Full Bloom: Cultivating Success

Full Bloom: Cultivating Success


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ISBN-13: 9780984106882
Publisher: Sourced Media Books
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Pages: 182
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Amy E. Goodman is a nationally recognized media maven. Her journalistic career as an editor, author, host and lifestyle expert spans magazines, news programs, and online media outlets. She’s demoed yoga, interviewed celebs, cleaned out closets, and whipped up hors d’oeuvres for national outlets like Good Morning America, The Early Show, The View, The Rachael Ray Show, CNN, Access Hollywood, ET! and VH1. A multi-faceted expert, she has appeared on NBC’s Today show over 75 times. View her complete profile at www.amyegoodman.com

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“I Haven’t Done That, Yet.”

As I lined up at the front of the stage with nine other state representatives on the final program night in Mobile, Alabama, I was incredulous of the results that would be read only minutes later. My body ached from the fitness routine that we had performed an hour earlier, my heart pounded so hard I was sure it was audible to the audience, and standing up straight in those high-heeled shoes became an increasingly difficult task. Suddenly, two finalists were announced— two of my close friends! As my mind wrapped around my joy for them, a buzzing silence filled the room. The announcement of the winner was about to come. The emcee declared, “From Idaho, Madison Leonard!” and from that moment on, my life has been changed.

The Road to Success

It seems to me that the meaning of success has changed since I was a senior in high school. If you look at page 159 of my high school yearbook, you will find a picture of me under the heading, “Most Likely to Succeed.” As I recall, in 1971 the common definition of success was having a powerful job, eventually landing “the corner office,” having a lifetime of secure earnings, and maintaining the respect and admiration of one’s peers. If one accepts that definition of success, my high school classmates who voted me to receive this title were not in error in their prediction. By all outward appearances, my life has been a successful one. I won the scholastic achievement award at the 1971 America’s Junior Miss scholarship program. With the scholarship money, I was able to afford the tuition at Stanford University, where I graduated early in 1975. I went directly to medical school at Case Western Reserve University, where I graduated in 1980. After serving a commission in the Indian Health Service, I went on to achieve board certification in Family Medicine and, subsequently, a certificate of added qualifications in Geriatrics. For the past 15 years, I have been an associate professor of Family Medicine and the director of a student health center. I have played an important role in the lives of my patients. I have enjoyed a rewarding family life and have raised two sons who are now independent young adults. I have kept myself relatively healthy through good food and regular exercise. I have nurtured my spiritual growth through introspection, exploration, study, and meditation. My retirement nest egg continues to look promising. I believe I fit the 1971definition of “success.” Yet, I don’t feel at all ready to pat myself on the back for a job well done. I choose instead to dwell on my challenges in life, continually trying to improve upon that “most likely to succeed” woman of 1971. So, then, what truly is the meaning of this elusive concept we call “success,” and why don’t I feel like I’m there, yet?

Table of Contents


Building Success 3

Becky Jo Peterson


1 “I Haven’t Done That, Yet.” 9 ...Ma dison Leonard

2 The Road to Success 15 ...Jean Bo kelmann, M.D.

3 Moving 21 ...Carrie Colvin Alling

4 How Far You’ve Come 25 ...Leslie Ann Hayashi

5 Happy with Me 31 ...Olivia Salter

6 You Are Not What You Do 37 ...Jackie Rotman

7 Lifelong Learning 45 ...Rochelle Rosian, M.D.


8 Academic Success 51 ...Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D.

9 Success in Many Forms 59 ...Leah Kackley

10 Success for Healthy Living 67 ...Tiffeny Thompson Crow

11 The Important Things 71 ...Jesika Henderson Harmon

12 Success in Three Steps 75 ...Kim Lauren Schmidt

13 You Gotta Be You 81 ...Patrice Gaunder Heeran

14 The Spotlight Theory 87 ...Tyrenda Williams

15 Looking Back 93 ...Lori Jo Carbonneau

16 Standing Out 99 ...Katie McDermott

17 Artist, Bride, and Imperfect Pot 103 ...Anne Hagerman Wilcox

18 If at First You DO Succeed . . . 109 ...Carol Buckland

19 Balance 117 ...Sally Spaulding

20 Ten Criteria for Success 121 ...Linda Delbridge, Ph.D.


21 The Fragrance of Success 133 ...Lenne Jo Hallgren Best

22 Serving Your Country 139 ...Andrea Plummer, M.D.

23 From Selling Cookies to Saving the World 143 ...Nina Vasan

24 Give Me Some Lovin’ 149 ...Linde Caitlin Groover

25 Success Has a Sound 153 ...Lea Mack Compton

26 Dancing with an Impact 163 ...Casey Noblett


27 The Sum of Our Success 171 ...Amy E. Goodman

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