by Cj Canna


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ISBN-13: 9781465350619
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 08/31/2011
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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Genascent: The Human Genome Project in Plain Words 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter One: A Freind In Need<br> <p>Shinx woke up in the pale sunshine with his mother, Luxray. They both have been hunted by Team Rocket for a while, so they are both tired. Sometimes, they have to hide in city dumpsters and buildings too. Right now, they are hiding in a old den on the side of a hill, which has a old tree on the top.<br> <p>Shinx yawned and stand up slowly, making sure not to wake up his mother. He looked outside and when it was clear outside, Shinx ran out, feeling the morning breeze against him.<br> <p>The morning sunlight shined against his fur brightly. With one look back to his den, he could tell that Luxray was still sleeping. He ran around the hill happily after that and ran up to the old tree. Luxray told him that insde the hole on the side of the tree is where he was born. Shinx suddenly caught a Caterpie on the corner of Shinx's eye when it was sleeping next to a rose.<br> <p>Shinx instantly dropped into a hunting position, keeping his tail still and his eyes locked onto the Caterpie. He slid forward silently, making sure the Caterpie doesn't see him coming. Shinx wiggled his haunches, ready to pounce.<br> <p>But then he froze.<br> <p>He could hear voices - human voices - followed by pokemon voices. Shinx could hear footsteps along with tiny steps. Shinx raised his head immediently and looking around, frightened. 'Team Rocket!' He thought. He left the Caterpie and immediently ran towards the hole on the side of the hill. With one great leap, he slid in and crouched in the darkness along with his sleeping mother.<br> <p>A outline of a Pikachu was racing far out of the hole but he saw it too. The Pikachu twitched his ears and ran toward the hole. Shinx gasped and trembled, keeping his eyes shut and not looking at the Pikachu.<br> <p>The Pikachu poked his head inside and sniffed the air. He could obviously tell there is pokemon here. He took a step forward.<br> <p>"H-hello?" The Pikachu's voice echoed through the hole. "Anyone in here? I can smell your fear! I'm not a bad pokemon!"<br> <p>'That's what every pokemon in Team Rocket says.' Shinx thought.<br> <p>Pikachu took another step forward. Then another, then another...<br> <p>"Hi!" Pikachu yelled in Shinx's ear. He jumped up with a startled yelp and crouched in the corner. "P-please don't hurt me!" Shinx begged.<br> <p>"I'm not." Pikachu replied. "A-are you alright?" Shinx shook his head. "N-no. I'm not okay. You startled me half to death!" Shinx snarled. "At least it's half." Pikachu giggled. Shinx chuckled but still stayed where he was.<br> <p>"I'm Pikachu." The Pikachu replied. "What's yours?" Shinx shook his head then stood up on four trembling legs. "S-Shinx." He stammered.<br> <p>"And..." Pikachu pointed with his ear towards Shinx's sleeping mother. "Luxray, my mother." Shinx meowed. "That's cool." Pikachu said happily. " it okay if I ask you a question?" Shinx asked.<br> <p>"Sure. What's up?" Pikachu sit down. "Do you know the words 'Team Rocket'?" Shinx asked. Pikachu nodded. "They are all-around, Shinx. Everybody and every single pokemon knows that evil group. What about it?" Pikachu answered. "Well, Luxray and I are victims of them." Shinx said.<br> <p>"Doesn't surprise me. Every pokemon is a victim, including me. Tell you what, meet me on at the top of the hill tomorrow night. I'll tell you something." Shinx nodded. "Okay." With one turned, the Pikachu dashed out of the hole.<br> <p>Hope You Like It!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Eevee woke up one day in the dark cave. It was pitch-black as usual, but her patch of sunlight was still waiting for her outside its depths. Her grumpy, boring sister Vulpix was stretched out on the ground beside her stone ledge. She stretched out, unwrapped her tail, and leaned back off the ledge. What she saw was a boulder. She scuffled at the boulder happily. "Shut up!" Vulpix yelled. Eevee curled back up and wrapped her tail around herself for warmth. She was an early waker, for the most part. <p> A couple hours later, both Eevee and Vulpix were awake. Eevee jumped off of the hard ledge, and, for the first time, she padded out of the cave. The patch of sunlight was still there. She rolled in it, thinking it was mystical eveloution dust on the ground. Vulpix sat in the shadows, then pawed out a bit. "I am going to tell Mightyena that you have been out of the cave below 5 months old." She padded back to the place she had started, and began turning around. Eevee made a jump for it, and leaped onto the ledge. "Hey! That's cheating!" "I don't care." Vulpix closed her eyes and walked forwards. "You will promises never to go outside the cave ever again." Suddenly, she was in the sunlight patch. "Aaaah! I'm in the sun!" Vulpix ran back to the cave. Eevee was laughing her head off.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Diamond looked at his friend,annoyed.pearl had tried to run all the way to sandgem town.He might have been killed if it weren't for professer Rowen.So the professer was angery but decided to let the two of them,and a girl named platnum,have a pokemon.Rowen decided to let platnum pick first(ever heard the saying ladies first?)then diamond then pearl.Platnum chose piplup(a water type).Diamond couldn't decide weither to pick chimchar(a fire type),or turtwig(a grass type).Diamong decided turtwig was the best pick for him.So turtwig he chose.Professer Rowen looked approvingly at him,"So you picked turtwig,a good pick.It's easy to train,friendly and strong."That left pearl with chimchar."YES!!"He screamed"I wanted Chimchar all along." "Young man quiet down,"Rowen scolded,"now here are five pokeballs go!your grand tale of adventure is about to begin!" Pearl and Platnum left for route one.So Diamond hurried after them.a shinx lept out at him."Go turtwig" "TURT!"turtwig shouted."Turtwig use tackle!"diamond commanded,"and pokeball go!" Diamond held his breath.would he catch it?The pokeball shook once.then twice.then a third time.then little stars flew out!"great catch!"a deep voice was professer Rowen,"sorry but I forgot to give you your pokedex.It automaticly records data on pokemon you catch.good luck." Pearl walked out of the bushes."hey Diamond.I caught a pokemon!lets battle!" "Alright,"smiled diamond. "Go starly!"pearl shouted "Go shinx!"diamond yelled. Both trainers hearts raced as their pokemon charged into battle.........~chapter one coming probably tomarrow.hope you enjoyed it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Gotcha!" A little kid ran out of the forest holding a pokeball. "I finally did it!! After years of training and searching ive finally caught...a Rattata!!" (For all you non pokefreaks out there Rattatas are super common and can be found anywhere.) He giggled and said. "I think i'll name you Kate cause youre a girl and evolve into Raticate!" Kate clicked her teeth and tried to chew the inside of the pokeball. "Hey stop it!" Said the kid. Then he looks up and sees you. "Hey,i havent seen you before. Are you new to town?" You nod and tell him your name is Blue. "Hi!! My names Red. Im trying to be the greatest pokemon trainer in the world! So far ive got Kate the Rattata Pidge the Pidgeyand Free the Caterpie. What do you have? We can battle!!" You tell him you dont have any pokemon yet because you dont have enough money for pokeballs. "Hmm. I know!!" He gives you Pidge and 200poke$. "There,now you have enough money for a pokeball. Use Pidge and capture yourself a wild pokemon." You thank Red and come back a few minutes later with a Weedle. "Cool! Now we each have 2 Pokemon. How bout this? We won't battle today but we'll train our pokemon and we'll get 'em really strong and then we can find each other and battle! Hows that sound?" You nod and you each part ways. Red returned to his house and you train Pidge and Bee(your Weedle)in the forest. <p>The next day you see a poster in town. It had a picture of an orange pokemon that looked kind-of like a wingless baby dragon,a green dog-frog thing with a bulb on its back,and a blue and purple turtle that stood on its hindlegs. The poster said. "Get these pokemon today from the Pokemon Professor,Prof. Oak!! You can choose the firey Charmander,the bubbly Squirtle,or the grassy Bulbasaur and go on a Pokrmon adventure!" You decide to get Charmander and run to Prof. Oaks house. You see Red walking out...with Charmander by his side. You freeze,horrified. "Err Red. There dont happen to be 2 Charmanders,does there?" Red looked up. "Oh hi Blue! And no theres only 1 of each. My friend Green got Squirtle so i guess you get Bulbasaur! See ya round!" Red ran off. You hear him say to Charmander. "C'mon Char!! Lets go battle some pokemon!" You stand there stunned. Bulbasaur! He was the wierdest looking of the whole 3. 'With my luck,he'll be the weakest 1 too.' You groan and walk up the hill to Prof. Oak's house...