Full Disclosure (Nice Guys Series #2)

Full Disclosure (Nice Guys Series #2)


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Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar.

Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family's farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore.

As Mitch's case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won't jeopardize his life's plan...especially when the evil he's tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers

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ISBN-13: 9781941450024
Publisher: Kindle Alexander, LLC
Publication date: 09/12/2014
Series: Nice Guys Series , #2
Pages: 374
Sales rank: 668,521
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.77(d)

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Full Disclosure (A Nice Guys Novel 2) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story. I loved Kindle's sense of humor in this book
Tokentravels More than 1 year ago
Again I was completely sucked into the story! Loved every page turning moment!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fast paced, exciting, loving...didn't want it to end. Only wish I knew before hand that this was book number 2. Didnt need to read #1 to enjoy #2, but sorry I missed out on the first books drama...:)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NotJustAnyTom More than 1 year ago
Jesus, Mary and Martha - this was awesome!!! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Couldn't put it down
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Luv2ReadAG More than 1 year ago
This was an excellent story of two strong law enforcement officers that fall in love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't stop reading this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love her books. I only wish she would write faster!
asgoodrich More than 1 year ago
This is my second Kindle Alexander read and the breadth of her talent amazes me. My first read was Always which is such a deep and emotional read that I still choke up if I think about it too long. While there is plenty of emotion in Full Disclosure, there is also a lot of action and intrigue that kept me glued to it. Not many authors can swing from a cathartically emotional romance to a romantic suspense so seamlessly. Yet Ms. Alexander has done exactly that.  Not surprisingly, I loved Mitch. His whole in-your-face attitude made for some entertaining scenes. The fact that he was out at work and there were no indications that it was an issue made my heart smile. Add to that his sexy body and hot tattoos, in a word … YUM! Then of course, our sweet cowboy Cody is a guaranteed crush from the beginning. The chemistry between Mitch and Cody oozed from my Kindle and my mind was in heaven imagining these two hotties together – all that muscle … delicious. I loved how Mitch was determined to make Cody his and willing to do whatever he had to in order to make it happen.  Not having read Double Full first, I read this hoping it would be the stand-alone read I had been told. Full Disclosure does stand on its own and I had no issue following the storyline. If anything, the references made regarding the first book only increased my desire to go back and read it. The author creates such interesting characters and keeps the story moving so well that I was swept up into it, reaching the end far sooner than I was ready for. Hopefully Ms. Alexander won’t wait too long to put us out of our misery and will release book three in early 2015. In the meantime, I can take comfort in the fact that I can go back a read Colt and Jace’s story.  P.S. – I just have to say that I LOVE the cover. I got to look at an enlarged version of it and was able to take a close look at Mitch’s tattoos – they are AWESOME!!! I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
CindyMeyer More than 1 year ago
Okay, so let me just get this out of the way: I am a Kindle Alexander fan, hard core. This author captures the essence of her characters in a way that few other authors have the ability to do. I’m new to the gay romance genre, but I have fallen deeply in love with her stories and her characters, and Mitch and Cody are no different. Mitch Knox. What can I tell you about US Marshal Mitch Knox? This is one alpha, in-your-face, DGAF, cop, who’s fully invested in his job. He’s irreverent and sarcastic, while at the same time deeply committed to his family and friends. Oh, and did I mention he’s sexy has hell. Mitch’s friends, Colt and Jace, possess something he deeply envies and secretly wants – a loving, committed relationship. So when Mitch lays eyes on the sexy Texas Mounted Policeman Cody Turner, his whole world shifts, and he’s determined to lasso him a cowboy. Cody has many of the same endearing qualities Mitch has. He’s devoted to his family and unapologetically committed to a law enforcement career with his eye expertly trained on becoming a coveted Texas Ranger. Cody, however, is much more self-contained, even guarded, about his sexuality. It’s Texas, after all. So, if it’s just a hook up Mitch is looking for, then Cody’s good with that, but he just needs to know so he can protect his heart, and his reputation. Mitch, however, knows exactly what he wants, and he’s thoroughly intent on convincing Cody that this is more than just a casual thing between them. It has to be, because holy cannoli, the dynamic (and the sex) between the cowboy and the Marshal is hotter than Texas in August! Full Disclosure is the second book in the Nice Guys series by author Kindle Alexander. We first met Mitch in book one, Double Full. Full Disclosure is Mitch’s story, and could be read as a stand-alone, but I don’t recommend it. You’ll want the whole story. Plus, you’ll just love Colt and Jace! And, not to spoil the ending, but just when you thought the story was “tied up” in a sexy leather knot (innuendo intended), Mitch’s partner and best friend drops a bombshell. Now I’m impatiently anticipating what I hope will be Kreed’s story in book three of the series. Are you listening Kindle Alexander? Please say “yes!” Five “I’ll bottom you so hard” stars!
PaulBerry1 More than 1 year ago
Full Disclosure (Nice Guys book 2) by Kindle Alexander!!! Mitch Knox the beautiful and hot Deputy Marshall is a cool and amazing hot guy and has earned the title of true bad boy. In Dallas for some needed release and some gay clubbing time. He needs a break from the case that is engulfing his time and heart. While at the hot Dallas Club he notices a hot blonde at the bar and instant attraction to the guy begins. Cody Cooper, the Texas State Trooper is moving up the ranks fast and has set his sights on being a Texas Ranger. Mitch on a mandatory vacation, he plans to help his brother on the family farm, the last thing he expects to happen is to meet the tatted hottie Mitch but he so does. Mitch's case becomes a well known case and now Cody must decide if this will jeopardize his career goals and if Mitch is worth taking a chance on love. I was overjoyed that Kindle brought back Colt and Jace as sub-characters as they were truly my all time favourite boys and it was so nice reading about them again....so thanks for that Kindle! There is a serial killer on the loose and targeting gay men that Mitch is heading and consuming his every waking thought. Mitch is having a hard time getting the department to focus on this case and to put some manpower behind it. I loved how Cody catches Mitch's eye but doesn't give in so easily. The sex scenes between these hot men was so unbelievably on fire that I was in complete frenzy of these beautiful scenes. Cody tried to ruin their connection as he felt how could anyone as beautiful and incredibly hot want him but Mitch proves over and over at exactly how much he wants him and that was an aweeee moment! I was so thrilled to write this review for Kindles latest M/M masterpiece of her excellent work as this is the most amazing series (Nice Guys) that I have ever come by. I absolutely love the writing skills of Kindle Alexander and her details are so spot on. Her sex scenes are so well done that you would think they were written by a gay man as it's so accurately done in such an authentic way....props to your research Kindle! The characters that she creates are some of the best I have ever come by. Kindle writes them so brilliantly that she brings these men to life for her readers and they permanently stay with you as the reader won't be able to stop thinking of them. The chemistry between Mitch and Cody is hot and so off the hot meter chart. You won't be able to stop thinking about these men for along time to come as they get into your soul. Kindle takes you on a journey of unconditional love, romance, suspense, drama, intrigue, hot gay sex, the most beautiful men and the greatest love story ever told. I couldn't recommend Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander enough and if I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! Everyone and I mean everyone needs to read this series...Nice Guys!!! "Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review." Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
This is book two in the Nice Guys Series. I have not read the first book and didn't feel lost at all. I do know that we meet the MC in the first book.  But this can be read as a stand alone.  I gave this book 5 stars.  This is Mitch and Cody's story and is a M/M book.  This book has an edge to it that keeps you stuck to the pages. Not only does Cody and Mitch have great chemistry together, but you also get some mystery in the book too. I loved these two together and they really heated up the pages:). They both were not ready for what fate had in store for them, it was an instant connection that surprised them both. They do both try to deny at first how they are feeling but the feelings are to great to ignore forever. They go through a lot in the story and have to figure out a way to put it all back together.  As stated I didn't read book one, this is the first book that I have read by this Author and I do plan on going to click book one right now. I look forward to more of her work and cannot wait for book 3 to be out in this series. I don't read much M/M romance but this author did it tastefully and with class.  I really did enjoy this story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ShaunaC1795 More than 1 year ago
Kindle Alexander + Mitch + Cody= Devastatingly Smokin Storytelling at its BEST Mitch Knox, I knew he was something special when we met him in Double Full, but I did not know that he was going to be the multi-faceted character who I was going to come to fall in love with. No words can describe how Ms. Alexander weaved him around me and made me want to make him mine. Then she brings me Cody and he is the sweetest, most honest, kindest soul and then I fall in love with him. Then she brings them together and INSTANT CHEMISTRY! Off the charts chemistry! This book will literally burn you with how hot they are with each other. It was a joy to watch the banter and play that led to Mitch and Cody falling in love. I really thought Mitch was going to be a player and it was going to take a lot for me to fall in love with him, but I was completely surprised by his soft, sweet side. He didn't try to play Cody. I loved that he saw Cody for the kind soul that he was and that this man touched him on a level he had not experienced before. They just fit and it was awesome. I loved seeing Colt and Jase again. I wish there was a second book to their story. I was seriously pissed when I had to put it down. I have read it twice already because I loved it so much then I went and re-read all of Kindle's book because they are just those books that you can get lost in them just like the first time. I seriously want to kidnap Kindle and just lock her in a basement to write. I mean I will feed her, of course, but I just want so much more from her.  Kindle Alexander is the sweetest, loveliest, and classiest lady I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Knowing her story and connecting with her on a deeper level has touched my heart. I am a better person for knowing her. I know that with her guardian angel leading her in this book journey that she will continue to have success with each story she writes. Her books touch people beyond normal societal roles and touches you with just love. Whether its with men or women, she shows you that love is just love. It has no other angles to it. It is just love and that is what we should all strive to know - just love people, no judgement, just love. Look at all you get in a Kindle Alexander book, not only a smoking hot story, but a message that says love people no matter what.  Come read the love people - you will not be disappointed!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Full Disclosure is the awesome second installment in the Nice Guys series. And they are nice guys but total macho law enforcement officers at the same time. I loved how the main characters interacted so honestly and sincerely with each other, especially with the emotions that were so new to each of them. Kindle Alexander is an autobuy for me and I definitely want more Nice Guys!
Dre1133 More than 1 year ago
Full Disclosure by Kindle Alexander Summary: Deputy United States Marshal Mitch Knox apprehends fugitives for a living. His calm, cool, collected attitude and devastatingly handsome good looks earn him a well-deserved bad boy reputation, both in the field and out. While away on an assignment, he blows off some steam at a notorious Dallas nightclub. Solving the case that has plagued him for months takes a sudden backseat to finding out all there is to know about the gorgeous, shy blond sitting alone at the bar. Texas State Trooper Cody Turner is moving up the ranks, well on his way to his dream of being a Texas Ranger. While on a two-week mandatory vacation, he plans to relax and help out on his family’s farm. Mitch is the last distraction Cody needs, but the tatted up temptation that walks into the bar and steals his baseball cap is too hard to ignore. As Mitch’s case gains nationwide attention, how will he convince the sexy state trooper that giving him a chance won’t jeopardize his life’s plan…especially when the evil he’s tracking brings the hate directly to his doorstep, threatening more than just their careers. My thoughts: Another epic love story from Kindle Alexander. I enjoyed Double Full and I couldn’t wait to read more about Mitch. I was very happy with Mitch’s story. Mitch continues his investigation from the first book. There were no funds available for his case so he continued it on his own. Never giving up hope that he would find an error and break his case. He is called to Texas for a job and meets up with Colt and Jace. While spending some time with them he runs into a man that he can’t seem to get out of his head. Cody focused on his career and is determined to become a Texas Ranger. He has just been promoted and is well on his way to achieving his ultimate goal. While Cody is out celebrating he meets Mitch. They have a connection like no other either of them had ever felt before. They were both in denial about their chemistry because it wasn’t the right time for either of them to have a relationship . They quickly learn that neither one of them wants to be without the other…… BUT can they make it work? This is a great journey for these two men. They are put to the test in the beginning of something that could end up being a turning point in both their lives. They experience so many ups and downs that your heart will be torn apart and put back together. And the end leaves us hungry for what is coming next. I can’t wait.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
This story is about Mitch and Cody. Mitch is still trying to work on the case that involved his friends, Colt and Jace, from a year or so previously. Unfortunately for him, no-one is particularly interested and wants to pay any attention. He gets sent on assignment to 'collect' someone but upon arrival realises that it is a bust as there is a law convention in town. So he enjoys some time with his friends whilst longing for someone to have a connection with like they do. Along comes Cody. These two are opposites in pretty much every way but as such actually complement each other... once Cody gets past his issues. I was pretty much yelling at my Kindle as I read the book as I really REALLY wanted them to be together. There is a lot of suspense in this book as the crimes continue but Mitch isn't any closer to finding out 'whodunnit'. With a cast of amazing supporting characters, an intriguing and suspenseful storyline and sexy scenes that are smokin', this is just a brilliant book full of love, passion and danger. Recommended for all who enjoy M/M romance.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
5 Star If you have not read Double Full (A Nice Guys Novel Book 1) I would recommend reading that book first. That is Colt and Jase's story but you also get to meet Mitch in that story. This is a standalone book but I feel you will not understand the banter between Colt and Mitch if you don’t read the first book. But that is just my opinion. This is Mitch and Cody's story. Mitch is a US Marshal and Cody is a Texas state Trooper and they meet in a bar. Mitch is trying to solve a case and at the same time trying to build a relationship with Cody. They are not in the same state but Mitch will try anything he can to get Cody to give him a chance. Even if for now they have to be in different states. They mostly talk and text on the phone. There is action, suspense, sweet romantic and steamy love scenes throughout the story. Mitch is trying to solve a case but will he be able to solve the case before it comes right to him? Will Cody and Mitch be able to come up with a plan to stick together or will the distance and case keep them apart? You get sucked right into the story from the beginning. Kindle has a wicked sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud. She also writes phenomenal M/M books!! Mitch and Cody pull you into the story both in their own way. It’s great to see to Alpha’s come together so well and with so much chemistry. Mitch tells it exactly how it is and is not afraid to speck him mind. Cody is a little shy and wonders if he can keep Mitch interested in him for the long haul…… I highly recommend this story!! ONE CLICK IT NOW!!!!
RuralMom More than 1 year ago
FULL DISCLOSURE is a full plate of yumminess from start to finish. Mitch and Cody's relationship develops with a beautiful blend of both emotional and sexual chemistry. I especially enjoyed the dialogue that played back and forth, not only between Mitch and Cody, but the returning characters as well. The ongoing mystery is just as much a part of this story as the romance. As Mitch continues the investigation he started in Double Full, readers learn more about the twisted mind behind the violent hate crimes, and are kept on their toes as the danger escalates. The contrast of Mitch's sexy and confident in-your-face approach to life with Cody's quieter personality is beautiful. The story is full of well developed secondary characters that add depth to an already intense storyline. Well written, sensual, sexy, emotional and action packed, FULL DISCLOSURE is a phenomenal addition to this already popular series! My OFFICIAL REVIEW written for Carly’s Book Reviews
MMRNY More than 1 year ago
A Chance Meeting Wow!! Oh Wow!! Every time I read a Kindle Alexander book I am completely blown away. I did not think she would be able to top Double Full featuring one of my favorite couples, Colt and Jace, but she truly surpassed my expectations and then some. Full Disclosure was an excellent follow up to Double Full in the Nice Guy series. I have to say this series just gets better and better, because every time you think you have the mystery solved...NOPE!! I have to say the banter between Mitch and Colt was absolutely hysterical. Full Disclosure picks up where Double Full ended, with Mitch Knox, a deputy US Marshal, on the hunt for a killer driven by hate. While working a case down in Texas, Mitch meets the gorgeous and hunky Cody Turner, a Texas State Trooper. However, this chance meeting has unintended consequences or maybe the consequences are intended, for both Mitch and Cody. Cody's life plan to simply keep his head down and work diligently towards becoming a Texas Ranger is thrown askew when he meets the sexy, tatted, dirty talking, extremely confident, sex on sticks Mitch. While Mitch's love 'em and leave 'em lifestyle is throw a stray. Yet, the road to becoming Mitch and Cody is not a simple one, since Cody is nervous of Mitch's intentions and Mitch is trying to do everything in his power to prove that he is not who Cody thinks he is, and I must say, that is where the story really picks up. Mitch and Cody together are just as perfect as Colt and Jace, who, of course are sheer perfect together. I cannot wait for Book 3 in this series. I am truly hoping that Book 3 is about Kreed Sinacola!! Or Aaron Stuart!! I'll even take them together! Hint, hint...Kindle Alexander!! Hey, I'll even take them separate if it gets the series prolonged!! Bravo Kindle Alexander on this follow up!! Oh, and please do not make me wait forever for Book 3 in the Nice Guys series.