Games and Exercises for Mentally Defective Bosses, Coworkers and Employees

Games and Exercises for Mentally Defective Bosses, Coworkers and Employees

by John Corbin


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Games and Exercises for Mentally Defective Bosses, Coworkers and Employees by John Corbin

We all have them...the Boss, Coworker and/ Employees that are just a little feebleminded.
Sometimes as they come to you for help you wonder how they got to work that morning without being hit by the tram, subway or bus. You wonder how do they find the restroom?
How did they make it this far without something drastic happening to them?

Now you can help...that's can help them. You cannot get complain or get upset unless you have made a true effort to help them.

John Corbin has (utilizing a system originally created by Miss Wrightson for children) brought together in convenient form a large number of games especially adapted to accomplish these results. John's long experience with feeble-minded bosses, employees and/or coworkers is a guarantee of their usefulness and efficacy for the purpose. It should be fully appreciated by CEO's, Human Resources, and higher Management that the playing of these games is not "mere play," but definite training of the best kind, in many cases there is little else to be done.
THE games and exercises in this book were written for use of the normal people who have feebleminded bosses, employees and/or coworkers, the object being to help develop muscular control and to quicken the sense perceptions. The most difficult among the exercises could be mastered with ease by a normal boss, employee or coworker of any age.

The following instructions should be observed:
Absolute simplicity in the training is essential. The manner in which a game is played is of more importance than the game itself. A simple game or exercise taught in a complex manner will produce a confusion of ideas in the mind of the boss, employee or coworker and mean failure in training.
In teaching mental defectives the personality you as the teacher plays an important part. You should be patient, cheerful and optimistic, always ready with a word of encouragement when a boss, employee or coworker fails to produce desired results; thorough in your methods and of keen perception. The mind of "you" the teacher reacts upon the mind of the boss, employee or coworker: "Education is one mind making another mind and one heart another heart.
It will be found in many cases that the principal weakness in these individuals is their lack of concentration, and it is only by simple, fixed methods of work, elimination of all confusion, and your conviction as the teacher that good results must emanate from the training so that you can develop and strengthen this latent power in the boss, employee or coworker.
The mode of procedure must not vary; bosses, employees or coworkers should be lined up in the same way, material of the same color must be used, and diagrams drawn precisely the same way each time the game or exercise is used. Should the smallest alteration be made in these details, it will produce a confusion of ideas in the boss, employee or coworker's mind and successful training will not result.
The given signal for starting a game should be brief, as, "Are you ready?" followed by the word "Go!" said sharply and clearly. A signal with too many words is confusing. Always use the same form of signal in starting a game. Should this be changed ever so little the game will not start successfully, for the boss, employee or coworker's mind will be centered upon that change and he will lose the all-important idea, e.g. the start of the game. A game unsuccessfully started is a failure throughout.

This book contains 102 exercises and games...and includes a small section titled PRACTICAL HINTS FOR TRAINING MENTAL DEFECTIVES.

Good luck to you and bless you for trying.

John Corbin created this from an old work and adapted it for office use.

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