Gabriella And The Speed Of Life: The Complete Nugen Series

Gabriella And The Speed Of Life: The Complete Nugen Series

by James Edwin Cardona


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Gabriella And The Speed Of Life: The Complete Nugen Series by James Edwin Cardona

A young adult action packed romance adventure that will keep readers guessing as mystery after mystery unfolds.
Gabriella, teenage girl tries to discover herself in a futuristic world of genetic modification, extreme sports and new science. Oh, and there just happens to be a dimensional portal too.
This science fiction tale sizzled and sparkled with energy, ingenuity, imagination, and a wonderfully heightened sense of adventure! --B White
Gabriella, a teenage girl who lives a simple life selling shoes in her parents clothing store, has her life turned upside down when two NuGen goons show up at their store. Shortly thereafter, her father is dead, tragically, and she finds out the entire life she had been living is a lie. They must change their name, run and hide, leaving everything behind that very night.
So starts the whirlwind adventure, a mystery set in a futuristic society, where affluent folks can have their children modified through genetic upgrades, that readers are calling "Compelling," "so good!" and a "great story that draws you in."
Gabriella discovers that she is a surprisingly good athlete and the only "non-modified" able to compete with genetically modified super-athletes. Did she become this way because of a genetic modification experiment her father conducted? Who killed her father and why? Are they after her? (Hint: They are.)
She's offered a spot on a semi-pro farm team in Philadelphia. It's her and her mother's only escape from the dirt and dung of the shanty towns and favelas of Brazil so she takes it. But that puts her squarely in NuGen's sights.
Kyle and Sebastian are NuGen liaisons to the team. Kyle is gorgeous but can he be trusted?
Reviewers are saying of this young adult, action packed, fast paced, romantic adventure, "I was completely hooked."
Gabriella meets Smith, a researcher who worked with her father. Her mother is smitten but Gabriella doesn't trust him. What should she do? And why does it seem like he's collecting fingerprints off her glass or stray strands of her hair? Why is he so interested in her DNA?
Due to her new-found notoriety, a physicist presents her the opportunity to be the spokesperson for his new invention, the Dimensional Transport Machine. The machine allows for near instantaneous travel across the planet by entering a portal one side of the planet and exiting on another. In between is a different dimension, but there's nothing there so no worries, right? Or is there.
A tightly packed piece of work that demonstrates that this author knows his way around a story. --Robin Lynn
After entering the portal, Gabriella sees a ghost like creature who looks uncharacteristically like her dead father. Is it him? But why doesn't he behave like her father? Why does his voice sound like that? Why doesn't he hug her and love her, instead of being so distant? Who is the man in the Void?
With NuGen on her heels and her father's ominous warnings, Gabriella is on a quest to find out her true identity and solve the mystery of her dad's murder.
Part thriller, part sci-fi, and part mystery, Gabriella and Dr. Duggan's Secret Dimensional Transport Machine is suspenseful and exhilarating to read. It picks up speed as it goes along, and is impossible to put down. --Kelly
Full of action, drama, comedy, with a fair sprinkling of romance, this book will appeal to the young adult who is looking for a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat adventure full of mysteries that will keep you guessing.
Who is Gabriella? Is she modified? Is her father really her father? Or was she cooked up in a lab? If Gabriella can completely reinvent herself, casting aside her fictional past, who does she want to be?
Using the machine unleashes a bizarre and entertaining series of events that helps Gabriella discover who she is and who she wants to be.

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ISBN-13: 9781506150727
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/08/2015
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.35(d)

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