Genetics 101

Genetics 101

by Kalpit Jain

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Genetics 101 by Kalpit Jain

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WAGmob brings you, Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go learning book for "Genetics". The bite sized book helps you to understand the basics of "Genetics".

Only 101 introduction to "Genetics" is provided via this book. The book provides snack sized, bite sized learning.

"Genetics" includes tutorials on:

Introduction to Genetics:

� Introduction
� Objects of Genetics
� Founder of Genetics
� Branches of Genetics
� Importance of Genetics

Mendel's Work on Pea Plant:

� Why did Mendel choose Pea Plant?
� Mendel Observed Seven Traits
� Mendel�s Work Showed
� Monohybrid Cross
� Dihybrid Cross

Mendel's Law of Genetics:

� Mendel�s Law of Genetics
� Law of Dominance
� Law of Segregation
� Law of Segregation
� Law of Independent Assortment
� Incomplete Dominance
� Biological Significance of Mendel�s Laws

Genes and Chromosomes:

� Genes
� Molecular Structure of Gene
� Chromosomes
� Types of Chromosomes
� Special Types of Chromosomes
� Lampbrush Chromosome
� Polytene or Salivary Gland Chromosome

Genetic Material:

� Genetic Material
� Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
� Chemical Composition
� Watson-Crick Model of DNA
� DNA Replication
� Ribonucleic acid (RNA)
� Structure of RNA
� Types of RNA


� Heredity
� Principle of Heredity

Variation and Mutation:

� Genetic Variation
� Variation and Adaptation
� Natural selection
� Increasing and Decreasing Genetic Variation
� Mutation
� Types of Mutation
� On the Basis of Origin
� Chromosomal Mutations

Gene Expression and Genetic Disorder:

� Gene Expression
� Gene Expression Mechanism
� Regulation of Gene Expression
� Genetic Disorder
� Disorder Due to Genetic Incompatibilities
� Disorder due to Chromosomal Abnormalities
� Disorder Due to Changes in the Structure of Chromosomes
� Disorder due to Defective Genotypes

Genetics of Bacteria and Viruses:

� Bacterial and Viral Genome
� Bacterial Genetic Material
� Genetic Analysis in Bacteria
� Bacterial Transformation
� Transduction

Recombinant DNA Technology:

� What is Recombinant DNA?
� Cloning
� Transgenic
� DNA Fingerprinting
� Genomics
� Gene library

Gene Flow:

� Gene Flow
� Lower Rate of Gene Flow
� Higher Rate of Gene Flow
� Effect of Gene Flow on Evolution
� Barriers to Gene Flow
� Gene Flow in Humans
� Genetic Pollution

Sex Chromosomes and Sex Linkage:

� Sex Chromosomes
� Sex Linked Inheritance
� Sex Linkage in Drosophila
� Sex Linkage in Human

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