FYI Travel with Your Family Experts Share their Secrets

FYI Travel with Your Family Experts Share their Secrets

by Fodor's Travel Publications



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ISBN-13: 9781400011599
Publisher: Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc.
Publication date: 07/02/2002
Series: Fodor's FYI Series
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.84(h) x 0.56(d)

Table of Contents

Have Family, Will Travel1
Laying the Groundwork3
1Vacation Creation: Getting Started5
The Travel Planner7
Choosing the Planner7
Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Travel Planner?8
Sharing the Role9
Taking Charge9
Consider a Travel Professional10
How to Pick a Travel Agent11
All Aboard: Who is Going?12
Family Travel Survey13
Family Planning Meetings14
A Teleconference15
A Chat Room16
Countdown to Travel17
A Planning Timeline18
A Family Reunion20
Don't Go It Alone20
Tracing Family Roots21
Going as a Grandparent21
Physical Challenges22
Who's in Charge?25
Grandparents and Grandchildren Together25
First Steps with Steps and In-Laws26
The Awkwardness Factor28
Ex-Spouses and Your Children's Needs29
Traveling in a Nontraditional Family31
Proclaim Your Identity32
Benefit from the Unexpected32
2The Travel Budget34
Reaching a Comfort Level35
Finding Deals36
Measuring Family Means37
Accommodating Different Budgets38
Affordability Equals Happiness40
Estimate At-Home Expenses41
Family Budget Planner42
Turn on Your Calculator44
Putting Together the Trip45
Getting the Most for Your Money45
How to Get Great Rates: Questions to Explore46
Back Up Your Records50
Handling the Money51
The Usual Conditions in Brochures53
Handling Travel Complaints55
Identifying Hidden Costs56
All-Inclusives vs. Noninclusives57
Deceptive Prices57
What's Not Included?58
Maid Service60
A Good Deal or a Bad One?61
Taxes, Service Charges, Extras61
Prearranged Tours and Packages62
The Family Angel63
When Your Relative Pays64
Expressing Gratitude66
3Places to Go, Things to Do68
What Kind of Destination69
Comparing Surveys69
What Appeals to You?70
What's Your Travel Style?71
Culture Vultures72
Relaxation Gurus73
Sports and Adventure Enthusiasts73
No-Hands Fans74
Choosing a Destination74
Narrowing Down Your Choices77
How to Pick a Destination78
Vacation Ideas78
City Vacations78
12 Splendid Cities You'll Love80
Beach Vacations81
A Bouquet of Beaches--Pick One82
A Touring Trip84
Theme Parks93
A Theme Park Wherever You Are98
Winter Sports Vacations99
Winter Resorts to Consider101
Camping and Hiking103
Campground Etiquette104
10 Great Options Outdoors105
Alternative Vacations107
City Slickers on Open Prairies107
Bonding on the Fairway108
The Front Nine: Top Golf Getaways109
River Rafting110
10 Great Rivers Worth Rafting111
4Getting the Show on the Road113
Air Travel114
Sharing Frequent Flier Awards115
Airport Shuttle115
Required Travel Documents116
At the Airport117
Children's Onboard Survival Kits119
The Rubber-Tire Vacation119
Essentials for Your Car120
The Navigator120
Rendezvous Stops121
Family Car Games121
Breaking up the Trip122
Rental Car Extras to Price Out123
Rent a Car or a Van?124
Travel by Ship124
Pros and Cons of Coach Tours126
Your Own Driver-Guide127
Travel by Train129
5Home Away from Home130
Hotels, Resorts, and B&Bs131
Lodging Comforts You May Want132
Family-Friendly or Not?133
Evaluating Children's Programs134
The Right Price135
Executive Floors137
Reunion Space138
Coping with Front-Desk Delays138
Family Vacation Rentals139
Finding a House140
Rental Comforts You May Want141
Get It in Writing143
What to Note in Rental Paperwork145
On Vacation: Cleanup and Kitchen Duties146
Cruise Accommodations148
6The Gang's All Here151
All Together Now152
How to Decide on Activities Once You Arrive153
Sample Reunion Weekend156
By the Beach or In the Country157
City Time162
The Children's Hours165
Kids on their Own166
With Grandkids168
The Party's Over: Time to Leave170
Make Your Memories Last170
Fond Farewells171
Going Home Happy173

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