Geology of the United States' Seafloor: The View from GLORIA

Geology of the United States' Seafloor: The View from GLORIA


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Geology of the United States' Seafloor presents new, definitive studies of the seafloor adjacent to various regions of the United States—the West Coast, East Coast, Alaskan margin, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean—from the GLORIA long-range sidescan sonar images, complementary seismic profiling, and magnetic surveys. This spectacular dataset provides a new insight into the structural evolution of the seafloor, and the sedimentary processes that have modified it. Such a comprehensive interpretation of the images, in the context of the geology and geological processes of the seafloor, is presented here for the first time. New concepts have emerged and scientists have garnered much new knowledge as a result of this surveying. Geology of the United States' Seafloor will be useful to the broad range of advanced students and scientists studying the continental margins and the seafloors of the world.

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ISBN-13: 9780521020831
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 10/06/2005
Edition description: Reissue
Pages: 380
Product dimensions: 8.62(w) x 10.94(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword G. W. Hill; Introduction to volume J. V. Gardner; Part I. The GLORIA System and Data Processing: 1. The USGS GLORIA system M. L. Somers; 2. Processing and manipulating GLORIA sidescan sonar images P. S. Chavez, Jr., J. A. Anderson, S. C. Sides and J. Bowell; Part II. US East Coast EEZ: Introduction and summary to US East Coast J. M. Robb, W. P. Dillon, D. W. O'Leary and P. Popenoe; 3. The timing and spatial relations of submarine canyon erosion and mass movement on the New England continental slope and rise D. W. O'Leary; 4. Characteristics of the continental slope and rise off North Carolina from GLORIA and seismic-reflection data: the interaction of downslope and contour current processes P. Popenoe and W. P. Dillon; Part III. Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean EEZ: Introduction and summary to Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean EEZ D. C. Twichell, K. M. Scanlon and W. P. Dillon; 5. Breaching the levee of a channel on the Mississippi Fan D. C. Twichell, W. C. Schwab, N. H. Kenyon and H. J. Lee; 6. Morphology of carbonate escarpments as an indicator of erosional processes; 7. Sedimentary processes in the salt deformation province of the Texas and Louisiana continental slope D. C. Twichell and C. M. Delorey; 8. Sedimentary processes in a tectonically active region: Puerto Rico north insular slope K. M. Scanlon and D. G. Masson; 9. A review of the tectonic problems of the strike-slip northern boundary of the Caribbean plate and examination by GLORIA W. P. Dillon, N. T. Edgar, K. M. Scanlon and D. F. Coleman; Part IV. US West Coast EEZ: Introduction and summary of US West Coast EEZ J. V. Gardner and M. E. Field; 10. Discrimination of fluid seeps on the convergent Oregon continental margin with GLORIA imagery B. Carson, V. Paskevich, E. Seke and M. L. Holmes; 11. A meandering channel at the base of the Gorda Escarpment D. A. Cacchione, D. E. Drake and J. V. Gardner; 12. The morphology, processes, and evolution of Monterey fan: a revisit J. V. Gardner, R. G. Bohannon, M. E. Field and D. G. Masson; 13. Ground-truth studies of west coast and Gulf of Mexico submarine fans H. J. Lee, R. E. Kayen, B. D. Edwards, M. E. Field, J. V. Gardner, W. C. Schwab and D. C. Twichell; 14. Morphology of small submarine fans, inner California continental borderland B. D. Edwards, M. E. Field and N. H. Kenyon; Part V. Alaskan EEZ: Introduction and summary Of Alaskan EEZ H. A Karl and P. R. Carlson; 15. Sediment pathways in the Gulf of Alaska, from beach to abyssal plain P. R. Carlson, A. J. Stevenson, T. R. Bruns, D. M. Mann and Q. J. Huggett; 16. Sedimentation along the fore-arc region of the Aleutian Island Arc, Alaska M. R. Dobson, H. Karl and T. L. Vallier; 17. Aleutian Basin of the Bering Sea: styles of sedimentation and canyon development H. A. Karl, P. R. Carlson and J. V. Gardner; 18. Geology of the Kula Paleo-Plate, North Pacific Ocean T. L. Vallier, D. G. Masson, H. A. Karl, L. Prueher, C. A. Mortera-Gutierrez and T. E. Chase.

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