Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew

Game Day: 50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew

by Cindy Cummins


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Get your game on with fifty fun fleecy projects to sew!

Fleece is a super fabric-available in a ton of colors, prints, and types. There's blizzard fleece, micro fleece, and the newer cuddler fleece-there are SEW many types to choose from. With so much product to choose from in the fabric stores, particularly team-licensed prints for favorite professional sports teams and many university and high school teams, the time is right for a guidebook that addresses the super-easy sewing techniques needed to create your own "go team" spirit gear.
In addition to the projects, included are chapters on choosing the right fleece variety, tools, and (new) notions for fleece sewing, and easy sewing and serging techniques to help the sewer create these exciting and fun projects. The over fifty easy projects are designed for Tailgating, Game Time, Men & Women, Kids & Baby, Man's Best Friend, and even includes some No-Sew projects as well.
Filled with a wide array of ideas for everything from scarves to blankets to totes to diaper covers, you'll always have something handmade to show off on game day. This book is sure to please sewers and sports fans alike with it's endless possibilities for fun ways to sport their team colors.

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ISBN-13: 9781250030979
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/06/2014
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

CINDY CUMMINS has been involved in the sewing industry for over thirty years. She designed some of the first serger patterns, has written numerous sewing books, and taught sewing professionally all over the U.S. She created and leads Creative Chicks Productions, devising instructional and entertaining DIY sewing content for seamstresses worldwide. Cindy lives in St. Peters, Missouri.

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Game Day

50 Fun Spirit Fleece Projects to Sew

By Cindy Cummins, Alice King, Jack Deutsch

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2014 Cindy Cummins
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4668-5593-9


Winter Warm-Up

Tie One on — Scarf Roundup
Basic Beanie
Fingerless Arm Warmers
Ear Warmer Headband
Hot Hands Mitts
Pom-Poms Spirit Gloves
Pocket Pillow Blanket
Snuggle Cozy


Scarves are so quick to create with just a small amount of fabric. This is a perfect intro project if you have not yet had the opportunity to sew with fleece. Each of the first three styles uses straight lines of stitching — even a newbie sewer will be able to whip these up in time for kickoff. And for super-fast fashion, the Ruffled Loop endless scarf can be serged together in less than 20 minutes!

Pull Thru


¼ yard each, 2 solid-colors of fleece or team-print fleece
All-purpose sewing thread


Cut 2, 8" × 40" pieces of solid-color or team-print fleece


1. Place both fleece rectangles right sides together. Stitch around all outer edges, using a ½ seam allowance. Leave a 4 opening along the center of one long side.

2. Trim corners then turn scarf right side out. Hand stitch opening closed.

3. Find center of scarf by folding in half lengthwise. Mark this with a pin near one of the ends.

4. From the center-marked end of the scarf, measure 7 up from the finished edge and place a mark along the center. Measure and mark a 3 line from this point along the center to create a slit for the scarf to pull thru. Pin to hold both layers in place at both ends of this mark.

5. Using a straight stitch, stitch 1/8" away from the line all around, forming a narrow box. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the slit open. Pull finished scarf end through the slit opening.

Endless Loop


3/8 yard each, 2 coordinating solid-color fleece
3/8 yard, team-print fleece
All-purpose sewing thread


Cut 1, 10" × 18" piece from each of the solid colors of fleece Cut 2, 10" × 18" pieces from the team-print fleece


1. Matching the short ends, place the right sides together, alternating the solid-color pieces with the team-print pieces. You should have print/solid/print/solid. Stitch seams.

2. Fold the long strip in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch the long seam, starting 3 from the end, and stopping 3 from the opposite end. Turn tube right side out.

3. Match the raw ends, right sides together, forming a loop. Stitch seam.

4. Slip stitch opening closed.

Ruched Scarf


¼ yard, solid-color fleece
¼ yard, coordinating team-print fleece
2 yards, 3/8" elastic
1 yard each, 3/8" grosgrain ribbon in 2 coordinating colors
All-purpose sewing thread


Cut 1, 6" × 60" piece from solid-color fleece. Cut 1, 6" × 60" piece from team-print fleece.


1. Layer the fleece strips, raw edges matching, with wrong sides together. Mark the center lengthwise, then stitch through both layers to secure, from one end to the other. Take care to backstitch at each end.

2. Stitch a channel, 5/8 away from center stitched line, one on each side of the center line, creating two channels for the elastic.

3. Cut 2 pieces, 36" long, from the elastic. Cut 4 pieces, 18 long, from coordinating ribbon. Stitch each of the ribbon pieces to each end of the two elastic pieces.

4. Thread elastic into channels, with the ribbon ends left free at the ends of the scarf. Pull elastic to evenly distribute fullness to create the ruffles.

Ruffled Loop


1/3 yard each, 2 coordinating solid-color fleece All-purpose sewing thread


Cut 4, 5" × 20" pieces from each, 2 coordinating solid-color fleece


Note: For these seams use either the rolled edge stitch on your serger, trimming away very little as you stitch, or a narrow 1.0 wide, 2.0 length zigzag stitch over the raw edge of the fleece to achieve the lettuce edge finish for this instant scarf.

1. Matching the short ends, wrong sides together, alternate colors of the solid-color pieces — 2 of each color per strip, creating two long pieced strips. You should have solid 1/solid 2/solid 1/solid 2 for one strip and solid 2/solid 1/solid 2/solid 1 for the second strip. Stitch seams, stretching the seams as you sew, to get the ruffled effect.

2. Taking care to match the seamed intersections, stitch both long strips together, wrong sides together. Continue to stretch this seam as you sew for the same ruffle effect.

3. Match the short ends, with wrong sides together forming a loop. Stitch the seam, stretching to create the lettuce edge.

4. Finish both raw edges of the loop scarf, stretching as much as possible (be careful not to break your needle!) to get the fullest ruffled edge possible. Trim threads and go.

Side note:Create a skinny loop scarf with just one strip of the alternating color fleece pieces. Follow the same basic construction steps, but eliminate the second pieced strip before stitching into a loop. Layer two ruffled loop scarves on for added impact!


This classic cap comes in sizes to fit everyone in the family; babies, kids, and adults. Mix the cap and brim pieces to reflect your fave team colors, and add a tassel or pom-pom to top it off! We used a serger to whip ours together, making these super quick. Pair one with a matching scarf.


Pattern for Basic Beanie (here)
¼ yard, solid-color or team-print fleece
All-purpose sewing thread


Place pattern piece on fleece following the grain-line mark (stretch of fleece should be around head). Cut 4 hat pieces from fleece.

Cut a hat band: Baby 3" × 18", Child 4" × 20", Adult 5" × 24" Set aside fleece scraps to make loop or tassel trim for top of hat if desired.

Note: Finished hat circumference: Baby 17, child 19, Adult 23.


1. With right sides together, match two hat body pieces, and stitch one side seam. Create two seamed "sets" of 2 from the 4 hat pieces.

2. Make tassel or loop and pin to top of one half of hat at upper edge of center seam on the right side, matching raw edges with trim towards the body of the hat. Baste in place to hold.

3. Place both hat halves right sides together and stitch remaining hat seam.

4. For band, place short ends right sides together and stitch seam. Fold band in half, wrong sides together, matching raw edges. Baste 3/8" from edge to keep layers from shifting.

5. Mark the band in quarters. Place band to hat raw edge, right sides together, matching quarter marks to seams. Stitch seam.

Tassel Top

Cut fleece scrap 2" wide × 3" tall. Along the 2" edge make 2"deep cuts, spacing cuts ¼" apart to create fringe. Fold side edges to the center of the piece, making a 1" wide finished tassel. Baste to secure folds on unfringed end. Place basted end of tassel on top raw edge of cap, catching end in seam.

Loop Top

Cut fleece scrap ½" × 3". Fold in half. Catch raw ends in seam to form loop at top of hat.


We love gloves, but with all the tech gadgets we own, wearing a pair of fingerless arm warmers make it easier for us to be able to tweet updates at the game. Once you make one pair of these, you and your friends will want more, in all their favorite team colors.


Pattern for Fingerless Arm Warmers (here)
½ yard, solid-color fleece
½ yard, coordinating team-print fleece
½ yard, ?" matching fold-over elastic
All-purpose sewing thread


Place pattern piece on fleece, cut 2 each from solid-color fleece and team-print fleece.


1. Layer each of the pieces, right sides together, with one solid piece to one print piece. Stitch inside seam, leaving a 2½ opening for your thumb as marked on the pattern.

2. Finger press this seam open. Top stitch ¼" on each side along the length of the seam, securing the seam edges.

3. With right sides together, stitch opposite seam.

4. Fold hem at finger end of arm warmer under 1", stitch close to raw edge with a narrow zigzag stitch (this hem will get a lot of stress, and needs to give).

5. Using fold-over elastic, starting at the inside seam of arm warmer, stitch elastic trim to sleeve opening. Match the wrong side of elastic to the raw edge of the wrong side of fabric (use the center line marking on the fold-over elastic as a guide to match the raw edge). Stitch with a 2.5 length-and-width zigzag stitch, lapping raw ends of the elastic on the inside seam of arm warmer.

6. Fold the elastic to the right side. Stitch close to the edge of the fold-over elastic using a straight stitch to secure.


Keep your hair in place and your ears covered with this fleece headband. Edged in fold-over elastic, the band even has a hole for your ponytail. The one-piece design makes it easy to work with team prints to get their logo in just the right position.


Pattern for Ear Warmer Headband here
1/8 yard, solid-color or team-print fleece
1¼ yards, 5/8" matching fold-over elastic
All-purpose sewing thread


Place pattern piece on fold as marked, cut 1 from fleece.


1. Open ear warmer piece so it is one layer. Apply fold-over elastic to each long raw edge with a zigzag stitch, stretching the elastic slightly, with the wrong side of elastic to wrong side of ear warmer. (Use the center line marking on the fold-over elastic binding as a guide to match to raw edge.)

2. Fold the elastic trim to the right side, stitch close to the edge with a straight stitch to secure.

3. Match the raw ends, right side together, and stitch the seam, then finger press open.

4. Apply fold-over elastic to the ponytail opening using the same technique as step 1, starting at the lower side of the opening and lapping ends. Fold elastic trim to the right side and stitch to secure


We know your hands can get cold in that stadium, and you need to sport your colors, too. Dilemma solved with these mitts that sport a pocket to hold those little warmer packets that keep your hands and fingers toasty. You can even stash a few tissues and a couple of bucks inside, too — the cord locks on the elastic drawstring will keep them snug on your hands while you are cheering wildly during the game.


Pattern for Hot Hands Mitts here
1/3 yard each, 2 coordinating team-print fleece
1/8 yard, ¾" hook-and-loop tape
1 yard, oval braided elastic
2 cord locks
Wash-away basting tape
All-purpose sewing thread


Place pattern piece for mitt on fleece, cut 2 each, of the 2 coordinating team-print fleeces.

Fold pattern piece along marking for mitt pocket, and place on team-print fleece, cut 2.


1. Cut hook-and-loop tape into 2, 2" pieces. Separate the hook pieces from the loop pieces. Place a piece of basting tape on the back of each piece, and remove cover to expose adhesive. Place loop piece on each pocket's hem edge, centering tape piece on hem with edge of tape next to raw edge of hem. Stitch around the edges of the tape to secure.

2. Turn up 1" hem on each pocket piece and stitch close to raw edge.

3. Attach the hook side of hook-and-loop tape pieces to the stitched loop tape. Layer the pocket pieces on 2 mitt pieces, with both pieces right side up. Press down on hook and loop tape to position hook piece on mitt piece. Carefully remove pocket piece and stitch tape onto each of the mitt pieces, stitching along tape edges.

4. Baste a pocket piece to each of the mitt pieces, with both pieces right side up, and matching raw edges.

5. Place each of the prepared mitt pieces and remaining mitt pieces right sides together, matching raw edges. On each mitt, opposite side seams (you will have a left and right mitt) stitch seam partially: Stitch 1" from lower edge, leave the next 1" unstitched, then stitch for an additional 3". Finger press seam allowances open and stitch close along both sides of seam, securing seam allowance to mitt.

6. Finish stitching the remaining mitt seam on each Hot Hands Mitt.

7. Turn under 1" hem to inside of each mitt. Stitch in place along hem raw edge.

8. Cut elastic into 2, 18" pieces. Thread elastic through casing and ends through a cord stop. Tie elastic ends together in an overhand knot, and trim ends.

9. Place hand warmer packets into pockets, slip mitts on, and adjust cord stop to fit wrists.


Our pom-pom gloves were created with black-and-white zebra-print fleece, achieving the blended look pictured. A team-print fleece will achieve a similar effect. Or, use two different color strips for each pompom for a two-toned pom-pom.


3/8 yard, team-print or solid-color fleece
1 pair of stretch gloves
Small pom-pom maker (Clover USA — optional)
All-purpose sewing thread

CUT Cut 22, ½" strips the full width of the fleece. It takes 2 strips to make each pom-pom.

Cut 2 of the ½" strips into 10, 12" pieces for tying the pom-poms.


For each pom, use two strips of fleece. Wind 1 strip around each set of arms of the pom-pom maker. Fold the arms in, cut strips through the channel, tie with a 12" strip of fleece. Make 10 pompoms.


Wind 2 strips around a 2 × 4" piece of cardboard the short way (wind around the 2" width). Thread the tie along one edge under the wound strips, pulling snug as you cut the strips across the opposite end to create pom-pom. Make 10 pom-poms.


1. Trim the tie ends on each of the poms to the same length as the pom "yarn" pieces. Trim each pom to shape if necessary to achieve a pleasing round pom-pom.

2. Tack a pom-pom to the fingertip of each glove (make sure you have a right and left glove!). Stitching through the tie ends of the pom-pom to attach, taking care to catch only one layer of each glove fingertip.

3. Repeat step 2 until all 10 pom-poms are attached.


Is it a pillow or a blanket? Both! This generously sized fleece blanket can be folded up into a pocket. Flip the pocket over the blanket, fluff, and presto — you have a pillow. Easy to tote along or just keep on the couch to snuggle up with when game time rolls around.


2 yards, team-print fleece
½ yard, solid-color fleece
All-purpose sewing thread
Dinner plate or acrylic corner template for marking round corners


Trim selvedges from team-print fleece fabric (blanket) and straighten all edges.

Use template to mark and trim each of the corners to a rounded shape.

Cut 1, 16" × 18" rectangle from solid-color fleece (pocket).


1. On pocket piece, finish all edges with serger, if desired. With wrong sides facing, turn under 2" hem along a 16" side, to wrong side. Stitch to secure with a 2.5 length and width zigzag stitch.

2. Trim selvedges and straighten all edges of blanket piece. Finish all edges with serger, or fold under ½" hem all around and stitch to secure.

3. Fold blanket in half lengthwise. Mark center of blanket for placement of the pocket piece.

4. Place the hemmed pocket piece on the lower edge of blanket, matching left side of pocket piece to center mark and lower edge, wrong side of pocket to right side of blanket. Stitch ¼" away from the raw edges, leaving the hemmed upper edge free.

5. To fold blanket into the pocket to form the pillow, fold the blanket in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Fold again lengthwise so that the pocket is still exposed. Place pocket side of folded blanket facedown, fold blanket up 3 folds (about 15" each time) towards the pocket. Then flip the pocket inside out over the folded blanket, adjusting the folds as necessary to form the pillow.


Sleeves-on-a-blanket — this ingenious cover-up gives you the freedom to grab the remote (or the popcorn) while staying warm and snuggled up. While the snuggle cozy may look a bit unusual (okay, downright silly), once you try one you sure can't beat it for cold days in front of the TV!


2 yards, solid-color fleece (snuggle blanket)
2/3 yard, team-print fleece (sleeves and pocket)
All-purpose sewing thread
7" saucer or acrylic sleeve template for marking armholes


Trim selvedges from solid fleece (blanket) and straighten all edges.

Cut 2, 24" × 24" sleeves and 1, 10" × 15" rectangle for the pocket from team-print fleece.


1. Turn under 1" hem on all edges of blanket piece. Stitch hems close to raw edge to secure.

2. Mark the holes for the sleeves, using a 7" saucer or an acrylic sleeve template made just for a snuggly. With the hemmed blanket facing up, mark each opening 9" from both the upper and outside edges, one opening for each arm/sleeve. Trim along markings to create the openings.

3. Fold each sleeve piece, right sides together matching raw edges. Pin and stitch seam. Turn under a 1" hem on each sleeve, and stitch to secure.

4. Mark each sleeve opening on blanket in quarters and each of the sleeves along the raw edges in quarters. Set each sleeve, right sides together and pinning and matching the quarter marks, with each sleeve seam towards the lower portion of the blanket. Stitch seams.

5. Turn under 1" hem along the 15" upper edge of pocket piece and stitch to secure. Turn under ½" on remaining raw edges of pocket. Fold blanket in half lengthwise to find center. Mark center. Place pocket on blanket, right side up, matching center of pocket to center of blanket. Stitch ¼" from each of the pocket edges leaving hemmed upper edge free.

Optional: Create a pocket section to fit cell phone or remote by stitching a line from upper hem edge to pocket bottom, 4" from either end of finished pocket.


Excerpted from Game Day by Cindy Cummins, Alice King, Jack Deutsch. Copyright © 2014 Cindy Cummins. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Fun Fleece,
Let's Play — Notions and Tools of the Trade,
Strategy Book — Tips and Techniques,
ONE Winter Warm-Up,
TWO Tailgate Party,
THREE Ladies Only,
FOUR Man Cave,
FIVE Rookies,
SIX Littlest Fan,
SEVEN Man's Best Friend,
EIGHT Low-Sew and No-Sew Throws and Pillows,
Patterns and Templates,
Team Color Charts,
Corn Hole Game,

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