Frozen Charlotte

Frozen Charlotte

by Susan De


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Poetry. Women's Studies. Jewish Studies. Susan de Sola's FROZEN CHARLOTTE spans the breadth of human experience--from celebration to lamentation, from gravity to lightheartedness, from domestic and quotidian scenarios to historic upheavals and their aftermaths, both European and American. She skillfully deploys an impressive range of formal styles and free verse in her debut collection. De Sola's FROZEN CHARLOTTE manifests all the hallmarks of a seasoned poet in surefootedness, wit, and depth of empathy.

"The breadth of Susan de Sola's poetry, by turns gossamer light and solemnly elegiac, offers a pleasurable aesthetic surprise from poem to poem-from 'sun-starved Dutchmen' to immigrant Jews in Manhattan, from tulips to the life of a friend whose actual name she never knew, from the imagined language of rocks to a war widow's cedar closet, from the death of an infant to conjugal love. Susan de Sola evinces wit and knowingness, a dexterity with verse, a way with form. The pleasure of de Sola's poetry is to be in the presence of virtuosity and insight, of a poet who knows what it means to be human, and when to be serious and when to be light."--Mark Jarman

"When I read Susan de Sola's uncanny title poem 'Frozen Charlotte' for the first time, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I feel the same about the book as a whole, a virtuoso grouping of form and topic, a book that is haunting, yet which also sparkles with a sense of humor that I much enjoyed. Susan de Sola, it seems, can write in any form. While this book is her first full-length collection, it is the work of a master craftsperson."--Kim Bridgford

"Whether their subject is a painting by Sargent, a gathering at the site of a Holocaust deportation center, or the bestial appearance of ATM machines, Susan de Sola's poems seem animate with her vision: the poems breathe on the page. Part of de Sola's power lies in her formal acumen. Every word here seems carefully sieved from the welter of English, and each poem's form is perfectly matched to its ambition and music. De Sola's tonal range is equally rich--she is by turns funny and dark, pensive and sly, her voice resounding in the reader's head long after a poem's final line. Like its memorable title poem, FROZEN CHARLOTTE intrigues, goes deep, surprises. It is a book rich with the pleasures the best poetry provides."--Clare Rossini

"This book has many moods and many messages for any reader who pays the poems collected here the attention they deserve. At times it seems a fairground, at times a graveyard, and neither cancels the other out. It is a mark of Susan de Sola's always persuasive rhetoric that we see that both characterizations are somehow, simultaneously, true, and that despite their exhilarating variety these poems are of a piece and come from one complex, sophisticated, supremely alert sensibility."--Dick Davis

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ISBN-13: 9781773490373
Publisher: Able Muse Press
Publication date: 08/30/2019
Pages: 126
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Susan de Sola's most recent book of poetry is FROZEN CHARLOTTE (Able Muse Press, 2019). Her poems have appeared in many venues, such as the Hudson Review and PN Review, and in anthologies, including The Best American Poetry 2018. She is a winner of the David Reid Poetry Translation Prize and the Frost Farm Prize. She holds a PhD in English from Johns Hopkins University and has published essays and reviews as Susan de Sola Rodstein. Her photography is featured in the chapbook Little Blue Man. A native New Yorker, she lives near Amsterdam with her family.

Table of Contents

viii Acknowledgments

xi Foreword


5 Bowl of Sea Glass

6 At Brighton Beach

8 Cut Out

9 Buddy

13 The Light Gray Suit, North by Northwest

15 Old Newsreel

16 Little Naomi

18 Nib Nok Nok

20 The Wanting Eye

21 Portrait, Bust


25 Camels at the Amsterdam Highway

26 Paola and the Cricket

27 Holistic Practice

30 A Party for Kevin

32 Trotsky’s Cat

33 Four Frogs

35 Railroad Bird

36 Bluish Animals

37 Mouse Time


41 The River Stone

43 Daniel

45 An Agony of Silk

47 The Cornell Boxes

48 Closely Observed Postman

49 Punctuation Gallant

50 The Wait

51 Cedar Closet

53 Rose Gold

54 Box

56 Wertheim Park

58 Miara


61 What the Woods Know

62 Blind, She Considers Her Lover

64 Jug of Milk

66 The Tulips

68 Hollandsche Schouwburg

69 Rotterdam Chiaroscuro

71 The Tear

73 Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose

75 Frozen Charlotte

76 Eve Sleeps

77 In the Dark


81 Curse the Moon

82 Shrine for 16

84 Twins

85 The Promise

86 A Bit of Roof

88 ATM

89 The Matchstick Man

90 Bringing Up Baby

92 L’Oréal Féria #50

94 The Wives of the Poets

96 The Up-Rolling of Time

98 Two-Part Song

100 Bounty

103 Notes

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