Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision / Edition 2

Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision / Edition 2

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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

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Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision / Edition 2

Janine M. Bernard
Rodney K. Goodyear

"I have used this text since the first edition.…It continues to be the definitive work in Supervision."
Stephen S. Feit, Idaho State University

"Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision is a virtual 'classic' in the field of clinical supervision. I am certain that practitioners from a wide array of mental health disciplines will continue to find this book to be an important professional resource."
Madonna G. Constantine, Teachers College, Columbia University

"Each time I examine it thoroughly, I find things that I have missed and ways that I can improve my own supervision."
Karla D. Carmichael, The University of Alabama

The most widely-used and respected supervision text in the field, the third edition of this authoritative text covers all content areas required for certification as an Approved Clinical Supervisor, offering a comprehensive review (and informed appraisals) of all leading models and interventions.

Highlights of the Third Edition:

  • Offers a comprehensive look at the supervision relationship that must develop if supervision is to be successful and includes a thorough discussion of individual differences.
  • Includes contributions from psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work to offer a thorough discussion of central themes that dominate the study and practice of clinical supervision. Covers ethical issues, legal issues, and evaluation.
  • Contains a strong emphasis on different supervision modalitiesincluding a complete chapter on live supervision.
  • New student workbook includes exercises and case studies to assist the reader in assimilating and applying text material.

This new workbook includes exercises and case studies to assist the reader in assimilating and applying text material. To order the text and workbook package for your students use ISBN: 0-205-41106-1.

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ISBN-13: 9780205175314
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/21/1997
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 354
Product dimensions: 7.19(w) x 9.52(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents


Chapter 1          Introduction to Clinical Supervision    

Context and Importance of Supervision   

Clinical Supervision in the Preparation of Mental Health Professionals   

Defining Supervision    


Chapter 2          Evaluation    

Criteria for Evaluation    

Favorable Conditions for Evaluation    

The Process of Evaluation    

Impairment and Incompetence    

Additional Evaluation Issues    


Chapter 3          Ethical and Legal Considerations    

Major Ethical Issues for Clinical Supervisors    

Legal Ramifications for Clinical Supervisors    

Ethical Decision Making    


Chapter 4          Supervision Models    

Theory in Clinical Supervision    

Supervision Models Grounded in Psychotherapy Theory    

Developmental Approaches to Supervision    

Social Role Models    


Chapter 5          'The Supervisory Relationship: The Influence of Individual and Developmental Differences    

The Uniqueness of Two Persons in Relationship    

Cognitive Style, Cognitive Complexity, Theoretical Orientation, Cognitive Development, and Level of Experience of the Supervisee    

Developmental Constructs: Pulling It All Together    

Cultural Differences    

Multicultural Constructs: Pulling It All Together    


Chapter 6          'The Supervisory Relationship: Processes and Issues of the Supervisory Triad and Dyad    

Supervision as a Triadic System    

The Supervisory Dyad    


Chapter 7          'The Supervisory Relationship: Supervisee and Supervisor Contributing Factors    

The Supervisee in the Relationship    

The Supervisor in the Relationship    


Chapter 8          'Organizing the Supervision Experience    

Importance of Competence in Organizing Supervision    

The Role of Institutional Culture    

The Essential Ingredient: A Supervision Plan    

Context for Supervision: Two Different Worlds    

Foundational Tasks for Organizing Supervision    

Ongoing Organizational Tasks    

Evaluation and Debriefing    

Some Final Thoughts    


Chapter 9          'Supervision Interventions: Individual Supervision    

Initial Criteria for Choosing Supervision Interventions    

Structured versus Unstructured Interventions    

Methods, Forms, and Techniques of Supervision    

Putting It All Together    


Chapter 10        'Supervision Interventions: Group Supervision    

Group Supervision: Definition and Conceptualization    

The Utility of Group Supervision    

Supervisor Roles, Tasks, and Strategies: General    

Supervisor Roles, Tasks, and Strategies: Specific to Group Stage    

Final Observations about the Performing Stage    

Group Supervision Variants    


Chapter 11        'Supervision Interventions: Live Supervision    

Methods of Live Supervision    

The Live Supervision Intervention    

Presession Planning and Postsession Debriefing    

Implementing Live Supervision    

Advantages and Disadvantages    

Team Supervision    

Research Results and Questions    

Live Supervision in Different Contexts    


Chapter 12        'Teaching and Researching Supervision    

Becoming Supervisors: Developmental and Teaching Processes    

Supervision Process and Outcome Research    


The Supervisor’s Toolbox    

Supervision Toolbox Contents    



Name Index    

Subject Index

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