Genuine Sense of Outrage

Genuine Sense of Outrage

by The Warriors



Unlike most pedestrian hardcore bands, the Warriors write songs (generally real good songs, in fact) which just so happen to be fueled predominantly by the genre's undying spirit -- plus lots of metallic underpinnings, some plain old hard rock hooks, and even spots of hip-hop, if you can believe that. Actually, more unbelievable is how their third opus, 2007's Genuine Sense of Outrage, consistently delivers the goods, song after song (see instant favorites "The Ruthless Sweep," "The Stone Grinds," and "Silence Is Bliss") without succumbing to hardcore's multiple clichés, and containing not a speck of emo -- praise be! Guitarist and chief songwriter Javier Zarate nimbly orchestrates this feat from behind his versatile six-string, and even though he occasionally swerves into melodic singing and even rapping now and then (see "Life Grows Cold," "Belly," and others), vocalist Marshall Lichtenwaldt really only knows one emotional state: psychotically irate. But hey, it works just fine with the Warriors' similarly fuming musical backdrops, and Lichtenwaldt is always kind enough to enunciate, so all can share in his personal pet peeves. Add the endorsement provided by guest performers like Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld (he's on here somewhere), Sick of It All's Lou Koller ("Mankind Screams") and -- good God! -- Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister ("Price of Punishment"), and the Warriors show they've accumulated quite a lot of credibility on the heels of their three excellent albums, of which Genuine Sense of Outrage is arguably the best.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/07/2007
Label: Victory Records
UPC: 0746105034228
catalogNumber: 342

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Warriors   Primary Artist
Daniel Lopez   Vocals
Matt Anderson   Drums
Lou Koller   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Lemmy Kilmister   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Charlie Alvarez   Guitar
Roger Camero   Bass,Bass Guitar,Vocals,Guest Appearance
Jeff Hershey   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Andrew Neufeld   Vocals,Guest Appearance
Andy Brady   Vocals
Marshall Lichtenwaldt   Vocals
Danny Phillips   Guitar
Javier Zarate   Guitar
Danny Phillips   Guitar
Andrew Verity   Vocals
Danny Lopez   Vocals
Matt Anderson   Drums
Javier Zarate   Guitar
Marshall Lichtenwaldt   Vocals
Andy Brady   Vocals

Technical Credits

Sergio Chavez   Engineer
Mike Fasano   Drum Technician
Cameron Webb   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Roger Camero   Producer,Engineer,Audio Production
Danny Phillips   Composer
Donny Phillips   Composer,Illustrations

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