F.W.E. Lohmann Elizabeth Van Lew's Civil War Spy: A Story of Heroism Displayed by the Richmond Underground

F.W.E. Lohmann Elizabeth Van Lew's Civil War Spy: A Story of Heroism Displayed by the Richmond Underground

by Virginia Lohmann Nodhturft


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Outskirts Press releases new Civil War book by celebrated author Dr. Virginia Lohmann Nodhturft. This is the first and only published book about the largest spy ring in Richmond, Virginia during the Civil War headed by Elizabeth Van Lew who worked with FWE Lohmann. These two spies were strong abolitionists who risked their lives for Union, flag and abolition of slavery. The book will peak the readers interest in how they planned and executed their secret missions.

The author takes you behind the scenes where secret missions were planned and executed such as the famous Libby Prison escape and the Dahlgren Affair well known in history books. The secret code developed by Elizabeth Van Lew that was used to send messages to Generals Kilpatrick, Grant, and others in the field regarding troop size, strength and location is interpreted for the first time in history, which has been a mystery for over a hundred years by historians.

The book shares the life of FWE Lohmann a secret agent in Richmond Virginia and the extraordinary risks he took to transport black families across the border to safety and secreting escaped Union prisoners. His role in developing the underground railroad is discussed as well as specific secret missions. Lohmann betrayed by a confederate spy in disguise and was sent to one of the worst prisons in Richmond Virginia castle Thunder for transporting a black family across the border. While incarcerated he was severely tortured for the names of the others spies. He was hung by his thumbs rendering them completely useless, was flagged and forced to wear a barrel shirt making it impossible for him to sit or lie down. He was denied blankets in the cold basement, food, mail, spiritual support. Snow blew in the bar windows and he had to fight off his nocturnal friends the rats.

When the fall of Richmond occurred FWE took advantage of the confusion in the city and escaped seeking refuge in Elizabeth Van Lew’s home. As Richmond fell, Grant had a celebratory dinner at Van Lew’s home with FWE Lohmann and other members of the Richmond Underground. These two patriots who risked their lives, fortune and careers were on the right side of this conflict in time.

The author was the great, great granddaughter of FWE Lohmann who has firsthand knowledge of the secret missions undertaken during the Civil War passed on by generations of stories.

The book can be obtained at Barnes and Noble or Amazon. For further info contact Dr. Virginia Nodhturft ginny3644@verizon.net or Box …. Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617

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