Garden Feng Shui

Garden Feng Shui

by Kate Heartfield


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Garden Feng Shui by Kate Heartfield

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of designing your surroundings to influence your health, success and happiness. This is just as important in the garden as it is in the home or office. If you want your garden to provide what you want - whether it is space for mediation or a place to entertain friends - Feng Shui will help achieve it.

Garden Feng Shui examines the following aspects of this fascinating subject:
-The principles of Feng Shui
- Feng Shui remedies in the garden
-The shape and layout of the garden
-Functional and decorative garden buildings
-Water features
-Seats and ornaments
-Plants to fit in with the Feng Shui of your garden

Create harmony and happiness in your garden with this simple, clear guide.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of designing your surroundings to influence your health, success and happiness. It is a way of being in control of your own life; taking action to change the things you are not satisfied with, and capitalizing on the aspects of your life which you like.

Today, many people have learnt to practice Feng Shui in their homes by rearranging their living space and furniture, redecorating, changing the use of certain rooms and so on. But Feng Shui is every bit as important in the garden as it is indoors. It is no good having a perfect house if your garden is an overgrown mess. If you want every aspect of your life to benefit from good Feng Shui, you must use Feng Shui in every part of your property.

Improve Your Life and Your Garden

Not only will good Feng Shui in the garden bring you benefits in your life in general, it will also have the more specific - but also important - advantage of improving your garden as a place to spend your time. The principles of good Feng Shui are a good set of principles for garden design, too. A good Feng Shui garden is also an attractive and pleasant garden for whatever purpose you want: for meditating, for entertaining friends, for your children to play safely, or simply for relaxing.

The principle behind Feng Shui is that positive cosmic energy, or ch'i, needs to flow smoothly and freely through its surroundings in order to create harmony. This book explains how to improve the flow of ch'i in your own garden. We will look at all the features which go to make up a garden, and consider how each can be used or adapted to maximize good Feng Shui. These features will include:

- the shape of the garden
- entrances and boundaries
- light and shade
- flower beds, lawns, paths and patios
- garden buildings
- water features
- seats and arbours
- statues and ornaments
- plants in the garden.

You will see from this list that although plants are, of course, important in the garden, there are all sorts of other features which matter too. It is perfectly possible to have a garden with virtually no plants in it - especially if you have only a small space - and this does not mean that it cannot have good Feng Shui. The flow of ch'i is certainly affected by plants, but it is just as strongly influenced by paths or buildings, open spaces or brightly coloured ornaments.

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