Gemstone Healing: How to choose and use the right crystal and healing technique

Gemstone Healing: How to choose and use the right crystal and healing technique

by Michael Gienger


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ISBN-13: 9781844096466
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 09/09/2014
Pages: 104
Sales rank: 579,542
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About the Author

Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was one of Europe’s most respected experts on crystals and their uses, a field in which he had been active since 1988. He started collecting minerals in 1972, and in 1985 a successful self-treatment with healing crystals inspired him to pursue further training as an alternative healing practitioner. He was trained in shiatsu and completed a two-year apprentice in shamanic healing. He went on to author more than 20 publications, a number of which have become standard works in their field and have been translated into 11 languages.

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Wearing Healing Jewellery

Trusting Your Own Feelings
Gemstones can sometimes seem to have a mind of their own – there are some items of jewellery that at times are just impossible to wear. Even though a particular stone may suit an outfit perfectly, you may still feel that it just isn’t right and you can’t possibly wear that combination of stone and outfit on that day. On other days it is the exact opposite: a particular stone draws you in magically and you absolutely have to put it on, irrespective of how it looks. Who hasn’t experienced this? It is a sign that you are feeling the power and influence of gemstones, which is how the healing powers of crystals were discovered as far back as the Stone Age. Archaeological finds and observations of the lives of primitive peoples have revealed that healing with crystals is as old as mankind itself. Those living in close contact with nature need acute senses and keen awareness to survive; they are also more sensitive to and aware of their own bodies: they sense, for example, that amber creates a feeling of ease if they have a stomach ache, that serpentine brings inner peace when they feel scared or threatened and that obsidian can reduce pain. Crystals have thus been worn as protective amulets or applied to the body to bring healing for millennia.

Crystal Colour, Emotional Balance Counts

When choosing jewellery, we often unconsciously select the exact gemstones that provide us with emotional balance: if tense or very emotional, we choose green stones, but if we lack drive and vigour, we choose red stones instead. If we feel we need to cool down (in the literal as well as the emotional sense) we are drawn to blue stones, but if we need warmth, only orange ones will do. If we want to brighten our mood, stones with yellow – the brightest colour – are the most effective, whereas if we are in a reflective mood, thinking deeply or in need of some ‘soul searching’, violet – the darkest crystal – is the one we choose.The colours of crystals are associated with certain properties; this simple correlation between colour and characteristic has a deep-rooted and universal effect. This even applies to the ‘colours’ black and white: white, which reflects all light, helps us to think without prejudice, i.e. to see things as they really are. On the other hand, black, which absorbs all light, offers good protections as it soaks up and has a neutralising effect. Whether a particular stone is ‘wearable’ or not, whether it feels right or, instead, provokes a ‘never in a million years’ response, is often connected with the characteristics of the colour and has nothing to do with whether the shade suits us to matches our clothes. Its effect on our emotional balance is the key.

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