Funny Girls Coping with Boys

Funny Girls Coping with Boys

by Annie Evans


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An anthology of six one-act plays especially for women: FORGETTING FRANKIE: Karen attempts to get over her own heartbreak by investigating why a man asked three different women to marry him. COMMON CAUSE: Owen and Sandy banter and battle over whether or not they're meant for each other. AN EMPTY COFFEE SHOP: Sally hates Valentine's Day and takes refuge from the hearts and flowers in a coffee shop. PARADING WITH NELL: George visits her grandmother with some big new and finds grandma wearing a pot on her head. BAD BOATING: A girl and boy go on a date in a sailboat off Nantucket and the fog rolls in. INTENSIVE CARE: Mags, Bethany and Caroline's significant men are all in Intensive Care. Now, they need some intensive care. "Annie Evans' Forgetting Frankie.shows an ear keenly attuned to the terse, defensive style in which young urban professionals stake each other out in the mating game." - Stephen Holden, New York Times

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ISBN-13: 9781847288417
Publication date: 11/07/2006
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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A monologue from Forgetting Frankie by Annie Evans

(Felice with a telephone receiver in her hand.)

FELICE: I was voting. I always vote. I go in, I go up to the lady. She finds my card, I sign my name. It's primaries so no one's there, I go right in, pull the little thingy, the curtain closes, I look up at the names -- I never heard of anyone. Well, I do. I pay attention to this stuff. I read the little sheets they have on who's running. But, you see? How all this has made me? I totally forgot you have to know who to vote for. You have to make a decision. I felt myself starting to cry, and I said no. No way. No more crying, no more baking, no more horror videos, no more dark glasses. I can't believe I did this, but I did. I pushed open the curtain and screamed -- who are these people! Yes, my hands were shaking, but I couldn't stop. I said I don't know who these
people are! Can you tell me who they are?! At first, it was to everyone, then it was to the next person in line. He was standing right there and I had to talk to someone. No, the thing is, would you wait, the thing is, he was laughing at me. Laughing.

(Across stage, Gary slowly dials his phone.)

He showed me, yes, he had one of those sheets and we went through it together. Then, we went next door and got a cup of coffee. A-huh, and we discussed the public education system, and the death of the Board of Estimates. God, I'd forgotten, you know? What do you mean, did I get his number? He was married. Yes, married, you're missing the whole point. Oh shoot, hold on.

(Felice presses the receiver.)


GARY: Felice?

FELICE: Oh -- god --

GARY: You're onthe other line.

FELICE: Yeh --

GARY: Please don't hang up.

FELICE: No, no I won't.

GARY: You promise?

FELICE: Yes --

GARY: How are you?

FELICE: Hold on, alright -- (She presses the receiver.) It's Gary. Can you believe it? Yes, he's holding. No, I won't do that. (Laughs) Not that either. It's okay. I'll call you back. Yes. Bye. (She presses the receiver.) Okay. Start talking.

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