Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends

Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends

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Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends by Jezebel Lixxx, Nikolas Sparx, Foofla La Pluge, Arabella Snark

Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends!

Humorous Erotica Bestseller!
Sci-Fi Erotica Bestseller!
"...this anthology was so funny I may have temporarily lost bladder control. The perfect April Fool's Day read."

- Rhyll Biest, Heroes & Heartbreakers "Best Reads of March 2015"

"When award-winning and NY Times bestselling romance authors get together to try their hand at dinosaur erotica, things get a bit crazy. Crazy HOT!"
- NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Shoshanna Evers (Bunking with the Cowboys Series)

"Is this an April Fool's Day joke?"
- NY Times & USA Today bestselling author Andrew Shaffer (How to Survive a Sharknado)

"Who says satire can't be sexy, #amirite?" - people on Twitter
"#Dinoporn is totally a thing. #help" - other people on Twitter

Includes the following short stories for readers with a sense of (ahem) adventure. *Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures*, that is!

T-Rex Wants Bigfoot's Gay Billionaire Boyfriend
by (a NY Times & USA Today bestselling romance author hiding behind the pen name)
Jezebel Lixxx

In the Raptor's Dungeon
by (a NY Times & USA Today bestselling humor author pretending to be)
Nikolas Sparx

Raptor Gang Bang
by (a critically acclaimed multipublished romance author, writing as)
Foofla La Pluge

The Billionaire Playboy Superhero Raptor’s Unexpected Lover
by (an award-winning romance author whose books you see on store shelves, writing as)
Arabella Snark

Oviraptor, My Love
by (a five-star mainstream romance author, writing as)
Crystal Lattis

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BN ID: 2940151318303
Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,019,128
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Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gay Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures with Bigfoot and Friends! By Jezebel Lixxx, Nikolas Sparx, Foofla La Pluge, Arabella Snark, & Crystal Lattis: Pen names for well known NY Times best selling authors. What a hoot! The stories are ridiculously funny. I couldn't put it down and read all the stories in one sitting. The erotic encounters between humans (or beings that are similar to humans) and the dinos stretch credulity past the monstrously stuffed endings. (Pun intended!) But this is fantasy, so anything goes. The first story is: "T-Rex Wants Bigfoot’s Gay Billionaire Boyfriend" by Jezebel Lixxx. The story is about Darren Bilderberg, the billionaire founder of TwitBookSpaceMyFace! "In a stunning betrayal, Bigfoot offers him up to Rex Slaughter, the billionaire T.Rex playboy, as payment for debts. Now Darren is alone with a sexy Tyrannosaurus, and yes, of course he posts live TwitBookSpaceMyFace updates of his adventure." This is my first foray in this genre, and only because my favorite author Shoshanna Evers (as Jezebel Lixxx) wrote the first story! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed reading these stories primarily because they were wonderfully funny satires. I am not sure about reading "serious" novellas or novels. These stories are just the right length. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed these stories. Three of the stories are male human/dino erotica. Two are male/female dino erotica. The last story is vivid sexual erotica between a gorgeous human woman with DDDD sized breasts (if you like melons--the oviraptors love eggs and he sees these as perfect huge eggs). Be warned the interspecies sex in all the books is steamy, with very specifically descriptive copulation and oral sex. I received an ARC copy of the book in exchange for a honest review. 
JadeOnyx More than 1 year ago
Hilarious and entertaining! Release date is April 1st and yes, this book exists. It's not some kind of April Fool's Day joke. I'm not sure about the other kinds of dino erotica out there, since I haven't taken an interest in the genre but I'm definitely glad this dino erotica anthology exists.  To tell you the truth, I didn't know what to expect from this genre nor from this anthology. Because my favorite author, Shoshanna Evers, had a hand in getting this anthology into being (the illustrations from the first story are hers), I thought I'd give it a try. So when given a chance to review an advance review copy in exchange for an honest review, of course I went for it. This book is written by NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors writing under pen names. You may be able to figure out who's who, especially if you look at the copyright page. However, you'd still be guessing about one of them.  Now to the collection of stories... T-Rex Wants Bigfoot's Gay Billionaire Boyfriend by Jezebel Lixxx A dinophobic rich CEO gets pimped out by his Bigfoot boyfriend to none other than T-Rex. I kept thinking the worse would happen, especially since said CEO was under the assumption he was going to some other planet in the universe to get his rocks on. So when he's unceremoniously dumped in front of T-Rex, the rest of the story unfolds from there. Hilarious and witty, funny illustrations of social media updates as accompaniment. A nice big bang to start with for the rest of the stories in the anthology. Captive In the Raptor's Dungeon by Nikolas Sparx 19-year-old barista Allison attends to a suave well-dressed velociraptor. One thing leads to another and he pretty much expects her to end up on a date with him. Her coworker encourages her to go and even lends her something only one girl would lend another. Funny story about the velociraptor and his virgin human. Raptor Gang Bang by Foofla La Pluge The title of this short story speaks for itself and even came with a warning label. Before you make up your own ideas based upon the title, know this: The Boss makes the calls. So every raptor and human defers to him and their actions are accountable to him. No dialogue, pure action.  The Billionaire Playboy Superhero Raptor’s Unexpected Lover by Arabella Snark Journalist Billy Jenkins is on the tail of Vandermeer Industries' head honcho, Chad Vandermeer the third. He suspects that the raptor before him is Chad himself. Instead of outing him, he wants to ask the raptor a few questions. Through a process of negotiations, Billy is allowed one question only -- only after the raptor feeds his own hunger first. Oviraptor, My Love by Crystal Lattis Executive assistant Chrissy Watkins gets the surprise of her life when her billionaire raptor boss, Egmont Snatcher, switches things up and demands that she go to a business meeting with him. She's had a crush on him forever and this trip just might blur those lines. Great collection of short stories. If you've never been exposed to dino erotica, I'd suggest you check this one out before it disappears from booksellers forever. In other words, this is definitely a recommended read.