Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer

Gardening Notes from a Late Bloomer


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The daughter of garden writer Anne Scott-James, Clare Hastings was a latecomer to gardening, daunted as a child by the Latin names, and with the belief that pruning was "something best left to grown-ups." She has since discovered the joy of gardening. Clare acknowledges that gardening is in her DNA and what she has learned came from her mother. Gardening Letters to my Daughter by Anne Scott-James and Clare Hastings was published in 1990. By means of light-hearted letters, Anne imparted gardening knowledge to Clare, who occasionally responds. Now, after many years' experience of her own inherited cottage garden, Clare shares her gardening life notes with Calypso, her daughter, and a reluctant gardener who one day will inherit Clare’s beloved cottage garden. It is divided into chapters, each on a specific topic, some inspirational and others more practical (plus the occasional recipe). Clare gently and humorously imparts advice and guidance which will be useful for anyone coming to gardening for the first time—late bloomer or not. The book is illustrated with drawings by Osbert Lancaster, who was Clare's stepfather.

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ISBN-13: 9781910258989
Publisher: Pimpernel Press
Publication date: 07/01/2018
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.75(h) x (d)

About the Author

Clare Hastings is a former stylist and later costume designer. Osbert Lancaster (1908–1986) was a painter, a writer, a cartoonist, a theatre designer, an authority on architecture and design, and above all a great British humorist. 

Table of Contents

1 Gardening Beyond the Grave 6

2 Who's Who in the Garden 8

3 Do You Remember in the Garden? 11

4 Wildlife in the Garden 16

5 Eating the Garden 21

6 Veg in the Garden 28

7 Herbs in the Garden 35

8 Mindfulness in the Garden 40

9 Tooling Up the Garden 43

10 Trendy in the Garden 48

11 Flower Pots in the Garden 52

12 Chop, Chop in the Garden 56

13 Brilliant Bulbs in the Garden 62

14 Cheaply Does It in the Garden 69

15 Flower Arranging in the Garden 75

16 Tweeting in the Garden 79

17 Wallpapering in the Garden 84

18 Forever on the Weed in the Garden 88

19 A-Musings in the Garden 94

20 I Wish in the Garden 99

21 Minimum in the Garden 103

22 Border Patrol in the Garden 107

23 Baring It in the Garden 112

24 Overwintering in the Garden 114

25 Just Go for It in the Garden 119

Index 122

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