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Garmann's Street

Garmann's Street

by Stian Hole, Don Bartlett (Translator)

The follow up to the quirky Garmann’s Summer. In this fun new book we get to follow Garmann, see how he deals with bullies and all the fun and crazy personalities of his neighbors and the people that surround his home.


The follow up to the quirky Garmann’s Summer. In this fun new book we get to follow Garmann, see how he deals with bullies and all the fun and crazy personalities of his neighbors and the people that surround his home.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This sequel to Garmann's Summer traverses equally inventive, if unsettling, territory. A bully named Roy, who is “Congress, God, the basketball team's top scorer, and first in everything” pressures Garmann to light a match, which starts a fire in the yard of a scary, eccentric neighbor, known as the “Stamp Man.” The fire is put out, and an odd friendship grows between Garmann and the man, who shares with the boy his stamp collection and unconventional trains of thought. “If you stretch out your intestines, they will be over twenty-five feet long,” he says, to which Garmann replies, “There are 440 steps to school, 230 days until summer vacation... and I am always last to be picked when we make teams at recess time.” Such revealing, unexpected connections also occur in the wild juxtaposition of illustrations and photos, including oversize heads, stamp cancellations, and a rainstorm comprising people in parachutes. With its dark undercurrents and startlingly original style, this book may not have broad appeal. But for children aware that “Life is never completely safe,” as Garmann's father says, it will be reassuring to see the help a like-minded companion can offer. Ages 6-10. (Apr.)
Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
Garmann, hero of Garmann's Summer, finds the world a scary place. One day he bravely ventures into the yard of the Stamp Man, a retired mailman on his street, to collect a flower for his book. There he encounters Roy, the local bully, who dares him to light a match. When he lights and drops it, the grass catches fire. The Stamp Man sends him for help; firefighters put the fire out. One afternoon Garmann returns for a flower and finds the Stamp Man on the steps, interested in his flower book. The Stamp Man share stamps, stories, and information with Garmann, making him think about the world out there and the people he may meet there. He has found both a friend and a new idea about the world. Realistic, almost surreal pictures detail the characters; the Stamp Man and Garmann particularly evoke emotion. An air of mystery surrounds the single or double page scenes of the encounter with the sullen bully in particular. The end pages present a puzzle as well: a single bird in flight in the front and a naked tree with a gyrating flock of birds in the back. Garmann's face is almost unforgettable. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
School Library Journal
Gr 2–4—In this follow-up to Garmann's Summer (Eerdmans, 2008), a fourth-grade bully dares Garmann to light a match as he stands at the edge of an elderly neighbor's yard. He accidentally drops the match, setting the dry grass ablaze. As Roy flees, the property owner, a foreboding ex-mailman known as the Stamp Man, tells Garmann to run for help. The fire is soon put out and a friendship develops between the boy and the old man, who share a love of wildflowers and numerical trivia. By summer's end, Garmann finds that he is no longer intimidated by the bully. As with the previous book, the lengthy text is illustrated in mixed-media collage, including dried flowers, postmarks, and digitally altered photos. The tiny print and surreal-looking pictures reflect the introspective nature of the text and make this picture book an acquired taste for older readers. Fans of the first book will most likely appreciate this sequel.—Martha Simpson, Stratford Library Association, CT
Kirkus Reviews
In another unusual and sensitive intergenerational story, a follow-up to the Batchelder Honor book Garmann's Summer (2008), the anxious, introspective Norwegian boy now frets about Roy, a bully from the fourth grade. While standing near the overgrown garden of the Stamp Man, an old mailman who's scary to the neighborhood children, Garmann is goaded by Roy to light a match, which falls and sets the tall grass on fire. The boy earns a new ally instead of scorn when he helps put out the fire, and both Garmann and the Stamp Man discover that they are collectors, one of stamps and one of pressed flowers, with a penchant for numbers. Hole's expressive, detailed and surreal photo-collage illustrations are similar to those in the first outing, with patterned backgrounds and a blend of contemporary and vintage images from Legos and Batman to a nod to Magritte's Golconda with raining men. A host of characters, including Elvis, from Garmann's first outing also return. American readers who look beyond the seemingly quirky illustrations will find a visually stunning tale of friendship. (Picture book. 6-10)

Product Details

Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Company
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.40(w) x 11.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
6 - 10 Years

Meet the Author

Stian Hole is a Norwegian author and illustrator whose Garmann books have garnered considerable acclaim in North America. His Garmann's Summer won a BolognaRagazzi Award, a Batchelder Award Honor, and an Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Award, and it made the IBBY Honour List for 2010.

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