Frozen Stiff (Mattie Winston Series #3)

Frozen Stiff (Mattie Winston Series #3)

by Annelise Ryan
4.5 54


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Frozen Stiff 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 54 reviews.
ldosch More than 1 year ago
The story is about Mattie Winston, who is recently separated from her surgeon husband and as well as her job as an OR nurse. She is now working as an Assistant M.E. in the small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin. This is the third story in the series, and although I haven't read the first two, I had no trouble in following along with the characters and the backstory. In this case, Detective Steven Hurley, who Mattie is romantically interested in, is being linked to various murders in their small town. But is he a crazed killer or being set up, and by whom? Hurley wants Mattie's help to clear his name, but is she letting her hormones rule, in trusting a man what might be dangerous. If you looking for a deep, psychological thriller, look elsewhere. This is a deliciously witty, and lighthearted book. Mattie Winston is a delightful character, and I enjoyed her sarcastic whit. It is a nice change of pace that the heroine is a normal, slightly imperfect woman, who's smart but a little quirky. Since she is recently separated from her cheating husband, and is getting mixed signals from handsome Steve Hurley, she does spend some time questioning her physical flaws, especially while looking over the beautiful (although dead) ex-girlfriend of Hurley. I certainly chucked enough to make this well worth the read. I enjoyed this story enough that I am adding the first two to my list of books to read, and I am going to keep an eye out for the next book in the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thanks to the quirky humor combined with solid mysteries, Annelise Ryan has quickly become on of my favorite authors.   When I am in the mood for a light mystery, the Mattie Winston series never fails to deliver an entertaining romp.  Frozen Stiff was no exception.  The only problem with it is that as soon as I finished it, I was hungry for more, and the next book in the series isn't due out for a few months.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed. Kept you guessing how it would end. Kinda wish for a biy more romance happy happy.. but it fits well with the book
NoraAdrienne More than 1 year ago
Frozen Stiff By: Annelise Ryan Copyright: September 2011 Publisher: Kensington Death is never pretty, and deputy coroner Mattie Winston's latest case is no exception. But this victim certainly was strikingly beautiful. . .before someone stuck that knife into her chest. Mattie knows everyone in the charmingly small town of Sorenson, Wisconsin, so the deceased is definitely a stranger from out of town. If a woman this attractive had moved into town, the news would have surely hit the gossip mill in record time. So what was the victim doing here, laid out in this desolate field? Things only get murkier with the arrival at the scene of the usually stoic and dependable detective Steven Hurley; one look at the body and he turns as white as the newly fallen snow. . .and excuses himself from the case. It turns out the victim was a top investigative reporter from Chicago, and Hurley not only knew her. . . they dated a year and a half ago, until she broke it off. While Mattie grapples with her jealousy of a gorgeous dead woman, Hurley swears her to secrecy and tells her. . .that knife in his ex's chest is his! It's a case with more twists than Maddie's own crazy love life, and it'll take all of her forensic skills to unravel the increasingly bizarre clues and find the killer. . .before she herself becomes just another cold case! Mattie Winston's job as a Deputy Coroner is an always changing challenge. This newest case has her outside of town in a snow covered field looking at the body of a murdered woman. Neither she nor any of the responding police recognize the victim and are wondering how she ended up out there. Then add to that the mystery of why Detective Steve Hurley takes one look at the body and leaves, sending in another detective to take over the case. Hurley then puts himself on medical leave and poor Mattie is stuck dealing with Det. Bob Richmond, a retired cop who still gets called in when they need extra help. Mattie's skills, friendships and job are going to be on the line with this case. Can she handle all the problems that are going to jump in her face? I'm a big fan of the Mattie Winston series. The characters always come off as three dimensional and real. I have friends and family on the job here in NY, and can see some of them in the cops who show up in this story. Scary isn't it? FTC Full Disclosure: This book was sent to me by the publisher, hoping only for a fair and impartial review.
MM727 More than 1 year ago
the story line is interesting and funny. can really relate to the characters. Each one in this series has a very unexpected twist at the end. Looking forward to the next one due the first of next year.
NWIStacey More than 1 year ago
What a read! I was so happy to be on winter break when I read this because I couldn¿t put it down! This is my first novel by Ryan, but it won¿t be my last! Mattie Winston seems to have a knack for finding trouble or trouble finding her, and Frozen Stiff is full of trouble for Mattie! As a previous ER nurse, she is now working as deputy coroner given that she found her husband canoodling with other nurses. She is relatively new to the position and in dire needs of the income. However, in this novel, she finds herself having to decide between ethical morals and her feelings for Hurley (police detective), the man she is currently crushing heavily on. Trouble! When a beautiful blonde news reporter from Chicago is found murdered, Hurley asks a lot of Mattie during the investigation, one in which he has removed himself from. TROUBLE! Mattie finds herself in a whirlwind of cons, murders, fire, shootings and mixed love feelings. TROUBLE! However, Mattie is able to suppress her emotions, puts her life at stake and ends up solving the case! During the detective work Mattie performs, she is finally able to knock sense into her ex and he realizes they are no longer meant for each other. This makes me wonder what will happen between Mattie and Hurley in the next novel, which I anxiously await. Ryan has done a superb job defining the characters in this novel. As a reader I even became concerned for a side character that Mattie tried so hard to despise, but ends up concerned for. I could easily see this series as a TV show ¿ witty, suspense, and romance, which is what every woman is looking for!
52chickadees More than 1 year ago
Mattie Winston¿s life is never a boring one. She has had stints as an ER and OR Nurse and now works as a Deputy Coroner in the sleepy town of Sorenson, Wisconsin under the direction of County Medical Examiner Izzy Rybarceski; who is also her good friend, neighbor, and, since her separation from philandering husband, David, her landlord. Mattie¿s ¿day to day¿ is complicated enough, but when the body of the stunning Chicago TV News Investigative reporter, Callie Dunkirk turns up frozen and tossed like trash on a snowy rural roadside. Mattie digs her heels into the case, much to crusty, rotund Homicide Detective, Bob Richmond¿s dismay. Mattie is disappointed also, as she had hoped to work closely¿VERY CLOSELY, with the hunky and handsome Homicide Detective, Steve Hurley; with whom she had shared a couple of kisses with fervent hopes of more. Meanwhile, to add to her heart¿s confusion, David wants to reconcile. Mattie is sure she wants no part of it, although something inside keeps telling her she might still have feelings for him. Evidence starts to pile up and point in an unexpected and upsetting direction. Or is this to lead Mattie astray? Could any of this be true? Mattie uses all of her investigative tactics and instincts and squelches her conscience while trying to make sense of the information she uncovers. Where do convict Quinton Dilles, Atty. Connor Smith and the suave but slimy, Mike Ackerman fit into all of this? Or do they? Perhaps she¿s just overstressed and overtired and not looking at things clearly? Ms. Ryan has woven an intriguing volume full of ¿A-Ha¿ and ¿Gasp¿ moments with a sprinkling of chuckles, especially where Mattie¿s hypochondriac Mother and her dog; ¿Hoover¿ (Yes, aptly named for the vacuum cleaner-type canine he is) are concerned. Just when you believe you have this tale of murder, and intrigue figured out¿Ms. Ryan whisks you down another avenue. I¿m sure you¿ll enjoy it as much as I did and am looking forward to more of Mattie¿s adventures. Nancy Narma
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed readin a mystery that had light hearted quips to give you a chuckle. It's an easy read that keeps you guessing
eagle3tx More than 1 year ago
Good continuation of previous books in series.  Mattie's character develops.
Kenhump More than 1 year ago
Fun with entertaining twists. It was a great tonic for my rainy day.
Mackie77 More than 1 year ago
I'm always trying to find new authors and series, and I'm very happy this was on the less expensive list. This series is ok; I'm trying to warm up to the two protagonists. It makes it more difficult for me to follow a series when they jump into a romantic relationship early in the series. I also can't tell if the heroine is a nurse turned doctor turned autopsy assistant or just nurse turned autopsy assistant. If it's the former, she has pretty self-esteem; I'd like to see more confidence as in a former ER doctor. I'm glad they actually showed how her ex-husband is a sleaze ball rather than having the reader take it "her" word.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frozen Stiff is the most exciting to date. So many twists and turns I seem to get dizzy just reading it. Exciting stuff. I really enjoyed this one!
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
Mattie is at it again as she entertains us with her escapades as she helps Hurley prove that he is not responsible for the sudden crime wave hitting Sorenson. This mystery was non-stop action from the first page to the excellent conclusion when Mattie¿s birth name was revealed and that was pure deliciousness and well worth the wait. Mattie¿s vulnerability makes her a great character to love and root for as she tries to solve this puzzle. This was a terrific read and I can¿t wait for the next adventures with Mattie and the gang in this enjoyable and amusing series.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Amidst the snowy cornfield near Sorenson, Wisconsin, the corpse of a young woman is found. Town life deputy coroner Mattie Winston arrives at the crime scene and realizes the stabbing victim is a total stranger; fellow lifer uniformed cop Junior Feller does not recognize her either. Her boyfriend, SPD homicide detective Steve Hurley takes a look at the face and turns paler than the background and pronounces Bob Richmond will investigate. Steve dated Chicago investigative reporter Callie Dunkirk over a year and a half ago; she ended their relationship. Complicating matters for Steve is the weapon sticking out of the deceased's chest belongs to him. A second homicide has the police detaining Steve as the only suspect in both murders. Still married though separated (see Scared Stiff to learn what happened to the other woman) Mattie moves passed her Big Girl jealousy of a dead woman to investigate as she is certain her BF is not a killer even if the evidence overwhelmingly hangs him. This is an amusing Thanksgiving whodunit as the klutzy Big Girl in her used hearse investigates the murders though she slips and ricochets more than she succeeds. The eccentric cast brings wintry Wisconsin to life while the heroine's humorous self deprecating asides are fun but can slow down the pace as there are too many of them (sort of like Debbie Reynolds in Mary, Mary). Fans will enjoy the second "Stiff" investigative tale as the heroine tries to save the day in spite of herself. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Annalise Ryan is finally departing from copying the writing of other authors. Her plot in this one was so much better than previous books in this series. Way to go, Ms Ryan. Stephanie Clanahan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely would read more of this series
1dachsmom More than 1 year ago
annieTX More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, and will continue with the series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Each book I have read so I have enjoyed. Very fun read if you like mystery and humor.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great series, love everthing about the characters. story line. etc . I look forward to Mattie and Hurley romance getting better.
funmysterylover More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book, love the series! Can't wait to read the next one :)
alliAK More than 1 year ago
I really like the Mattie Winston mysteries. She's into lots of interesting murders that seem to get her into trouble when she figures out the suspects a little too late. But she survives another close call. I'd like to see something good happen in Mattie's life though, she's had lots of ups and downs , she deserves it. As well as the readers, we can only take so much dumb luck.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago