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Gangs 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
daveDB More than 1 year ago
This book explains how gangs are bad to the youth of america. There are people that have had first hand experiences with gangs and proffesional people that del with gangs every day. The first viewpoint says that gangsta rap may encourage gang behavior. This viewpoint gives examples of real rappers that have gotten convicted for serious crimes. People say not to listen to rap because it makes young kids want to commit crimes and follow the rappers they listen to. All the viewpoints after this one explain different kinds of gangs and what they do. Also how gangs affect young kids and people that get involved with that gang life. The mafia is a huge part of gangs, that is also explained in a couple viewpoints. Some different kinds of gangs are street gangs, white supremacy and the mafia. Some people say you should treat gangs like normal people to reform them. But other people think gang members should get worst criminal punishment. Some people think all gangs are violent and should be stopped while other people think gangs are just people getting together doing non criminal activities. Gangs are feared by many people on purpose. Gangs want to be feared. They think if they are feared that equals respect. Repsect in the gang life is power. So they do things that scare people so they will respect them. Some gangs try to intimidate people who see them commit crimes so they wont tell the police. Intimidation in also key in the gang life. A former gang member says the gang life isnt worth getting into at all. Another gang member says the gang life is worth every little bit. Different people have different viewpoints on gangs whether they are violent and dangerous to the peole of america or they think gangs arent so bad.