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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Fundamentals of Computation Theory: Proceedings of the 1981 International FCT-Conference, Szeged, Hungaria, August 24-28, 1981 / Edition 1

Fundamentals of Computation Theory: Proceedings of the 1981 International FCT-Conference, Szeged, Hungaria, August 24-28, 1981 / Edition 1

by F. Gecseg


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ISBN-13: 9783540108542
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 09/10/1981
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #117
Edition description: 1981
Pages: 471
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Observability and Nerode equivalence in concrete categories.- Some universal algebraic and model theoretic results in computer science.- Probabilistic analysis of the performance of greedy strategies over different classes of combinatorial problems.- Moderately exponential bound for graph isomorphism.- An algebraic definition of attributed transformations.- Analogies of PAL and COPY.- Quasi-equational logic for partial algeras.- Homogeneity and completeness.- On the error correcting power of pluralism in inductive inference.- Equality languages and language families.- Extremal combinatorial problems in relational data base.- Specifying algebraic data types by domain equations.- An axiomatization of regular forests in the language of algebraic theories with iteration.- Fast recognition of rings and lattices.- A definition of the P = NP-problem in categories.- Generating graph languages using hypergraph grammars.- Lower bounds for problems defined by polynomial inequalities.- What is computable for abstract data types—.- On strongly cube-free—-words generated by binary morphisms.- On the role of selectors in selective substitution grammars.- Classes of functions over binary trees.- Mathematical structures underlying greedy algorithms.- Some properties of language families generated by commutative languages.- Isomorphism completeness for some algebraic structures.- Reducing algebraic tree grammars.- Rational cone and substitution.- On the regularity problem of SF-languages generated by minimal linear grammars.- Co-algebras as machines for the interpretations of flow diagrams.- Random access machines and straight-line programs.- On the LBA problem.- Dynamic algebras of programs.- The equivalence problem for LL- and LR-regular grammars.- Context-free languages of infinite words as least fixpoints.- Remarks on the notion of concurrency relation in the case of systems.- On the size of conjunctive representations of n-ary relations.- On subwords of formal languages.- First order dynamic logic with decidable proofs and workable model theory.- Elimination of second-order quantifiers for well-founded trees in stationary logic and finitely determinate structures.- Processes in Petri nets.- Some algebraic aspects of recognizability and rationality.- Pebbling and bandwidth.- On cellular graph-automata and second-order definable graph-properties.- Extensions of symmetric hom-functors to the Kleisli category.- A new operation between languages.- Logical description of computation processes.- An algorithm to identify slices, with applications to vector replacement systems.- One pebble does not suffice to search plane labyrinths.- About the by codings of environments induced posets [µ z,—] and [?z,—].- The complexity of automata and subtheories of monadic second order arithmetics.- Tape complexity of word problems.

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