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Future Consumer.com

by Frank Feather



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ISBN-13: 9781894622189
Publisher: Warwick Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2002
Edition description: 2ND
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.08(h) x 0.81(d)

Table of Contents

Preface: FutureConsumer.Com: The "Webolution" of Shopping to 201014
Introduction: The Webolution, Act II Past the Point of No Returen; Here Comes the HyperWeb19
Part IThe "Webolution"41
1Web Lifestyles: Home-Based, Cyber-Spaced43
Life in 201043
Home-Based, Cyber-Spaced45
Always-On, Everyday Web Habit46
The Digital Family48
The Family that Surfs Together Stays Together48
Digital Domiciles51
Digital Re-Modeling52
Digital Appliance: The Online Fridge53
Hot WWWheel WebMobiles55
Telecommuting and Tripping Out57
Mobile Commerce58
2The Webolution: "WWW" Flips to "MMM"60
How We Got Here60
The "Reversal Effect"61
WebWorld Explosion62
Internet Mania63
Technology Denial and Skepticism64
Web as Second Skin66
Embedded Chips67
World Wireless Web: WebPhones Replace PCs69
"WWW" Flips to "MMM"70
Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce) is Next Web KillerApp72
Moving Around in Mobile Media Mode73
Mobile Web Lifestyles74
3Web Economics: The Web Billions76
Network Economics Are Not New77
Local Labor and Consumer Markets80
Online Bazaar Drives Down Prices81
Web-Driven Super-Boom82
Economics of Surfer Time and Attention84
Winner-Take-All Web Site Economics85
Middlemen: Disintermediated or Re-mediated?86
Increasing Returns88
Homepreneurs: Independent Internet Business Operators (IiBOs)89
Web Workstyles91
Webpreneurs: Small Business Goes Online93
Part IIWho Will Shop Online95
4Demographics: "Web-Gen" Kids to "Wired" Seniors97
The 5 Web Generations97
Everybody's Going Online98
Surfers are Starting to Shop98
Ethnicity: Globalization of the Web100
Geographics: Real and Virtual Communities101
Gender: "Web Woman" Takes Over103
5Psychographics: Why They're Clicking Online107
Generational Milieu: Doing it My Way107
Web World: Super-Cool Always-On Multimedium109
Millennium Effect: "Cool Combo" of Nostalgia and Fast Forward110
It's the Service, Stupid!111
6Webographics: What They Do Online and Why113
Web Adoption Rate113
Web Optimists and Web Pessimists115
Types of Online Shoppers116
Buyers vs. Browsers117
Technology vs. Time Trade-Offs118
Time Spent Online: The Propensity to e-Purchase120
"Favorite" Web Sites121
How Many Will Shop Online in 2010?123
Part IIIWhat They Will Buy125
Products Most Suitable for Online Sales127
7Apparel and Footwear: Virtual "Touch and Try on for Size"133
Manufacturers Blunder Online133
Department and "Big Box" Stores Lumber Online134
Specialist Retail Chains Nimble and Quick136
Catalog Retailer's Smooth Transition136
Is Apparel Too "Touchy-Feely" to Sell Online?138
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010139
Which Web Sites Will Win140
8Automobiles: "Tire Clicking" and Virtual Test Drives141
Dealer Shakeout Imminent142
Online Car Sellers: Build-to-Order Next143
Manufacturers Stuck in First Gear145
Customize-My-Car, Online146
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010147
Which Web Sites Will Win147
9Books: Digitized Downloads to Digital Paper149
e-Books and Digital Paper150
Digital Directories and Encyclopedias153
Booksellers: Bricks or Bits?155
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010157
Which Web Sites Will Win157
10Education: Taking Schooling Out of the Schools159
George Washington Didn't Go to School159
e-Learning is Fun160
e-Learning vs. Brick-and-Mortar Schools162
The Interactive, Immersive Edge163
The Coming Privatization of Education164
Forecast on Online Sales to 2010166
Which Web Sites Will Win167
11Entertainment and Sports: Fant@stic Experiences168
Tele-Cottage Leisure Time168
Music: e-Rhythmic Downloads170
PC Swallows TV171
Streaming Video-on-Demand (VOD)172
Webertainment e-Commerce Networks174
Interactive Gaming175
Sports: Fant@sy Future176
Virtual Champions178
Forecasts of Online Sales to 2010179
Which Web Sites Will Win180
12Expressions: Cards, Gifts, Toys, Trips ... and Pets181
Electronic Greetings181
Online Blooms182
Gardening Escapes183
Surfing for Gold Trinkets183
e-Toys "R" Online184
Pets: "Bow-Wow" Web185
Tripping Online, Virtually Anywhere185
The Future of Travel Agents187
e-Ticketing Gets You There188
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010188
Which Web Sites Will Win189
13Financial Services: Put Your Bank(er) in Your Pocket190
Future Money: Seashells to Silicon190
Digital Wallets and Online Cash191
Webifying the Bank192
Blurring Industry Boundaries194
e-Bulls and e-Bears196
Insurance Won't Risk the Web197
Virtual Loans: Name-Your-Own Mortgage Rates199
"You've Got e-Bills!"199
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010201
Which Web Sites Will Win202
14Groceries: No Need to Squeeze the Tomatoes203
The End of Supermarkets as We Knew Them204
Online Grocery Doorstep Delivery Services206
Webvan: Running Out of Gas?208
Let Your Digital Fridge Do the Ordering209
Online Beverages: e-Pop to Virtual Wine210
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010211
Which Web Sites Will Win211
15Health and Beauty: e-Prescriptions and Online Make-Overs212
Web-Informed Patients212
Patient Heal Thyself--Online214
At-Home Tele-Medicine215
e-Charts and Smartcards217
Health Plans Go Online218
e-Pharmacies: Eliminating Illegible Rx Slips219
Virtual Fragrances Waft Online220
Create-It-Yourself Cosmetics221
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010223
Which Web Sites Will Win224
16Homes and Home Improvement: Digital Living in Web Style225
e-Listings Are Everything225
Virtual Walk-Through Saves Time226
Moving the Furniture Around Online228
Decorating with Web Style229
Home Improvement Goes Online230
Computers Direct, Software Downloaded231
Consumer Electronics: Configure Your Gizmo232
Home Office Supplies to Go232
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010233
Which Web Sites Will Win234
17Newspapers: The "Digital Me"235
"Web Kills the Press"--e-Read All About It!235
Surfing More, Reading Less236
Co-Existing with the Web237
The "Daily Me"240
Publisher as e-Commerce Mediator242
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010243
Which Web Sites Will Win244
18Mass Merchandisers: The Battle of the "Big 5"245
AOL Time Warner249
Webvan: Out of Gas--and Delisted254
Forecast of Online Sales to 2010255
Which Web Sites Will Win255
19Summary: Total Online Retail Sales in 2010, and the Top 50 Web Sites256
Part IVe-Marketing Strategy: From Mall to "Mallennium"261
20Bricks vs. Clicks: Webify or Die263
Mass Customization263
Irrational Fear of Cannibalizing Sales265
Brick-n-Click Hybrids267
Economics of Going Online269
Customer Acquisition Costs271
Price Leverage272
The Future of Shopping Malls272
The Future of Stores275
21Digital Rules: Strategic Web-Site Marketing279
Bill Gates' Four Rules for Online Marketing279
The "4 Rs" of a Digitally Competitive Strategy280
"Value Chain" to "Value Web"281
Next-Generation Web Site Strategy282
The "Flow Experience"283
"Web Lifestyle" Hierarchy of Needs284
"Flow Experience" = "Favorite" Web Site285
22Advertising: Pay-to-View Web Sites287
From Mass Advertising to One-to-One Web Site Messages287
The Web Site is the Advertisement288
Internet Achieves Best Reach and Frequency290
Word of Modem291
The End of Mass Advertising291
Pay-to-View Advertising292
23Branding the Web: Selling the Web Lifestyle294
My Agent is My Brand296
The End of Web Sites as We Know Them?298
The Customer Gets Branded299
Focused vs. Diversified Branding299
Budgeting for Brand Building300
24Customer Service Management: Winning the Digital Race302
Customization and Personalization302
Customer Loyalty: To Bookmark or Not to Bookmark?304
Customer Relationship Management305
Winning the Digital Race307
Share of Customer308
Lifetime Value of Customers309
Afterword: The "6-Ps" of e-Marketing: Value Web and Flow Experience311
"To Do" List: 50 Random Questions for Monday Morning315
Appendix AWeb-Based Research Methodology317
Appendix BForecasting Online Sales319
Further Reading321
About the Author336

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