Genealogical Records Of The Families Of Antrim, New Hampshire

Genealogical Records Of The Families Of Antrim, New Hampshire

by W. R. Cochrane


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Excerpted from: "History of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire, From its Earliest Settlement, to June 27, 1877, With a Brief Genealogical Record of All the Antrim Families;" pages 329-785. Manchester, New Hampshire: 1880. The author has attempted to provide information of every family born or associated with Antrim from 1777 to the time of the book's publication in 1880. Arranged alphabetically by surname, the individual narratives vary in length, but many consist of sketches in excess of two pages. These sketches consist of biographical and genealogical information on the families, such as births, marriages, deaths, occupations, education, and, of course, names. There are approximately 1,000 individual sketches contained in this volume. Following is a partial list of the surnames, arranged alphabetically, of the genealogies contained in this work: Abbott, Adams, Aiken, Alexander, Allds, Atwood, Austin, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Barker, Bass, Bell, Blanchard, Bond, Boutwell, Boyd, Brackett, Breed, Brown, Bryant, Burnham, Burns, Butler, Butterfield, Campbell, Carr, Chandler, Cheney, Christie, Clark, Cochran, Cochrane, Cooledge, Cram, Crane, Cummings, Curtis, Davis, Dickie, Dinsmore, Dodge, Downing, Duncan, Dunlap, Eaton, Fairbanks, Fairfield, Fletcher, Flint, Fox, Gates, Goodell, Gordon, Gregg, Hall, Hardy, Hills, Holmes, Holt, Hopkins, Hutchinson, Hyde, Jameson, Johnson, Kendall, Keyes, Kimball, Little, Matthews, McAllister, McClary, McCauley, McClure, McCoy, McIlvaine, McKeen, McMaster, McNiel, Moore, Nesmith, Nichols, Paige, Parker, Parmenter, Poor, Raleigh, Raymond, Reed, Richardson, Robb, Robbins, Robinson, Sawyer, Simonds, Smith, Starrett, Steele, Stickney, Stuart, Swain, Swett, Taylor, Templeton, Tenney, Thompson, Todd, True, Tuttle, Twiss, Vose, Walker, Wallace, Webster, Weston, White, Whiton, Whittemore, Wilkins, Wilson, Worthley, and Woodbury. Paperback, (1880), repr. 2011, Alphabetical Listing, 492 pp.

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