Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS

Gematria And Mysticism IN GENESIS

by Dr Akiva Gamliel Belk


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Dear Ones,

There are many revelations that flow out of the Hebrew Text and onto the pages of Dr. Akiva Gamliel's book, Gematria And Mysticism In GENESIS. The reader will be introduced to truths not discussed among the religions of the world. I invite you to watch this short video of Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk discussing Gematria.

The cost of this book is a small investment for what the reader will learn. The Gematria in my husband's book is deep and intense, inspiring and extremely interesting. Dr. Akiva Gamliel has provided a Gematria Chart in the beginning of the book plus a glossary in the back to assist those who are not acquainted with Gematria / Biblical numbers.

Gematria And Mysticism In GENESIS is more than just a book. It's an exploration of Biblical truths. The reader will not want to put Dr. Akiva Gamliel book down. In addition Dr. Akiva Gamliel shares additional information on B'nai Noach Torah Institute's learning Blog specifically about this book. Readers are invited to join in with comments and questions.

Hebrew in the Bible unveils answers to many mysteries. The entire Bible is founded upon Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The truths that flow out of these five books of the Bible and into other Books of the Bible is amazing. The conundrum is different than within the rest of the Bible. Why? There is a system of Hebrew Letters which each have a numerical value that have the power to reveal many new things to us. The numerical values can reveal many interesting and mystifying relationships within the Hebrew Letters, Words, Phrases etc. of the First Five Books.

Over decades of study and research Dr. Akiva Gamliel has recorded many signs written in this book. He has gathered, compiled and organized years of discovery into this mystical book for us to learn, enjoy and share. Many years can pass between one discovery to another which forms a bridge between two discoveries. Revelations are the product of many bridges. Enclosed in this book are some of these special relationships.

There is a special sweetness in sharing a Torah Gematria / Sign during a wonderful warm Friday evening Shabbat meal or on another occasion.

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May our Creator Bless each of us...

Blessings, Love, Health, Prosperity, Kindness and Peace,

Revi Belk

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Hornosteipler Rebbe, Mordicai Tewerski

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