Geometry Math Clues

Geometry Math Clues



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Mathematics is much more than numbers, formulas, and theories. It is a vital, fascinating part of our daily lives. Whether we're hitting a grand slam, making chocolate chip cookies, or reading a science-fiction novel, math helps us understand and enjoy the world in which we live.The Tall-Tale Math Series is a comprehensive resource that empowers students by helping them understand and utilize the fundamentals of mathematics. Highly creative story problems spark curiosity and help students appreciate math as a powerful tool for solving real-life questions.In Part 3 of the series, Geometry Basics, students will explore the fundamental principles of geometry, including perimeter, area, and volume. In addition, they will learn to identify various kinds of shapes, angles, and space figures.Geometry Basics is divided into three useful sections: Review Sheets contain easy-to-understand definitions and examples that clearly explain particular concepts, such as "Types of Angles." In addition to providing valuable practice exercises, the sheets can also serve as handy reference guides.Skill-Builder Sheets present intriguing story problems that use humor, creativity, and mystery to engage students. Each sheet covers a specific concept, which is clearly labeled at the top of the page.Extra-Practice Sheets are designed to add an additional challenge for students who have mastered the previous sheets. In addition to the basic concepts, students must use additional skills, such as measurement conversion, chart analysis, and selection of the most appropriate number form. These sheets give teachers the extra flexibility to tailor lessons based on grade level and ability.Special Note: Several problems, such as those involving imperfect square roots and π, will be easier to solve with the help of a calculator. Pages with a strong requirement for a calculator are labeled "Calculator!" at the top of the page.Aimed at students in grades 5 through 8

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Publication date: 02/29/2000
Pages: 66
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