Gamecocks and Lintheads

Gamecocks and Lintheads

by Joby Castine


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In the late nineteenth century, W.B. Smith Whaley, a man with a remarkably implausible name, built the Olympia Cotton Mill in Columbia, South Carolina. The mill became the foundation for the Whaley textile empire, whose employees were given the noble name of lintheads.

At the same time, Richard S. Whaley served as the first coach of the University of South Carolina football team, the Gamecocks.

"But wait!" you say. "Who is this mysterious Richard S. Whaley? W. H. Whaley was the first USC coach."

Not so, according to author, linthead, and fanatical Gamecock supporter, Joby C. Castine. Castine cites reputable historical records suggesting W. H. Whaley is merely a presumptive phantom, a typo who never existed, but still managed to usurp Richard S. Whaley's rightful position.

Castine proves, with a deft sense of humor and a historian's eye, that the Olympia Mill Village and the Gamecocks are tied together by "the Linthead Link."

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Publication date: 11/25/2013
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About the Author

Joby C. Castine made himself the preeminent expert on the Gamecock Linthead Link, prompting friends to suggest he needs a new hobby, or possibly therapy.

A lifelong resident of Olympia Mill Village in South Carolina, Castine became a Gamecock fan at a young age, despite his father's best efforts.

Castine attended the University of South Carolina, earning a BA degree while cheering on the Gamecocks. He went on to earn a JD from the USC School of Law, possibly to extend his eligibility for student rates at football games.

When he isn't defending the honor and memory of long-dead football coaches, Castine works in the insurance industry.

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