Gene Bullard, C'est Moi!: A Play Inspired by the Life of Eugene Jacques Bullard

Gene Bullard, C'est Moi!: A Play Inspired by the Life of Eugene Jacques Bullard

by Norman Weinstein

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The protagonist of Gene Bullard, C'est Moi! becomes the world’s first black aviator and a member of the Lafayette Flying Corps in WW I. Born into dire poverty in Georgia, in conflict with a stern father, he runs away at 12. The quintessential strength of Gene Bullard consists of courage, self-respect, a sense of humor, a deep regard for people of all stripes, and simple intelligence. He refuses to allow himself to drown in hatred: "Fill you up with hate and they’ve won, they've poisoned you, and they almost did it to me." He joins a gypsy band in Georgia, makes it to France, joins the Foreign Legion, is wounded at Verdun, receives the first of 15 medals from the French, learns to fly, and between the wars becomes owner of a small but successful Montmartre cabaret known by everyone. He marries into a middle-class Parisian family, spies for the French before WW II, and ultimately escapes to America after being wounded. The rapidly paced and numerous brief scenes with their many characters construct a remarkable person who, offered opportunities in France denied him in his native land, realizes himself as a complete human undefeated by racism and other challenges.

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Publication date: 11/07/2012
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