Games and House Design for Dwarf Rabbits

Games and House Design for Dwarf Rabbits

by Esther Schmidt




Instructive how-to photos on every page complement this idea-packed handbook for owners of pet dwarf rabbits. These tiny creatures are not only warm, furry, and cuddly; they also readily respond to training and are capable of learning many tricks. Author Esther Schmidt describes a variety of games and pastimes that can add up to great fun for both rabbits and their owners. She also presents--
  • Photo-illustrated construction plans for both simple and elaborate rabbit housing
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for making rabbits' toys for both indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Ideas for making rabbit beds, baskets . . . and much more

    Games and House Design for Dwarf Rabbits is a title in B.E.S. brand-new Games and House Design series of idea books that encourage bonding between animal lovers and their pets. All books in this series focus on ways to create an optimal environment for your pet while emphasizing the many joys that come with pet ownership. The books are filled with color photos on most pages, sidebar tips, and construction diagrams.
  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781438002088
    Publisher: Peterson's
    Publication date: 06/01/2013
    Series: Games and House Design for Pets
    Pages: 80
    Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.30(d)

    Table of Contents

    What Dwarf Rabbits Are Like

    Senses 6

    Behaviors 7

    Vocalizations 8

    Body Language 9

    An Indoor Paradise for Dwarf Rabbits

    A Comfortable Life in the Land of Dwarfs 12

    Everything Secure? 13

    Types of Pens 14

    Modules-Very Versatile Performers 16

    The Right Material 17

    How to Build Modules 18

    Tunnel, Bridge, Ramp, and Comer Elements 22

    Additional Items 24

    At a Glance: All-Purpose Modules 26

    Multistory Construction-Lots of Space in a Small Area 28

    A Multistory Home 29

    Building and Decorating a Multistory Dwelling 30

    Interior Accessories 33

    Two in One-Living and Playing 34

    A Dwarf Rabbit Staircase 35

    At a Glance: Versatile Furnishings with Pizzazz 38

    Outdoors-Lots of Freedom

    Considerations for Outdoor Living 42

    The Right Type of Pen 43

    Some Clever Setups 44

    Suspension Bridge 45

    Stairs and Ramps 46

    At a Glance: Furnishings with a Natural Flair 48

    Games, Sports, and All Kinds of Fun

    Top Choices for Rabbits That Can Entertain Themselves 52

    Reversible Hammock 53

    At a Glance: Solo Games and Snuggle Spots 54

    At a Glance: Quick and Easy-a Cardboard City 56

    Food Games That Increase Fitness 58

    Food Wheel 59

    At a Glance: The Tastiest Food Games 60

    Solving Puzzles with Skill and Gumption 62

    Intelligence Games and Games of Wit 63

    At a Glance: Tricky Intelligence Games 64

    Games and Sports with Humans 66

    Rabbit Jumping Without a Leash 67

    At a Glance: Unlimited Fun 68

    Encouraging Play 69

    Taking a Break After Playing 69

    Supplement 70

    Diagrams 70

    Index 75

    Information, Important Note 77

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