G Magazine 2018/88: Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorials Pro for Digital Photographers

G Magazine 2018/88: Adobe Photoshop CC Tutorials Pro for Digital Photographers

by John W. Goldstein


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#1 Best Seller | Professional Photoshop magazine ! | Designed for people, who are looking for a job, and to apply for a position need a Photoshop knowledge. | Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional level book. | Based on personal working experience in editorial offices and graphic design studios. | 40 B&W glamour photos, with Photoshop tutorials. | 01.Grid/Gridline, 02.Grayscale, 03.Transform 01, 04.Pinch Filter, 05.Path 01, 06.Load Selection, 07.Transform 01, 08. Feather 01, 09.Gaussian Blur, 10.Clone 01, 11.Gradient 01, 12.Yellow Veil, 13.Skin Color, 14.Layers 01, 15.Paint, 16. Opacity, 17.Motion Blur, 18.Sharpen, 19.Liquify 01, 20. Color Balance, 21.Gradient 02, 22.RGB/CMYK, 23. Levels 01, 24.Levels 02, 25.Curves, 26.Path 02, 27.Clone 02, 28.Transform 03, 29.Saturation, 30.Layers 02, 31.Gradient 03, 32.Liquify 02, 33.Path 03, 34.History, 35.Actions, 36.Liquify 03, 37.Content Aware, 38.Color Range, 39.Layers 03, 40.Radial Filter

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ISBN-13: 9781720660439
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2018
Pages: 122
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About the Author

John Goldstein is a professional photographer since 1978, so he has 36 years experience in photography. He is working with Photoshop since 1998, so he has 16 years experience in image editing. He was working in photo studios, graphic design studios and editorial offices as an assistant photographer, photographer, desktop publisher, web designer, multimedia developer and graphic designer. He is writing and illustrating reviews about new creative software releases since 1998 and he is writing and illustrating computer books since 2002.

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