The Gates of Dawn

The Gates of Dawn

by Robert Newcomb
4.3 12

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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The Gates of Dawn by Robert Newcomb

Epic fantasy found an exhilarating new voice in Robert Newcomb, whose monumental debut novel, The Fifth Sorceress, was hailed by readers and critics alike. And now, for all those spellbound by the tale of Prince Tristan, heir to the throne of Eutracia, his twin sister Princess Shailiha, the ancient wizard Wigg, and the fate of their enchanted land, there is indeed more—much more—to be told. . . .


For three centuries, Eutracia was a kingdom at peace, ruled by a benevolent monarchy and guided by a council of wizards. But a horror from the past, long believed vanquished, returned with devastating fury. And when the battle against the bloodthirsty Sorceresses of the Coven was finally won, victory was not without its price. Now, the royal palace lies in ruins; the king and queen, the royal guard, and the Directorate of Wizards are dead; the land is lawless; and Prince Tristan— forced by the Coven to murder his father, the King—is a wanted man.

In a cavernous underground labyrinth, once headquarters of the wizards’ council, Tristan has taken refuge with his sister, Shailiha, her infant daughter, the wizard Wigg—the lone surviving member of the Directorate—and the crippled wizard Faegan, returned from self-imposed exile in the forest of Shadowood. Together they face the daunting task of restoring order to Eutracia and winning back the allegiance of her subjects. But suddenly, even these challenges pale beside a truly terrifying turn of events. The sacred jewel that is the source of all magic has inexplicably begun to lose its power. Without its age-old enchantment to sustain their spells, the immortal wizards will perish . . . and magic will vanish from Eutracia forever.

At the same time, a mysterious and ruthless mercenary has declared a bounty upon the head of Prince Tristan. And an army of wizards on a mission to rid Eutracia of monsters created by the Coven has fallen prey to an insidious breed of creatures—beings that can only have sprung from forbidden use of malevolent magic. With time and their powers dwindling, Wigg and Faegan desperately seek to discover who, or what, has succeeded the dead Sorceresses in laying siege to Eutracia. But when the shocking truth is revealed, and an evil that transcends life itself is made known, it is Tristan, more than any other, who will be stunned to his very soul. And it is Tristan who will be thrust into the ultimate battle—for his life, his land, and the course of his destiny.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780345448958
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Series: Chronicles of Blood and Stone , #2
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 657,881
Product dimensions: 4.23(w) x 6.79(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 14 Years

About the Author

Robert Newcomb is the author of The Fifth Sorceress, Volume I of The Chronicles of Blood and Stone. He traveled widely in his youth as a member of the American Institute for Foreign Study, studying at the University of Southampton, England, and aboard a university-sponsored ship in the Mediterranean Sea. After graduating from Colgate University with a BA in economics and a minor in art history, he enjoyed a successful career in business. He lives in Florida with his wife, a neuropsychologist and novelist herself.

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Gates of Dawn 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
thegash More than 1 year ago
This series is very well written. I enjoyed it very much. The series hasn't been finished yet and it has been 3 years since the last book has been published don't know if it will be completed. I am looking forward to the ending regardless of how long it takes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this book was fantastic all the way to the end, and I clung to every word however, I found the ending to be rather weak. I think the author stacked the odds too much in favor of the villan, and he could not find a way to end it. Thus, he just ends the final battle out of nowhere. Dispite that, I highly recomend this book, and if you read 'The 5th Sorceress', you definately need to read this one.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this book because I had read the previous volume. In this sequel, the situations encountered by the white hats (there are not really any gray hats) are extreme and then get worse. Evil doesn't need so much detail. The characters have little depth and the heros are not particularly likeable. I found the book distasteful and skipped to the end just to see what happened. I have no interest in going back to see what I missed in between. I think I'll pass on the next installment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book, and will read the third. However, unlike one of the other reviews, I did not find the women particularly strong and definitely did not find them treated equally. Wigg¿s daughter had almost no role. I assume she will have more in the next book. The thing that bothered me the most was the wizards treatment of Tristan and his sister. Here is the chosen one, prophesied to be the ruler of the world, and you can¿t trust him. He¿s not smart enough, and the only way he¿ll do what they want is for them to trick him into it. Shalila fares better with the wizards but they are pretty secretive to her as well. I got tired of finding out something the wizards didn¿t tell anyone every 25 pages. Why would Tristan not have led the Minions into the canyon if he had known the strategy? The wizards have to trick him through his sister? This doesn¿t add anything thing to the story except to irritate me. With all that said, I persevered through the first 100 pages or so and did finally get caught up in the story. Fighting the counsels gone bad next time should be good, but I hope Tristan, as the ruler of the world, gets a say in how it¿s done.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have long been a lover of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. However, where Jordan seems to be boringly stretching out his story for the money, Newcomb is packing his novels full of non-stop action. Newcomb has filled The Gates of Dawn with more action and story twists than I have seen in the last 3 Jordan novels. I highly recommend both of Newcomb's novels to those that love fantasy novels, but hate trying to find something new and refreshing in the endless stuff that has been copied over and over.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The sequel to the Fifth Sorceress, The Gates of Dawn, did everything for a lover of Epic Fantasy but leave me disappointed. This was everything I expected and many things which I didn' the introduction of some exciting women heroines. The author continues to paint an action packed story that leaves me gasping for breath. I couldn't put it down and I can't wait for the next installment. If you liked the Lord of the Rings, you'll love this. You won't be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Robert Newcomb is truly one of the brightest new stars in the fantasy world. He made his presence known with his first novel 'The Fifth Sorceress', and now he continues the high standards set by that book with his sophomore effort 'The Gates of Dawn'. With this new novel Newcomb demonstrates that his craft as a writer has improved by leaps and bounds, he writes more tightly and concisely, and though it is hard to imagine, his vision is clearer and more focused than it was with 'The Fifth Sorceress'. It is obvious that he has a plan, a goal, and a destination in mind with this story. Though the first book was chock full of detail and description of the realms, magics, and peoples of the world that Newcomb has created, with 'The Gates of Dawn' he delves more deeply into the workings of the craft of 'blood' sorcery that he has established, revealing many surprising intricacies as well as expanding the boundaries of the lands that the characters call home, which serves to broaden the scope and epic feel of the series. In this new book, Mr. Newcomb takes us further into the minds and hearts of his characters, causing the reader to sympathize more closely with characters that had already earned their place in the reader's heart from the first novel. The ridiculous fears and qualms that Mr. Newcomb's characters, and world, if not Mr. Newcomb himself were sexist that some readers had expressed after reading 'The Fifth Sorceress' can be safely laid to rest after one reads 'The Gates of Dawn'. There are few if any EVIL women in this book, and many GOOD women are introduced, and deeply developed. Just for the information of those doubters out there, this book had almost been completed by the time that 'The Fifth Sorceress' had been released, so Mr. Newcomb had always intended to have major female characters of a heroic nature play a significant role in the story. As most readers of Epic Fantasy know, by its very nature Fantasy is not for the faint of heart. Newcomb doesn't pull any punches, and renders violence in a very realistic manner. Fans of Jordan, and especially Martin, and Goodkind will feel right at home with Robert Newcomb's 'The Fifth Sorceress' and 'The Gates of Dawn', which serve as the first two books in his 'Chronicles of Blood and Stone' series. As with 'The Fifth Sorceress' as soon as I had finished 'The Gates of Dawn', I was anxious for the next book, and I will be counting the months, weeks, and days until the third volume is released.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Moments ago I finished 'The Gates of Dawn' the terrific sequel to ¿The Fifth Sorceress¿. I have anxiously awaited the arrival of this book since I read the final word of 'The Fifth Sorceress' when it was first released and NOW my wait begins anew for the third volume. There are so many aspects of the story and its characters that I tremendously enjoy that I wish I had the next volume in my hands so I could begin reading it immediately. As was true with the first volume I wish I could give this review more than 5 stars! Having been a voracious reader for many years I can honestly say that the vivid, original, and unique imagination of this author and the amazing world he has created have had an invigorating effect on my reading habits which I am very happy about and grateful for. There are many extremely fascinating and unique attributes of this amazing world, its inhabitants, and the use/deployment of the magical ¿Craft¿. This is very original and captivating fantasy at its best. I urge you to purchase this book and ready yourself for a great ride. Maybe Wigg and Faegan (with Tristan¿s insistence?) can accelerate the release of Volume III for us to enjoy!!!!!!
harstan More than 1 year ago
The beloved monarchy counseled by a wise Directorate of Wizards kept the peace and enabled the Kingdom to flourish. However, the Pax Eutracia ends when the Sorceresses of the Coven return seeking victory at any cost. The Coven loses, but devastates the land. The king dies at the hands of his son, and his wife and most of the wizards are also dead. Eutracia reels from the destruction and lack of leadership to lead the recovery.

The Sorceresses compelled Prince Tristan to kill his sire. He feels guilt even as he hides with his sister, her infant, and the sole surviving wizard council member Wigg. Joining the trio is wizard Faegan, who just came home. They need to help the country recover, but new terrors have surfaced. The source of all the magic jewels has mysteriously been diminished leaving the wizards in mortal risk of death and creatures created from taboo magic are causing havoc.

Volume II of the Chronicles of Blood and Stone, THE GATES OF DAWN, is an exhilarating action-packed epic fantasy that takes readers into a different realm where magic works. Fans will value this novel because the prime charcaters seem very genuine. Tristan knows he must redeem himself, but knows not how. His sister has a baby to keep safe yet needs to help her brother on his quest. The wizards must use their magic to stop a vile opponent, but time and ebbing power loss leaves them in jeopardy, a new feeling for the immortal magicians. This powerful ensemble along with a bunch of nasties will leave the audience desiring a fast turn around for Volume III.

Harriet Klausner