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Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World

Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World

by Melanie Murphy
Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World

Fully Functioning Human (Almost): Living in an Online/Offline World

by Melanie Murphy


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'I'm just a nitwit girl who's sort of stumbling through life learning that we all have our own roads to walk - but that it's still valuable, and rather lovely, to hear about other people's journeys...'

Filled with honesty, wit and wisdom, Fully Functioning Human (Almost) - part memoir, part life guide - will show you the real Melanie Murphy: warm, fun, positive, honest, a girl who's got this whole adult thing down. Almost.

Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy regularly chronicles the ups and downs of her life on her popular channel, discussing topics such as sexuality, skincare, social media and self-esteem. Now, in her first book, she looks with her trademark humour and down-to-earth honesty at the experiences that have shaped her.

From learning how to manage her online life, to giving up on the idea of perfection, living with anxiety and the lessons she has learned about relationships, Mel shows us that difficult times can teach us the most about who we are, and by learning to value ourselves, we can overcome whatever life throws at us.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781473639164
Publisher: Hachette Ireland
Publication date: 11/07/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 3.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Melanie Murphy is an award-winning lifestyle Youtuber and best-selling author from Ireland.

With over 850K followers across social media, Melanie is a virtual best friend for those looking for advice on sexuality, relationships, confidence and mental health.

Named Blogosphere's 'Influencer of the Year 2018' and Gossies 'Best Social Media Star of 2020' Melanie's Youtube videos have amassed nearly 68 million views from an international online family that love her warm, honest and relatable content.

Following on from the success of her debut memoir and life-guide, Fully Functioning Human (Almost), her first novel If Only was published in 2019 and she is now working on her second fiction project.

Table of Contents

A Message for My Reader 5

A Higgledy-Piggledy Introduction to Yours Truly 9

Media and My Mind

Balancing social media and real life 24

How media moulded me 33

Cyberbullying 44

Depression 53

Anxiety 61

Using 'the Force' to turn dreams into reality 65

Food and Body

From 'the wrong type of skinny' to overweight and unhealthy 82

Losing weight - the easy part? 93

'Just eating clean' 108

Binge eating 118

Body dysmorphia and how it can be helped 128

Ten healthy foods I always have in my kitchen 139

Beauty and Confidence

Perceptions of beauty 148

How I feel about make-up, and becoming 'the acne girl' 156

Giving up on perfection and #goals 173

Bad beauty habits 181

Reasons why I'm probably the worst person alive to give beauty advice 183

My all-time favourite lotions and potions 185

How to feel good naked 188

Sex and Sexuality

Ten reasons to masturbate every day 198

Fancying boys and girls 200

Coming out 215

Having sex 225

Consent and sexual assault 235

The baby I never had 243

Love and Happiness

Things that make me happy 250

A tribute to my dad 256

Friendship 263

Why my mother is my greatest teacher 273

Romantic, love 279

Things I've learned/am learning from dating and relationships 293

A few words on 'ghosting' in modern dating 296

A Grateful Farewell 301

Helpful Information 305

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