Gardening Basics

Gardening Basics

by PIL Staff


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ISBN-13: 9781640302778
Publisher: Publications International Ltd.
Publication date: 02/09/2019
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Landscape Design

Section 1 Planning Your Garden

Assessing Your Landscape Needs 6

Paving, Patios, and Privacy 8

Garden Accents and Special Needs 10

Using Ornamental Grasses 12

Section 2 Analyzing Your Landscape

Sizing Up Sun and Shade 14

Environmental Influences 16

Soil, Water, and Drainage Needs 18

Planting Lawns and Ornamental Grasses 20

Growth and Overgrowth 22

Section 3 Pests and Other Problems

Lawn and Ground Cover Weeds 24

Turf and Ground Cover Pests 26

Chapter 2 Getting Started with Gardening

Section 1 Beginning with the Basics

Tools for Gardening Projects 28

Preparing the Soil 30

Selecting Quality Plants 32

Nursery vs. Mail-Order Plants 34

Section 2 Care and Feeding

Quenching a Plant's Thirst 36

Keeping Weeds at Bay 40

Feeding Alternatives 42

Keeping Ahead of Pests 44

Safety With Pesticides 46

Chapter 3 Annuals

Section 1 Planning a Seasonal Kaleidoscope of Color

Color, Form, Texture, and Scale 50

The Varied Characteristics of Annuals 51

Massing Colors 52

Section 2 Annuals in the Landscape

Laying out an Annual Garden 56

Mingling Annuals With Other Plants 58

Container Gardening 60

Section 3 Caring for Annuals

Ways to Increase and Control Growth 66

Pesky Insects and Animals 68

Diseases 72

Section 4 Directory of Popular Annuals

Directory of Popular Annuals 74

Master Gardener Q&A 90

Chapter 4 Perennials

Section 1 How to Plan for Lasting Color

Choosing the Right Colors 94

Form and Texture 96

Beauty in the Shade Garden 100

Sequence of Bloom 102

Section 2 Getting Your Garden Off to a Good Start

Transplanting From Pots 106

Setting Bare-Root Plants 108

Coping With Shade 110

Bulb Maintenance 112

Dividing Perennials 114

Section 3 Landscaping with Perennials

Putting a Garden on Paper 117

Entrance Gardens, Borders, and Island Beds 118

Planning the Bulb Garden 120

What Is a Bulb? 122

Perennials and Bulbs in Containers 124

Section 4 Directory of Popular Perennials

Directory of Popular Perennials 126

Master Gardener Q&A 140

Chapter 5 Trees, Shrubs, and Vines

Section 1 Getting Started with Woody Plants

Woody Plants in the Landscape 144

Defining Woody Plants 146

Section 2 Checking Out All Options

Designing With Trees. Shrubs, and Vines 150

Putting Woody Plants to Good Use 152

The Size and Shape of Woody Plants 154

Selecting for Hardiness 156

Section 3 Caring for Woody Plants

Planting and Transplanting 160

Fertilizing and Mulching 162

Maintaining Your Trees, Shrubs, and Vines 164

Section 4 Keeping Ahead of the Challenges

Pruning 168

Environmental Hazards 171

Insects and Animals 173

Section 5 Directory of Popular Trees

Directory of Popular Trees 179

Master Gardener Q&A 190

USDA Plant Hardiness Map 192

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