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General Thoracic Surgery (2-Volume Set) / Edition 7

General Thoracic Surgery (2-Volume Set) / Edition 7


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780781779821
Publisher: LWW
Publication date: 08/01/2009
Edition description: Seventh
Pages: 2672
Product dimensions: 9.50(w) x 11.70(h) x 4.30(d)

Table of Contents

Contributing Authors

Preface to the Seventh Edition

Preface to the First Edition

PART A: The Lung, Pleura, Diaphragm, and Chest Wall

Section I Anatomy of the Chest Wall and Lungs

  • 1 Anatomy of the Thorax.
  • 2 Embryology of the Lungs
  • 3 Ultrastructure and Morphometry of the Human Lung
  • Section II Physiology of the Lungs

  • 7 Pulmonary Gas Exchange
  • 8 Mechanics of Breathing
  • Section III Thoracic Imaging

  • 9 Radiographic Evaluation of the Lungs and Chest
  • 10 Computed Tomography of the Lungs,
    Pleura, and Chest Wall
  • 11 Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the
  • Section IV Diagnostic Procedures

  • 15 Laboratory Investigations in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Diseases
  • 16 Diagnostic Studies in Lung Cancer
  • 17 Bronchoscopic Evaluation of the Lungs and Tracheobronchial Tree
  • Section V Assessment of the Thoracic Surgical Patient

  • 20 Pulmonary Physiologic Assessment of Operative Risk
  • 21 Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation of the Thoracic Surgical Patient
  • Section VI Anesthetic Management of the General Thoracic Surgical Patient

  • 22 Conduct of Anesthesia
  • 23 The Shared Airway: Management of the Patient With Airway Pathology
  • 24 Anesthesia for Pediatric General Thoracic Surgery
  • Section VII Pulmonary Resections

  • 25 Thoracic Incisions
  • 26 General Features of Pulmonary
  • 27 Thoracic Surgery in the Elderly
  • Section VIII Postoperative Management of the General
    Thoracic Surgical Patient

  • 41 General Principles of Postoperative Care
  • 42 Mechanical Ventilation of the Surgical Patient
  • Section IX The Chest Wall

  • 43 Chest Wall Deformities
  • 44 Lung Hernias of the Chest Wall
  • 45 Infections of the Chest Wall
  • Section X The Diaphragm

  • 51 Embryology and Anatomy of the
  • 52 Pacing of the Diaphragm
  • Section XI The Pleura

  • 56 Anatomy of the Pleura
  • Section XII Thoracic Trauma

  • 73 Blunt and Penetrating Injuries of the Chest Wall, Pleura, and Lungs
  • Section XIII The Trachea

  • 78 Tracheostomy
  • Section XIV Congenital, Structural, and Inflammatory
    Diseases of the Lung

  • 83 Congenital Lesions of the Lung
  • Section XV Statistical Analysis and Trial Design

  • 99 Evidence-Based Thoracic Surgery
  • Section XVI Carcinoma of the Lung

  • 101 Lung Cancer: Epidemiology and
  • Section XVII Other Tumors of the Lung

  • 122 Carcinoid Tumors
  • PART B: The Esophagus

    Section XVIII Anatomy

  • 128 Embryology of the Esophagus
  • Section XIX Physiology

  • 131 Physiology and Physiologic Studies of the Esophagus
  • Section XX Diagnostic Studies

  • 133 Radiologic Evaluation of the Esophagus
  • Section XXI Operative Procedures in the Management of Esophageal Disease

    Section XXII Trauma to the Esophagus

    Section XXIII Benign Esophageal Disease

    Section XXIV Malignant Lesions of the Esophagus

    PART C: The Mediastinum

    Section XXV Anatomy

    Section XXVI Noninvasive Investigations

    Section XXVII Invasive Diagnostic Investigations and Surgical Approaches

    Section XXVIII Mediastinal Infections, Overview of Mass
    Lesions in the Mediastinum, and Control of Vascular Obstructing Symptomatology

    Section XXIX Primary Mediastinal Tumors and Syndromes
    Associated with Mediastinal Lesions

    Section XXX Mediastinal Cysts

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