Gandhian Paradox: Is Great Britain The Most Serious Threat to World Peace?

Gandhian Paradox: Is Great Britain The Most Serious Threat to World Peace?

by Rohit Relan


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Jul13: NYT treats British Muslim. Jan15: Hollande Merkel treat War/Terror; NYT teen angst jihad; WSJ look smarter; scandal speech. Mar15: NYT treats Vinci. Apr15: NYT treats Jihadists; poodle; US-UK special rel less centr. Fall15: Hist Dept Stanford teaches paradox/Gandhi. Sept15: NYT treats silver hair. Oct15: Merkel treats smoke mirrors. Nov15: WSJ treats martinis, NYT eyes. Dec15: NYT treats UK laws. Jan16: UK-US not key allies. Feb16: UK exits Palestine talks; RNZ treats paradox. Mar16: Obama treats UK free rider; NZH rep. Apr16: T Star treats dustbin/history; FT Anglosphere; WSJ dramatic shift US/Europe; CNN Germany right side history. Jun16: Meshkov treats fomenting; FT shaky special rel; Obama UK indispensable ally. Jul16: Rogozin treats tectonics Euro geopol; Michel paradox, black hole; Putin edge of schism. Sept16: Kremlin treats mirror responses; Sturgeon seismic summer; Obama very special rel, back of queue, punish UK; Abbas 1947 borders. Nov16: FT treats shakiest foundations; Sputnik rivers/blood; NYT Victoria's secrets. Dec16: Kremlin treats Putin special address; Putin mirror responses/State of Nation address; Rouhani restoration rights Palestinian nation; Elizabeth II resigns HMDT; NZ sponsors UN Res 2334; Reuters treats UK rep. Jan17: Advertiser treats seismic shift; SMH rep, divide rule, anthem. Feb17: Russia treats Palestine talks; SMH Aus trust US; Reuters NI direct rule. Mar17: Sputnik treats Russia-UK relations; TASS back to the future; SMH wild side. Jun17: May treats enough is enough; combustible; extraordinary London. Aug17: NZH treats abdication; Twyford zen, street meeting; WSJ robot lab. Sept17: MEA India treats diplomacy. Oct17: NZH treats former model; RNZ cancer; T Star knees; MFA Russia Vegas; Medvedev construction. Nov17: WAPO treats T'giving; Vanity Fair Elizabeth II. Dec17: Globe Mail treats prank twice; NDTV Modi religion/politics; faulty EVMs; Xinhua Nanjing Massacre; PA police recruiting; NYT special rel; Sputnik Church/Eng; SCMP ivory ban; USATODAY Boston Tea Party; SCMP year/pictures; Vogue Versace; Newsweek abdication, Keeler. Jan18: Obama treats bonus; sing, unburied, sing; Hindu 22 bills parliament; Lavrov annual press conf; SCMP espionage/crime; Smithsonian coronation; Hindu thorn flesh; Times/India burning garbage, Rep Day Delhi Police 22 honours. Feb18: Times/Malta treats 22 bldgs; Vogue animal spots; Kolkata Police mobiles; Mumbai Police traffic; Medvedev airports; Obama dog days over, NDTV RSS; Sputnik genitals, C'wealth; Interpol bin Zayed; TASS lang courses. Mar18: Naidu treats fin inclusion; Putin animal protection; Naidu local langs; Arg Police logging; CRPF J&K; Modi Gandhi; UK FO deletes tweet; Harris child funeral; OPCW recruiting. Apr18: CBS treats Herculaneum; Fox Chappaquidick; Modi Ambedkar; Vogue swimsuits; Italy St Police adolescent violence. May18 Italy St Police treats books. What do the following have in common: HK, Ukr, Ger, apartheid, India-Pak-Bangla, Cold War, Arab-Israeli conflict, N Ire, Mid East, Islamic terrorism, two-speed EU, de- and radicalization? Divide and Conquer: Britain's conflict strategy; no country has engaged in more conflict or engendered more strife. It was created, mastered, honed in war, politics, religion and intl rels. It created two empires, one on which the sun never set. Pre-Gandhi, it was rapacious; post-Gandhi, it destabilizes. From the 1290 expulsion of the Jews to British Muslims; British hate of Muslims is old; a veneer of manners obfuscates atrocities; with black, Irish and Asian, civility morphs into savagery. Britain has created the Muslim association with violence, black with inferiority, colonial black, former colonial black, American black, Irish alcoholism, Latin sloth, South Asian compliance, Chinese corruption. Radicalization is Divide and Conquer; the UK exports global antipathy globally while seeming to tackle terrorism. How so? Is it the unwritten constitution? The stiff upper lip? And what is the stiff upper lip?

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