by Rikki Ducornet
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hello I am the female leader of the Lone Pride! I am proud to say that we hope we grow large and are the feircest lion pride in all of Africa. My name is Lusa and the sandy clearing is the next res bios in third, The Great Leadge is fourth, the Saber Cave is the fifth and lastly the Snake Cove is sixth and is where we teach lions and lionesses how to stalk. All the above is hunting territory. I hope you have a pounce of a good time! <br> Alphas~Leaders and we only have a male and female one. <br> Chasers~Like deputies and we only have a male OR female one never two. <br> Seekers~Older lions or lionesses without cubs. Only ever 4 at a time and Chasers are chosen from this rank. Can train Sharpclaws <br> Predatories~Younger and medium lions or lionesses without cubs only Mediums can train Sharpclaws not the younger lions or lionesses. <br> Lights~Mothers of the pride and are treated with high respects. <br> Dapples~The elder's of the pride and tell the best stories of when all the lions and lionesses were way more happy and bountiful.