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Functional Polymers: Modern Synthetic Methods and Novel Structures

Functional Polymers: Modern Synthetic Methods and Novel Structures

by Abhimanyu O. Patil, Donald N. Schulz, Bruce M. Novak

ISBN-10: 0841235775

ISBN-13: 9780841235779

Pub. Date: 01/28/1999

Publisher: American Chemical Society

This volume reviews modern synthetic methods for functional polymers and examines some novel associated structures.


This volume reviews modern synthetic methods for functional polymers and examines some novel associated structures.

Product Details

American Chemical Society
Publication date:
ACS Symposium Series , #704
Product dimensions:
6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

1. Functional Polymers: an Overview, D. N. Schulz and Abhimanyu O. Patil
Direct Polymerization
2. Synthesis of Functional Polymers by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, Krysztof Matyjaszewski et al.
3. Functional Polymers: Random Copolymers by Stable Free Radical Polymerization, Paula J. MacLeod et al.
4. Use of Protecting Groups in Polymerization, D. N. Schulz, S. Datta and R. M. Waymouth
5. Novel, Protected Functionalized Initiators for Anionic Polymerizations, Douglas E. Sutton and James A. Schwindeman
6. Anionic Synthesis of Hydroxyl-Functionalized Polymers Using Protected, Functionalized Alkyllithium and Isoprenyllithium Initiators, Roderic P. Quirk et al.
7. Anionic Synthesis of Macromonomer Carrying Amino Group Using Diphenylethylene Derivative, Jungahn Kim et al.
8. Functionalized Polymers with Dimethylamine and Sulfozwitterionic End-Groups. Synthesis, Dilute Solution. and Bulk Properties, Nikos Hadjichristidis, Marinos Pitsikalis, and Stergios Pispas
9. Novel Functional Copolymers by Combination of Living Carbocationic and Anionic Polymerizations, Jesper Feldthusen, Bela Iván, and Axel H. E. Müller
10. Synthesis and Characterization of Alpha-Hydroxyl-w-Methoxycarbonyl and Alpha-Hydroxyl-w-Carboxyl Asymmetric Telechelic Polyisobutylenes, Balint Koroskenyi and Rudolf Faust
11. Organo Rare Earth Metal Initiated Living Polymerizations of Polar and Nonpolar Monomers, Hajime Yasuda et al.
12. New Reactive Polyolefins Containing p-Methylstyrene; Ranging from Semicrystalline Thermoplastics to Amorphous Elastomers, H. L. Lu and T. C. Chung
Post Polymerization
13. A Novel Reactive Functionalization of Polyolefin Elastomers: Direct Functionalization of Poly(isobutylene-co-p-methylstyrene) by a Friedel-Crafts Acylation Reaction, Abhimanyu O. Patil
14. New Options via Chemical Modifications of Polyolefins: Part 1. Synthesis and Properties of Novel Phosphonium Ionomers from poly(Isobutylene-co-4-Bromomethylstyrene), P. Arjunan, H.-C. Wang, and J. A. Olkusz
Novel Approaches and/or Structures
15. Multifunctional Supramolecular Materials, Gregory N. Tew and S. I. Stupp
16. Well-Defined Smectic C* Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers, Wen-Yue Zheng et al.
17. Design of Assemblies of Functionalized Nanoscopic Gridlike Coordination Arrays, Ulrich S. Schubert et al.
18. Functional Polyphosphazenes, H. R. Allcock
19. Synthesis of Biodegradable Copolymers with Pendant Hydrophilic Functional Groups, S. Jin and K. E. Gonsalves
20. Phototinitiated Ring-Opening Polymerization of Epoxidized Polyisoprene, C. Decker and T. Hoang Ngoc
21. Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonate Functional Polymers, Dean C. Webster and Allen L. Crain
22. Functionalized Polydiacetylenes with Polar, Hydrogen Bonding and Metal-Containing Groups, I. H. Jenkins et al.
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