Garden of Light

Garden of Light

by Karen Ann McChrystal


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ISBN-13: 9780982627129
Publisher: Ravenwood Press
Publication date: 12/20/2011
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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Garden of Light 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Resplendent Beacon of Light for the Soul and Planet Words inadequately describe how wonderfully a holistic, evolutionary, and spiritually uplifting journey you will experience by reading Karen McChrystal's recent publication of Garden of Light: Aligning with Your True Nature and Receiving Inner Guidance. You will be giving your soul and the planet a joyous boost by reading this brilliant, flowing, easy to grasp, timely gem of a book. Ms. McChrystal's spiritual, scientific, socio-political book is a blessing and so gratifying at on several levels. The author generously and helpfully shares her valid and necessary views, including her own personal journey from atheistic skepticism to transcendent spirituality, reverence for the Divine and all that is, regardless of planetary illusions and falsehoods. The author emphasizes the importance of getting back to one’s true self by understanding one’s true nature and unique gifts and thereby returning to one’s own divine roots, which always await our discovery from within. When the Divine within our unique selves is remembered and the defensive, rebellious, obstinate ego is worked through, then perceptive intuitive guidance, miracles, and soulful transformation readily occur. And love and civility prevail toward all, so vital today, especially for those who consciously seek oneness with the Divine, global peace, and unity with fellow beings. Ms. McChrystal additionally kindly guides the reader toward the importance and application of meditation and a specific integrative breathing method, which result in individual healthfulness, in body, mind, and spirit, in universal compassion, and which help guide one’s contributions to holistic planetary transformation. Treat yourself as I did to abundant positivity, reassurance, and transcendence, by reading Karen McChrystal's book, Garden of Light: Aligning with Your True Nature and Receiving Inner Guidance. J.S, MA, Psychology
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Roger_Davis More than 1 year ago
“Garden of Light” is a thoroughly engaging and inspiring personal journey through the author's life and soul's evolutionary journey. The author, Ms. McChrystal, uses the metaphor of a garden for one's soul journey -- an apt metaphor. “Garden of Light” gives the reader insight, practical information and techniques for cultivating one's own garden. Presently, the younger generation is primarily focused on the rewards, the fruits and flowers of fame and fortune. What society primarily dictates as success focuses almost entirely on the end result of the garden's function, and the taking of the flowers and fruits without the work of cultivation. “Garden of Light” gives the reader a road map and how-to manual to delve into the depths of sub-soil preparation of one's life -- the subconscious and consciousness, fears and aspirations; and how to tap one's source of inspiration, problem solving and creativity. The problems and challenges of contemporary times require complex and sophisticated analysis and insight to meet these daunting challenges. I heartily agree with the author’s statement, “We are really facing a species crisis. Those who see themselves as part of a living whole, who tap their innermost resources of creativity and live cooperatively as strong individuals, will continue to evolve and survive. Those who succumb to the forces of decline and degeneration may not survive.” As Albert Einstein once said, "If you know the right question to ask you are 95% of the way to finding the right answer." This book is a guide for tapping that deep, still inner voice to give you the right answers, if you choose to listen. In this world of sometimes toxic overload of media and information, “Garden of Light’ aides one in developing one's own navigation skills in this ocean of information. If casual, quantitative relationships are the hallmarks of social media, then “Garden of Light” is the antithesis of many of the qualities within the social media movement. The book is deep, subtle, complex and fulfilling. If the current generation is primarily focused on ultra-short attention span of non consequential communications, such as what Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook provide, are we going to truly meet the challenges of survival? Roger Davis, BFA, Filmmaking Digital Cinema Business Developer
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have been asked by Karen McChrystal to write a review of her new book, “Garden of Light”, which I am delighted and honored to do as I feel it is one of the best and most accurate textbooks I have seen to date. Her book is well written and uses “the garden” to explain why we are here on this Earth, which is to become all we can be and to bring our body-mind -spirit into unity, balance and fruition. As she says, we are all gardens waiting to be made beautiful, whole, at peace, while giving us the opportunity to learn how to like and love ourselves so we can like and LOVE others (which we do not now do); if we find peace within, we may find peace without. In this respect, please pay close attention to her “Weeding the Garden” in chapter two. Ms. McChrystal lays out in simple illustrated manner “how-to’s”, things we can do to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered. Her Chapter 5, Living by Inner Guidance is a “MUST READ” (I have been teaching, preaching that for over 35 years), if you wish to make your life better, peaceful and happier. I have been doing this for almost 40 years and find that while I have been wrong almost always, my Inner guidance system has never been wrong. I finally got the message, so I would strongly recommend that you pay close attention. I also especially recommend reading the sections, “Being Healthy in a Sick Society”, “The Persistent Ego”, and “Fear is the Obstacle to Peacefulness”. As Karen McChrystal so aptly put it, and I use her own words, “May you enjoy your journey”! ~Roger S. Pile, PhD, President, Changing the Face of Life Corporation & author of “Psychological Aspects Present in Hauntings and Possessions”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must really congratulate Karen McChrystal on a job well done with her new book, GARDEN OF LIGHT. I have never read a more definitive book on the Spiritual Beings we really are. For those who are willing to not only read, but understand, the journey through the classroom of GARDEN OF LIGHT, may well find it -- THE GARDEN OF BEING, that will change your life forever in ways you never thought possible. In this garden, we are shown how to cultivate Inner Peace, Being Healthy in a Sick Society, and ways to tame the Persistent Ego. Later you will reap from this marvelous garden ways to get the best out of meditation; how to use the mind and spirit for healing and good health; how to work with your Inner Child, but most of all, how to handle and work with fear that haunts so many each day, and, especially, how to live in the Present, rather than the Past or Future. This book is overflowing with sensible guidance. So if you are willing to pay attention, willing to understand, you will definitely enjoy your journey through the Garden of Light and will surely be glad you took that journey. William H. Henry, Executive Producer, New Century Studios