bad wrong.” Boy was that an understatement. ‘I know I’m going to sound crazy, but they’re not just plain people any more, Sheriff.” I received Frostwalker from Brandon Luffman in return for an honest and unbiased review.
RabidReaderReviews More than 1 year ago
Luffman presents the reader with an elaborate story that was overall a beautifully written piece. One of my favorite scenes involved Butchie. Butchie was a dog that is wandering the woods. He knows he’s a good dog because his alpha tells him that he is. Butchie’s internal dialogue reminded me of a non-fiction book I read and reviewed not long ago regarding working dogs. His story-line felt very authentic. In contrast the internal dialogue of the other characters felt forced for the most part. I know that some readers will find Jake’s internal dialogue as it relates to Nancy endearing. I found his internal dialogue a little precious for a man his age. Danger and a sense of urgency forge quick connections and their relationship is believable without the sense of a scene overacted. In contrast, Jake’s relationship with his best friend Eric seemed very natural. I worked hard not to hate Eric for using the word “Awesomesauce” and in the end they were regular guys. Eric’s relationship with his long-term girlfriend is very smoothly written. They are a natural team for what they will next face. While it takes a long time for Luffman to get to the action, he wisely builds tension while the main characters go Christmas shopping, eat takeout food and experience obsessive dreams.  Luffman does creepy very well. When we finally get an answer to what happened to the missing hunter the scene is so horrifying that I want to go back and read it over and over. Poor Rhonda.  For all the brilliance imbued in the story-line, the ending was too pat. The ending made sense and came together but was somewhat disappointing in light of what the main text led a reader to expect.  I would highly recommend this book to those readers who like paranormal stories. If you don’t like zombies, don’t think of this as a zombie novel. “Frostwalker” is a more original animal. Horrifyingly beautiful. If you live in a wooded area, as I do, you might want to leave the lights on for this one. 
BookReviewsByJasonJL More than 1 year ago
Seems like something straight out of the X-Files! I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review. Jake is having some really strange dreams. These dreams keep calling him out to the woods behind his house. When he wakes, he feels that he knows exactly where this spot in the woods is at, but when he tries to find it, he can’t. Not because he is unable to find it, but because he is not physically able to continue on in the dark woods. His dreams, and lack of sleep, are starting to affect his work. But, it’s a good thing he is his own boss and the only other person he has to worry about at work is his secretary, Nancy. Over breakfast at the office one day, he realizes his attraction to Nancy, but now he has to weigh the pros and cons of making a move on his employee. Jake’s best friend Eric, and Eric’s girlfriend Wendy, convince Jake to ask Nancy to come along with them to do some Christmas shopping. During the trip to the mall, Jake and Nancy realize they have a lot in common, and begin to really hit it off. Because of this trip they start a new, romantic, relationship. But, strange happenings begin to occur as the weather worsens in their rural North Carolina town. As the snow flies and unnatural beings begin to attack them they are forced to run and try to find a way to save themselves. When they team up with a Native American, John, and his Grandmother, they learn a familiar story about their people and a battle that happened a long time ago. It was too familiar for Jake, as he felt he was living the exact same story. Will Jake’s story end the same as the story of the tribe? Will these evil beings take over the town? The state? The world? Is this new romantic relationship going to be able to grow, or will something else step in the way and kill it? This was a good, paranormal, story. It seemed like something straight out of the X-Files. I was hooked from the beginning and had a really hard time putting it down. I felt that the storyline flowed along perfectly, and the editing was really good. And, the way the story ended almost seems like the author might have a sequel in the works.
Nikki_F More than 1 year ago
Paranormal horror/zombie novel. First of all, this is a zombie novel.  Jake is a web designer who has the same terrifying dream every night, and each night it gets more intense and much more realistic.  Soon he can’t help but try to find what he’s looking for in the dream.  Soon enough though, the evil in the dream has bled into his reality.  “Frostwalker” is Brandon R. Luffman’s new paranormal horror. The dead are coming back to life, and soon Jake, his friend, and new girlfriend are fighting for their lives.  Later, they find out this is an evil that has been seen by the Cherokee before.  Though he has help, Jake must find a way to destroy this evil and save those left alive in his town.   This novel did have a twist on the generic zombie storyline; however there is only so much anyone can do to make it different from every other zombie book.  In reality, it had a slight twist to the basic zombie plot.  Having said that, this novel wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The character development was so-so.  While the reader sees glimmers of who Jake is and how he is feeling, there just isn’t enough to go on to really, truly, connect.  I did enjoy his female characters, they were more then willing to stand up and fight instead of hiding behind their male counterparts.   While I had wished for the latter half of the novel to have more to it, especially the ending, it wasn’t bad.  Luffman is a capable writer, and for those who enjoy zombie themed books, this one is about on par with others I have read. I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.  This in no way influenced my review.  I was not required to, nor compensated for, writing a review.
IIP More than 1 year ago
This is an original zombie tale. I know, I know, how can a book with zombies be original. Well, apparently that is still possible to pull off, as Brandon R. Luffman flawlessly accomplishes just that in FROSTWALKER, his full length horror debut. The amount of love put into this story, it's characters, and even the setting itself is apparent from the moment you crack this book open. Frostwalker, Brandon R. Luffman's horror debut, will remind you of what it's like to be young again, of what it's like to fall in love, of what it's like to experience true terror (only this time, your fears are justified!) This really is so much more than a zombie novel. It's magic steeped in history and used to conjure your worst fears into reality. The stormy winter atmosphere fits perfectly with this chilling tale, yet the narrative flow and characters have a way of making you feel as though you are sitting beside a campfire, huddled under a woolen blanket, sipping at herbal tea, watching the crackling flames of the fire as your most trusted guide tells you ghost stories that make you start to question every sound in every bush and what may lurk in every shadow. The twists and turns and plot developments of this story will leave you reeling. I didn't see any of the twists coming, but I'm so glad they came! Once you find out why and how the dead are walking, you'll see exactly why I say this is a truly original zombie tale. FROSTWALKER is a book to savor, as I promise you will be mourning the loss of these characters in your life once you close the final chapter. It is a novel that is truly unforgettable. You won't be disappointed.