Gender and Sex in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Gender and Sex in Counseling and Psychotherapy

by Lucia Albino Gilbert, Murray Scher



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Gender and Sex in Counseling and Psychotherapy by Lucia Albino Gilbert, Murray Scher

Gender is still largely ignored as an "active" variable in counseling and is typically viewed as pertaining to women's issues or problems. The field has leap-frogged over gender, perhaps because it is too complex, perhaps because we resist change, or perhaps because our gender socialization is sufficiently effective as is. This book makes clear as to why gender must be considered in understanding the client's concerns, the process of therapy, and the counselor's role in the therapeutic interaction. Effective therapy requires an understanding of gender theory and gender processes. The approach taken in this book explains complex concepts in understandable terms, provides summaries of pertinent research findings, and applies theory and research about gender to client case examples.

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ISBN-13: 9781606088906
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 09/28/2009
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Lucia Albino Gilbert, PhD, is Provost and Professor of Psychology and Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University. Her books include Two Careers, One Family: The Promise of Gender Equality.

Murray Scher, PhD, is a psychotherapist in private practice. He has been involved in the study of gender and its effect on counseling and psychotherapy for the last thirty years. He is co-editor of Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Men.

Table of Contents

Each chapter contains case examples and ends with "Concluding Remarks," "Discussion Questions," and "Suggested Readings."


1. Gender and Its Many Faces.
What Is Gender?
Traditional "Opposite Sex" versus Current Thinking about Gender and Identity.
The Many Faces of Gender.
Gender, Race, and Ethnicity.

2. Sex Differences, Sex Roles, and Gender Socialization.
Gender and Socialization.
Gender-Related Differences: An Overview of Research.


3. Identifying Gender-Bias in Practice.
Historical Context.
Understanding Gender Bias in Counseling and Psychotherapy.

4. Gender-Informed Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy.
Feminism and Feminist Practices in Counseling and Therapy.
Differences among the Various Feminist Therapies.
Gender-Aware Therapy.

5. Gender, Language, and Dominant Discourse.
Gender and Language.
Nonverbal Communication.
Dominant Discourse.

6. Sexuality and Gender.
What Is Sexuality?
Gender Socialization and Sexual Expression.
The Dark Side of Gender and Sexuality.
The Meaning of Sexuality.
Effective Counseling.

7. Gender Issues Brought by Clients.
Gender Issues and Clients' Presenting Concerns.
Gender Issues Associated with Women's Sexual Attractiveness and Beauty.
Male Gender Role Strain and Its Attendant Gender Issues.
Gender Issues Associated with Integrating Work and Family Life in Dual-Earner Families.


8. Gender and What Clients Contribute.
The Case of Shawna.
What Makes Up a Person Who Comes for Counseling with Special Reference to Gender.
Identifying GenderDynamics in Therapeutic Work -- Two Case Examples.

9. Gender and the Dynamics of Counseling.
Revisiting and Integrating Earlier Key Points about Gender.
Gender and the Process of Counseling.
Identifying Gender Dynamics in Therapeutic Work--Case Examples.

10. Strategies for Disrupting Gender Processes.
A Model for Understanding the Interactive Aspects of Gender.
Themes of Gender as Interpersonal Process in the Counseling Setting.
Appendix A: An Illustrative Gender Analysis of a Client Case.

11. Ethical Practice.
What Is Ethical Behavior?
What Is Effective Counseling?
Ethical Difficulties Counselors Confront.
Challenges to Ethical Behavior.
Working Effectively.
Case Examples to Consider.

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