by John Wegener

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Reach for the stars. Ethan’s lifelong dream.

His success in developing the warp bubble drive makes faster than light space travel possible, fulfilling that dream at last. But it requires Astatine, the rarest element on Earth.

Why is it plentiful on Iapetus?

No one owns the minerals of Iapetus…yet.

Loki gets whatever he wants. So, when he finds out about the Astatine deposit, its importance for faster than light space travel and its value, he must own it.

Ethan and Loki race to Iapetus. Each knows he must get there first and there can be only one winner. The stakes are high. Who will prevail, and at what cost, as they both lock their weapons on each other…

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BN ID: 2940153722689
Publisher: John Wegener
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Series: Reach For The Stars
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 475,307
File size: 354 KB

About the Author

I'm a dreamer…always have been.

I have dreamed of flying to the stars since I was a child, looking up at the Milky Way on a moonless and cloudless winter’s night, wondering what was out there.

As a career in engineering for star-hopping warp drives is currently non-existent, I settled on the next best thing and did some chemical engineering in the steel industry for a while…most of my working life really…while waiting for an opening.

Growing up in Lobethal in South Australia, I studied at the local primary school and high school in Adelaide, finally obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering at Adelaide University.

Then I trekked to the steelworks in Whyalla, South Australia where I spent 13 years working as a Process Engineer. Moving on to Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, I provided process engineering for installing and modifying steel strip processing lines both in Australia and overseas. I was fortunate enough to visit places in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya, China, Saudi Arabia, India, and many other countries in the process. Leaving that industry after almost 22 years, I now write, still living in Wollongong with my wife and family.

Being an avid reader, I read almost anything. It is not uncommon for me to be reading three or four books at the same time on completely differing topics, both fiction and non-fiction. I mainly enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books, my favorite authors being Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke and J.R.R. Tolkien. I also enjoy crime mysteries. Ancient and medieval history in Europe also fascinate me. So I now write, drawing on my many experiences in my working career. They have been many and incredible at times! There have also been many other experiences to draw on. Some are funny and interesting.

Cosmology, general relativity and quantum physics intrigue me. There seem to be new concepts and understanding continually developing in these fields. This is exciting to me and is the way of the future. Humanity is finally escaping the shackles of Earth and seriously reaching out into space.

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