FUTURE WORLD ROCKS!: Back to our roots

FUTURE WORLD ROCKS!: Back to our roots

by terry tumbler


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781513624556
Publisher: Sombrella
Publication date: 08/08/2017
Series: Carousels of Life , #1
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

  • Setting The Scene Afresh
  • § 1: For Whom The Bell Tolls
  • § 2: Accentuate The Positive
  • § 3: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
  • § 4: As Tears Go By
  • § 5: There's Something in the Woodshed
  • § 6: You Were Meant For me
  • § 7: Something In The Air
  • § 8: Black Is Black
  • § 9: The Great Pretender
  • § 10 Getting To Know You
  • § 11 Unchained Melody
  • § 12: What The World Needs Now
  • § 13: Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
  • § 14: What A Wonderful World
  • § 15: Don’t you Feel Like Crying
  • § 16: Let’s Get Together
  • § 17: Let’s Dance!
  • § 18: Ming The Merciless
  • § 19: Fly Me To The Moon
  • § 20: I’m Her Yesterday Man
  • § 21: You Can Get It If You Want…
  • § 22: Mission Impossible
  • § 23: Spirit In The Sky
  • § 24: Have I The Right to Hold You
  • § 25: If I Could Turn Back Time
  • § 26: There’s A Starman
  • Appendix

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FUTURE WORLD ROCKS!: Back to our roots 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers' Favorite Future World Rocks! Going Back To Our Roots by Terry Tumbler is the first book in the Carousels of Life series. The story comes together through different events in time, starting with two Nazi scientists in the 1940s attempting to escape. Following the Nazi research into UFOs, a mysterious aircraft disappears and the presence of aliens becomes evident as the future reveals alien refugees trying to find a place on earth. The past meets the future as the scientists find their way in a new century and their eyes are opened to a whole new world when they meet two refugees and discover more beings hiding below the surface. The format is unique, blending song lyrics, time, and shifts in perspectives. The story draws heavily from songs, working perfectly with the tone and setting of the future. All of the music is Rock n' Roll, adding to the eccentricities and fun that the future provides. Though it's not all fun and games as men in black go after the scientists, Fritz and Selik. Terry Tumbler opens with the past during the 40's and 50's, introducing three of the important characters that find their way into the future. The breaks in the fourth wall provide humor, information, and commentary; from simple explanations to advancements throughout history. The characters are quirky, with big personalities. A must-read for lovers of science fiction and quirky futures, Future World Rocks! is an eccentric science fiction trip to the future that you'll want to take.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
“Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots” by Terry Tumbler is an amazing adventure full of Nazi’s, aliens and adventure. Spiced up with a bit of whodunit and you have this novel. In the past, two Nazi scientists are working on a time travelling machine. At the same time, a young boy in England accomplishes the same thing. Suddenly they are catapulted to the year 2170 where aliens are real and on Earth! There are actually two different species of alien battling to control humanity. It’s like a sci-fi history mystery! There are real historical pieces but also creative ideas from the writer's mind. I have to say, I really enjoyed this book. It’s not quite like anything else I have ever read, and that is a refreshing thing to say. I think the writer watches the show “Ancient Aliens” because there are concepts that I have seen in the show added into this book. I think that may be why I enjoyed it so much. It’s clearly a fantasy, but with tons of creativity put into it at the same time. There clearly was real thought and research put into this book. The author seemed to leave no stone unturned, as readers are transported through not only time, but all around the globe as well! There is quite a bit of story packed into this book. So many characters, locations and concepts. I almost feel as if I learned something. It’s definitely a fun read that I will be recommending to my daughter who is an avid reader herself. The fact that there is humor and music sprinkled throughout the book only added to it’s charm. I would love to sit here and write about all the interesting concepts and locations in the story, but that would be no fun for you! I am not a typical sci-fi reader. Too often, I get bored with the genre and move on to something that can hold my attention a bit longer. I am not sure what exactly it was about this book, perhaps it was the interesting concepts, or the emotions this story brought out. It’s hard to say. While I did find some parts almost too descriptive, that didn’t bother me too much. Sometimes a grand scale description is needed to truly paint the picture of what the writer wants you to see. I found the concept of aliens coming to our planet to control us and use our planet a very realistic thought. Once theirs is destroyed, why not try to find another suitable place to inhabit? Overall I give “Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots” by Terry Tumbler 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s witty, fun and a book I would pass on to my daughter. I may have to take a few days off from reading before finding my next book because this one left such an impression on me. I don’t care if you are into science fiction or not. This is a fun book that you should definitely check out.
RaeCapri More than 1 year ago
We get to follow along on an exciting journey into the future with two scientists Selik Bader, Fritz Uber, and the sporadic encounters of John Peel. In “Future World Rocks!”, author Terry Tumbler has a very descriptive writing style that engulfs you into their current time without feeling like you’re an outsider looking in. What is interesting is they’ve instantly become fugitives for leaving their current world for the sake of safety and are on the run from MIBs in the future. With the help of a woman’s voice, the characters are guided and advised for protection from the imposters hunting them. There are advanced creatures of all types in this world, which lead them to travel to different places with minimal trust. Everyone there is trying to figure out the hidden agendas of others as it involves both current inhabitants of Earth and those needing sanctuary from their own planet. The fact that those of the world had to depopulate their own world just to make room for the outsiders, is something beyond horrible. The “friendlies,” as referred to in the book, needs a new home and here we are negotiating 5 locations throughout the globe that will accommodate them. This automatically reminds me of the TV series called “V”, simply because there is a possible chance they can very well take over the planet and be the new ones in control. Not everyone is in agreeance with this new arrangement, but what can they possibly do otherwise? It seems as a group of characters each have their own personal strives with others and are doing their best to make things better. The author allows his readers to follow the moves of each character in such a brilliant way that starts to put pieces together before our eyes. There are Selik and Fritz who are living the new family life, Spiff Tracey is in full instigation mode, the voice is also known as Angela wants to land her people on Earth, and the Greys are concocting plans for invasion via their very own hybrids, it’s just a lot occurring all over. This leaves enough room to accept that there would be plenty of action-packed adventures to keep a reader’s interest. The exciting life of everyone in the book that keeps up such a momentum that gives this book a semi out of world experience through imagination, which anyone would enjoy. This is another book by this author and I’m learning to understand his writing style. It can be a bit different to read but in time you’ll get used to it. I like that I get to witness what a possibility for the future would be like, even though it’s a sci-fiction based book. It was wonderful experiencing both the current and the future because no one really knows what the future may hold for us. I recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in reading the sci-fiction genre of books or just enjoys reading a different style of writing.
Dgunner254 More than 1 year ago
Future World Rocks: Think about history of human kind Two scientists, with one being the senior, find themselves tasked with the responsibility to turn Die Glocke into a working time machine. This happens after the Nazi looked into UFO based systems in the 1940s. They are frustrated by their tasks and embark on an adventure to find themselves some female fun. At about the same time in England, a little boy fiddles with his magnets with only a passive goal in mind. They all learn of their results when they find themselves in the year 2170. Fritz and Selik, the scientists, and John Peel realize that they are not aliens on planet earth. The occurrences of this time are however bigger than any of them. They are introduced to two warring alien tribes one of which has been living under the surface of the earth in secret for years. With each fighting to gain control of human kind. The Gray’s and Plejaren employ all tactics in the book like enabling mind control in the humans. The biggest question lies in which tribe wins? Or will humanity defeat all of them and remain independent? What then will become of these alien tribes? Terry Tumbler has created a masterpiece that brings together different elements of literature in perfect symphony. This science fiction story is told in a funny but still thought provoking way. This seems to be a talent of this Welsh born author. The story is set in what seems like it could be a perfect world. A world where good education, logic of thought, intelligence, life experience and mental stability determine the rulers of the land. A world where the voters are required to possess clarity of thought to avoid malicious voting. A world where nil inflation is almost always achieved. The world in 2170 is a great place to be with cheap energy that is transmitted by wireless waves and cheap transport in the form of potties. In 2170, there is a global currency called the Monetary Pulse. These all seem like great things that would turn the current dark and daunting world into paradise. Terry Tumbler tells the story in a conversational tone. His style of writing resonates across different demographics. The book does not possess the usual drivel that is synonymous with science fiction books. The author incorporates song lyrics which makes Future World Rocks even more appealing. This book will make you cry and laugh or sometimes, just barely smile as you travel through space and time. Though the story keeps jumping timelines and hops from one character to the other, this only enhances the experience. Descriptions are done in painful detail evoking vivid images of the occurrences. If one is not keen, they may get lost in the sub stories. There is almost nothing bad to say about this book apart from the fact that one suffers a pretty bad book hangover once they finish. Whether one is a science fiction or history fan does not matter, this book is worth getting out of your comfort zone.
Aphrael More than 1 year ago
Terry Tumbler has created a world where world history and the TV series Ancient Aliens collide. The story starts out 1945 with two scientists named Fritz and Selik who are working on Die Glocke (the Bell). Their assignment is to turn this alien spacecraft into a working time machine. Meanwhile, in England, a young boy named John Peel was experimenting with magnets and eventually developed his own space craft. The three are thrown together in time travel to 2170. Here they discover there are in fact aliens on Earth, specifically there are two races trying to gain control of the human race, the Gray’s and the Plejaren. Both have infected humans with tracking and mind control devices. It is a race to see what alien group will win, and will the human race as we know it survive? For people that are fans of alien conspiracy theories, this is the novel for you. Future World Rocks! Manages to touch on all the big theories, from Men in Black secret agents, the lost city of Atlantis, hollow earth, shape shifting aliens, and time travel. Terry Tumbler addresses them all with humor and lots of musical references. The story line jumps around a lot because of the time travel aspect. Once you get used to the jumping around it adds to the novel’s appeal and strengthens the story line. It all starts to fit together about halfway through the novel when you really get to meet the other align races and see them fit together like a puzzle coming together. When reading you get a good feel for the different locations, many of them are familiar Earth settings and then something crazy is thrown in that makes you go “ohhhhh that is where that theory comes from” I don’t want to elaborate more and give anything away, but think back to the Ancient Aliens TV show and all the things that revealed. The character of Angela is diverse, she is the leader of the Plejaren and half the time is portrayed as an old grandmotherly woman and the other half as a young beautiful one. She has attitude and no-nonsense way of dealing with people. Her character acts almost as a guide to the story, she keeps showing up either in person or in the character's minds. Sometimes she provides help from out of nowhere like a god. This adds to the storyline of how aliens helped make Earth what it is. While all the characters are headed for the same goal, there are clearly sub stories and those are what make this novel the brilliant writing that it is. The main characters all go through dramatic character development and personal growth. You get to watch them develop from self-absorbed adolescent young men to well-rounded adults that have a purpose and care for things beyond themselves. This growth is indicative of what we want to see for our society in general. The goals that the Plejaren state to want are what we as humans want in the long run; decent people all living together united for a common goal of peace and well-being. Terry Tumbler makes you think as a reader about where the human race started, how we got to where we are, and where are we headed. There are so many conspiracy theories out there, he bridges many of them to modern situations and shows how they can be a reality. Thrown in with all this are memorable characters, humorous dialog, and unforgettable situations that will leave you laughing and pondering the makeup of Earth and humanity.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Terry Tumbler has intentionally crafted a grand space opera in his Future World Rocks! Going Back to Our Roots (Carousels of Life). In fact, he alerts the reader at the outset of the book that song lyrics will be woven into the text to make it a true space opera. I am not super well-versed on music, so sadly I do not think that I picked up on all of these references. Luckily, this was just a part of the story and did not alter my ability to enjoy the world and plot of Future World Rocks! Overall, this book presents an alternate history that weaves in elements of our true world history. It delves into the past and Tumbler’s imagined image of the future. This book started out reminding me of several time-travel stories, including the show Timeless. As an audience, we are introduced to two characters, Selik and Fritz, who are helping to research and develop a time-travel machine, The Bell. These two are indeed ‘characters,’ as they make the somewhat ill-advised choice to steal the time machine. This leads them on quite the adventure through time, where they interact with the larger cast of characters. Another character introduced early in the story, is John Peel. His back-story was rather interesting and he makes some incredible discovers that lead him to also travel through time. These three characters interact briefly with a mysterious figure, Angela. The introduction to Angela opens up a much bigger scope to the story and plot of Future World Rocks! As an audience, we start learning about her ways of learning about people and earth. She is able to exercise some controls that lead our initial characters onto their subsequent adventures. After meeting Angela, we are introduced to a broader cast of characters, including one with the same name as our author. At this point, the book reminded me of genres such as the Men in Black movies. We learn that there are alien races, some of which inhabit Earth and some of which are seeking refuge on Earth as they have lost their native planet. The story unfolds with a rather epic tale of mysteries and chases. Future World Rocks! was really interesting and I could even see it being made into a TV show or a Movie. I both liked and struggled with the size of scope in the book. Sometimes, I felt myself getting bogged down learning about the new characters and integrating the new information about this world as it was introduced. I often felt very curious to learn more, which did propel me forward to keep reading. The nature of the book takes us away from the characters that we initially met. Tumbler did a good job of developing these characters, even in brief portions, and making me feel interested in their stories. So, when the book moved away from them, I found myself wondering what they were up to. Tumber does succeed in writing a grand space opera that feels like a telling of a history, even if that history is science-fiction. His writing style is interesting and in a way, self-aware, as he sometimes breaks from story-telling to provide exposition to the reader. Overall, I would recommend this book and I do hope to read other books from Tumbler.
PylesofBooks More than 1 year ago
Wild Ride Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots by Terry Tumbler is as wild as the title precludes it to be. The first book of the Carousels of Life series and it really does come around and around again to spark the reader’s attention. Tumbler opens this novel with a quick summary of what this new future world is like in the year 2170. It is a vision that is at once utopian but also carrying an underlying sense of mysterious unrest. What utopia in literature is free of unrest at its core? On the flip side of this, we follow two Nazi scientists, Fritz and Selik, who are experimenting with UFO and use it to escape their boredom. They do not expect to become time travelers! The future world is not without their own problems and aliens have come to Earth seeking asylum after their moon destroyed their home world. The question is if these aliens have benevolent intentions. There are even some agents of the government tasked with regulating alien life on earth as well. All of this amounts to somewhat of a thriller subgenre alongside the prevalent science fiction. The sarcasm and quick wit alongside the time traveling made me think of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure from the 80s and I wonder if Tumbler was influenced by the film. The lightness in tone throughout the story, as well as the interesting conflicts that arises for all the characters. Tumbler’s light humorist skill bends this future world through characters that are at once relatable but also so strange and fickle. The hijinks that follow are more than enough to keep this novel bumping even with the rock and roll playing in the background throughout this novel. In some ways, Tumbler takes this novel and very cheekily makes this not only science fiction but a space opera in an almost literal sense. His skill with narrative is as accomplished as he is as being an arm chair thinker with teasing out these subtle cultural phenomena that we take for granted in our day to day. Overall, Tumbler keeps his book focused and tight, despite the clear temptation to go down some fun rabbit holes. The narrative and strong characters help make Future World Rocks! extremely readable for any age and will please any reader, who enjoys fun, humorous reading.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite Future World Rocks! (Going Back to Our Roots) by Terry Tumbler is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy futuristic fiction and who do not mind narrative sex and futuristic bad language. A group of Nazi scientists and their time travel ship, known as the Bell, are brought into the United States to work on anti-gravity propulsion, but the location and the lack of entertainment quickly causes scientists Fritz and Selik to go rogue. The pair manages to steal the craft, intent on going to the nearest town to withdraw money and disappear, only to find themselves 200 years in the future. Meanwhile, a teenager by the name of John Peel begins his foray into creating free energy for everyone with electro-magnetic experiments; years later John finds himself fleeing from aliens in his own flying saucer and traveling through time. Can Fritz, Selik, and John survive in the future? Future World Rocks! (Going Back to Our Roots) by Terry Tumbler begins with a prologue called Setting The Scene Afresh; this section proved to be extremely helpful to me as it explained the time period, culture, and beliefs held by the majority of the people on Earth during the parts of the book that took place in the future. I personally found John Peel to be my favorite character because of his positive outlook on life, his intelligence, and his ability to adapt to crazy situations. My favorite scene was when John first encounters a flying saucer that did not belong to him as it was the first real hint of alien life forms in the story. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I liked how it had multiple characters with their own stories that linked up in the future!
AprilPulliam More than 1 year ago
Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots (Carousels of Life), by Terry Tumbler, is a literary ride like no other. Tumbler carries readers on a journey through both time and space with time-traveling aliens and a string of vivid characters discovering the world around them with new eyes. A futuristic comedy of sorts, this first book in the Carousels of Life series, spans centuries and universes to explain the connection between alien and human life. Tumbler expertly meshes historical accuracies with his fantastical rendering of life on, in, and around Earth while peppering his complex tale with lyrics and titles from a wide variety of rock songs. Tumbler has a beautiful way with words and describes each of the many settings in great detail. I don’t typically enjoy the science fiction genre, but Tumbler draws readers into his intricately woven plot and the lives of his bigger-than-life cast of characters with ease. From amazing inventor of free electricity, John Peel, to the “inland city of the Tall Whites,” the author provides page after page of new worlds to explore and increasingly curious motivations. Perhaps one of the most visually stunning of the author’s descriptions is the picture he paints of Atlantis and its remarkable inhabitants. The seclusion of the city, its clever ties to history, and the juvenile aliens with gills--just amazing. This stop, only one on the characters’ journey, revealed the ruins of Atlantis juxtaposed with the sunbathing, blue-skinned citizens about to have their first encounter with human beings. I don’t believe there is one aspect of life on our planet that Tumbler has omitted in this incredible work of science-meets-fantasy-meets-comedy. He manages to successfully integrate curiosities of history, truths about Nazi Germany, actual descriptions of UFOs and sightings, and, oddly enough, the great Wooly Mammoth into this storyline. I found myself nodding throughout as I recalled excerpts from movies and news clips of “cigar-shaped craft” similar to the ones Tumbler describes. The reader is treated to a hand-in-hand learning experience with the stupefied characters. As an avid fan of all things Antarctica, I was delighted to see the inclusion of Admiral Richard E. Byrd in Tumbler’s space-age saga. Byrd, aliens, Nazis--Tumbler has achieved quite the amalgamation of facts and fiction. Byrd’s exploration of Antarctica is interwoven with conspiracy-like theories and is explained in such a detailed manner that it is almost believable. The comedic component of Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots is evident throughout and makes it a delightful and fun read. As I read, I expected the book to take a more violent turn given its otherworldly subject matter and the incorporation of the MIB (men in black). The entire piece never grows too dark and never contains a sense of foreboding. Music plays a key role in keeping the book lighthearted and enjoyable. I rate Terry Tumbler’s Future World Rocks!: Going Back to Our Roots a 5 out 5. Fans of science fiction will appreciate the time and thought put into the plot, incredibly detailed worlds, advanced beings, and the incorporation of historically questionable events.
Girlwithabook More than 1 year ago
Future World Rocks! (Back to Our Roots) is Terry Tumbler’s first book in the series Carousels of Life. A Sci-fi genre, the book introduces Selik and Fritz, two German Pilots, disillusioned with life after the end of the second world war. Working on an aircraft for many years without rewards, both men decide one day they have had enough of their current life and actively set off to seek adventure, particularly of the female kind! However, the craft they have been working on, known as The Bell, is indeed capable of time travel, and the world they are about to enter is one that dreams are made of! Instantly, Terry sets the premise of Future World Rocks! with a setting of the scene at the beginning of the book. Not only does this alert the reader to the world they are about to enter and meet at some point, but it acts as an aid to those readers who may not be the biggest of Sci-fi fans. Personally, I’m one of those fans and at times find the Sci-fi genre a completely different language. So, having this foreword at the beginning of the story was a great start for me personally. In fact, what began as a great start did not disappoint as the story progressed and I was captivated and thoroughly enjoyed this book, on pure entertainment alone! Past does indeed meet future in Future World Rocks! as we begin with the end of the Second World War and continue right through to the year of 2170. Selik and Fritz are just your average everyday twenty-two-year-old lads, working their way through their degree, albeit by working on a potential time traveling machine! However, the concept of time travel seems alien to them, as both are more concerned with things that many of their peers are also concerned with; the opposite sex! These two characters grounded the books concept as they present a normality in the past, opting for the simple life. That is until they find themselves being drawn to all sorts of weird and wonderful characters and concepts as they take that ill-judged flight into the unknown. The opponents of free energy and, more disturbingly, racial dominance are both notions which feature heavily in 2170, but Terry’s impeccable wit and humour offers light relief. The mixture of Sci-fi with history adds a unique structure to this book and is so cleverly done, reminding the reader of possibility. I loved the construction of Future World Rocks! and its break down into manageable scenes, ensuring the reader doesn’t suffer from information overload. It has enough extensive Sci-fi speak to keep an ardent fan glued to their seat, but also offers an enjoyable route into this genre for those amateur Sci-fi fans. Above all, this is a space opera set to music and I confess to thoroughly embracing this aspect of the book. It made my reading experience even more enjoyable; even if I couldn’t get most of the songs out of my head for a few hours after those final pages! Future World Rocks! is clever, funny and simply pure entertainment for the reader.