Fur Ball Fever: (A Romantic Crime Mystery with Tons of Humor)

Fur Ball Fever: (A Romantic Crime Mystery with Tons of Humor)

by Maureen Fisher


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RRomance, mystery & dogs with personality, all wrapped up with humor.★★★★★ "A fur-filled, hilarious, sexy mystery you'll LOVE!"★★★★★ "Unique & fun romantic suspense makes for an entertaining read."An impulsive pet spa owner loses her elderly client's prize pooch ...After a lifetime of impetuous mistakes, Jersey Shore pet spa owner Grace Donnelly outdoes herself when a client's prize poodle, a shoo-in to win the annual Fur Ball, goes AWOL while in her custody. With money, careers, and lives in jeopardy, Grace is not afraid to strap on the leather to go undercover in a fetish club looking for clues. Too bad her helpers consist of an aging hippie aunt, a renegade schnauzer, a drag queen, and a dominatrix or two. Worst of all, the only man truly qualified to help is her former flame, the most domineering male on the eastern seaboard.A smokin' hot bodyguard has his own dangerous agenda ...Texas-born security specialist Nick Jackson faces his worst nightmare when Grace's amateur investigation nearly blows his covert operation. Unless he nails the con-artist who scammed his home-town's senior citizens and whacked a witness, his homicidal granddaddy will take justice into his own liver-spotted hands. To salvage his case, his sanity, and his ex-lover's velvety skin, Nick joins forces with the sassy crusader who rubs him the wrong way--and so many right ways too.Together, they encounter an explosion of murder & mayhem...Action bounces from the upscale Shore community of Saltwater Estates to a beach harboring washed-up corpses, a yacht no honest preacher could possibly afford, and the bawdiest nightclub in Atlantic City. With the Fur Ball rapidly approaching and hazards multiplying like bunnies, will Grace find the missing poodle in time, and can Nick nail the con-artist before his granddaddy does? Scroll up to buy this book and start reading today!★★★★★ "Addictive Prose! Funny, witty, fantastic read! LOVED IT!"★★★★★ "Romance, mystery & humor make FUR BALL FEVER irresistible."EXCERPTNick must have noticed her glance, because he said, "There's not much time. We need to get out of these cuffs.""Sure thing. I'll start gnawing off my hand." Skewered by his implacable stare, Grace said. "Right. You're angry. I get it. I messed up tonight. A teensy bit."He closed his eyes briefly, as if in pain.A guilty chill chased down her spine. "Okay, it was the dumbest move of my life." If not for her presence on board, Nick would have been long gone, and out of danger.His breath hissed through his teeth a couple of times. "We won't discuss this now. You're going to unlock us."She breathed out one long, slow exhale. "You carry lock-picking tools?"His teeth gleamed briefly, but she doubted it was a smile. "Only when I break and enter. Luckily she missed them when she patted me down.""She was concentrating on a different set of tools."He clearly wasn't amused because he said, "Don't push your luck, Gracie. For your information, there really was a gun in my pocket. They confiscated it along with a knife and my cell phone." He bent one knee and extended his leg awkwardly. "Can you reach my shoe?"She strained to reach with her free hand. The handcuff bit into the tender flesh of her chained wrist. No matter how hard she tried, his leg was out of range."Move closer," she said.Grunting, he twisted his body to one side and lengthened his leg while she stretched her arm until her good shoulder was ready to pop out of joint. Gasping, she touched his ankle with one finger, then another. Using her fingertips, she worked the plasticized packet of tools loose.Do Nick and Grace escape? Scroll up to buy this book and start reading today!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780987790255
Publisher: Maureen Fisher
Publication date: 05/17/2016
Series: Fever Series , #1
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 8.90(w) x 5.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

I write sassy romance with smokin' hot heroes, kick-ass heroines, tons of humor, and always an animal or two.

Transplanted from Scotland to Canada at the tender age of seven, I'm a voracious reader, volunteer for an addiction family counseling program, bridge player, yoga enthusiast, seeker of personal and spiritual growth, pickleball enthusiast, and infrequent but avid gourmet cook. My husband and I love to hike, bicycle, and travel. I've swum with sharks in the Galapagos, walked with Bushmen in the Serengeti, sampled lamb criadillas (don't ask!!!) in Iguazu Falls, snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef, ridden an elephant in Thailand, watched the sun rise over Machu Picchu, and bounced from Johannesburg to Cape Town on a bus called 'Marula'.

A quote about my books: "Maureen combines action, adventure, romance, mystery, and an often LOL sense of humor in her page-turning novels. They are the perfect additions to your electronic libraries, like da rum and da coconut in your pina coladas."

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Fur Ball Fever 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
mmvasquez More than 1 year ago
Fur Ball Fever by Maureen Fisher is a delightful romance that is filled with fun humor, great characters, mystery, and suspense. Grace Donnelly is a dog lover who runs a dog grooming business. She also has a real knack for finding trouble. Someone has stolen a prize winning poodle that was entrusted to her care and she has to find that dog, but she’s going to have to do the unthinkable and ask her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jackson, for help. Nick is just like the men in her family who think she is a helpless female who needs a man to tell her what to do. Asking for his help is the last thing she wants to do, but as the security officer for their community she needs his help to track the dog-nappers. I highly recommend this book! It’s well written with a fresh and fun story that makes an enjoyable escape. I loved Grace and Nick, even though I got frustrated with them at times, I really liked them and was rooting for them the whole way. I like a strong female character, and I tend to be partial to the ones who have a stubborn streak, perhaps because I might be just a tad like them. (Just a tad.) So, I really liked Grace and admired her spunk. I laughed out loud more times than I can count and I was hooked from the minute I started reading until the very end. There are a few steamy parts, but I would consider it low on the sexy heat scale. This is the first book that I have read by Maureen Fisher but I definitely hope to read more. I love her sense of humor and I do adore a book that makes me laugh out loud!
Susannah_Hardy More than 1 year ago
Fans of the Stephanie Plum series will find some familiar elements in this funny, hot romantic mystery by Maureen Fisher. But make no mistake: Ms. Fisher makes this story her own, and if you like Stephanie, you're gonna love Grace. When a client's prize pooch goes missing, Grace is not afraid to strap on the leather to go undercover in a fetish club looking for clues. Nick is a hunky Texas-born security expert transplanted to Atlantic City, who has his own agenda. When these two get together, sparks fly. Add a hysterically funny sidekick in Grace's dope-smoking, magic-brownie-making aunt, plenty of suspects, and a fast-paced, nicely plotted mystery, and this book is a winner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope the author is planning to make this a series. I'd love to read more!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeresaMorganAuthor More than 1 year ago
One for the Money Meets Best in Show Grace Donnelly charges head-first into every situation. Which is why security specialist Nick Jackson left her--even though they were scorching hot together. No way is he going to watch her get herself killed. But when she demands his help finding a missing dog, his protective instincts kick in, even though it puts his own undercover operation in jeopardy. Fans of Stephanie Plum and dog lovers should love this one--it revolves around a dog show in an exclusive New Jersey community. Grace and Nick are really cute together (he's a hot southern guy--yowsa!), and the mystery sucked me in. The supporting characters, especially the pot-smoking aunt, made me laugh.
Debby236 More than 1 year ago
This is a rollicking fun book to read. Humor abounds as Gracie tries to solve the mystery of the missing dogs. At the same time, Nick tries to keep her safe and solve his own mystery. He is afraid that Gracie will blow his cover or that she will be in danger. His attempts to keep her out of the investigation make for humorous reading and the knowledge that Nick has blown it again. You will enjoy reading Fur Ball Fever as you laugh out loud and groan as Nick once again puts his foot in his mouth. Delicious, humorous and a cast of amazingly quirky characters make Fur Ball Fever a memorable read..
Maggie08 More than 1 year ago
I laughed out loud and so will you! This romantic comedy has a hero I adore. I love the way he talks and he looks like one of those men on the underwear boxes. I understood his reluctance to fall under the spell of this sassy heroine, who dares do anything, with or without him, which leads them into perilous waters. Perhaps this is not the place to confess my water fetish, but Nick looks great wet! Five stars all the way!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA More than 1 year ago
Fur Ball Fever is a fun, romantic cozy mystery that will keep you on your toes. The chemistry between Grace and Nick is off the charts and their wacky cast of supporting characters will keep you laughing out loud.