Geopolitics of Foreign Aid

Geopolitics of Foreign Aid


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ISBN-13: 9781781951613
Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 04/13/2013
Pages: 1296
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About the Author

Edited by Helen V. Milner, B.C. Forbes Professor of Politics and International Affairs and Director, Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance, Princeton University, US and Dustin Tingley, Assistant Professor of Government, Harvard University, US

Table of Contents

Volume I:
Introduction Helen V. Milner and Dustin H. Tingley
1. Hans Morgenthau (1962), ‘A Political Theory of Foreign Aid’
2. Thomas C. Schelling (1955), ‘American Foreign Assistance’
3. David A. Baldwin (1969), ‘Foreign Aid, Intervention, and Influence’
4. Eileen M. Crumm (1995), ‘The Value of Economic Incentives in International Politics’
5. Hans W. Singer ([1964] 2007), 'International Aid for Economic Development: Problems and Tendencies’
6. Paul Mosley (1985), ‘The Political Economy of Foreign Aid: A Model of the Market for a Public Good’
7. Scott Jackson (1979), ‘Prologue to the Marshall Plan: The Origins of the American Commitment for a European Recovery Program’
8. Edwin A. Sexton and Terence N. Decker (1992), ‘U.S. Foreign Aid: Is it for Friends, Development or Politics?’
9. Brian Lai (2003), ‘Examining the Goals of US Foreign Assistance in the Post-Cold War Period, 1991–96’
10. Anne Boschini and Anders Olofsgård (2007), ‘Foreign Aid: An Instrument for Fighting Communism?
11. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith (2007), ‘Foreign Aid and Policy Concessions’
12. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith (2009), ‘A Political Economy of Aid’
13. Miroslav Nincic (2010), ‘Getting What You Want: Positive Inducements in International Relations’
14. R.D. McKinlay and R. Little (1978), ‘A Foreign-Policy Model of the Distribution of British Bilateral Aid, 1960–70’
15. James Meernik, Eric L. Krueger and Steven C. Poe (1998), ‘Testing Models of U.S. Foreign Policy: Foreign Aid during and after the Cold War’
16. Richard Ball and Christopher Johnson (1996), ‘Political, Economic, and Humanitarian Motivations for PL 480 Food Aid: Evidence from Africa’
17. Jean-Philippe Thérien and Alain Noël (2000), ‘Political Parties and Foreign Aid’
18. Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (2001), ‘Foreign Aid and Domestic Politics: Voting in Congress and the Allocation of USAID Contracts across Congressional Districts’
19. Robert K. Fleck and Christopher Kilby (2010), ‘Changing Aid Regimes? U.S. Foreign Aid from the Cold War to the War on Terror’
20. Joshua William Busby (2007), ‘Bono Made Jesse Helms Cry: Jubilee 2000, Debt Relief, and Moral Action in International Politics’
21. Dustin Tingley (2010), ‘Donors and Domestic Politics: Political Influences on Foreign Aid Effort’
22. David H. Bearce and Daniel C. Tirone (2010), ‘Foreign Aid Effectiveness and the Strategic Goals of Donor Governments’
23. Helen V. Milner and Dustin H. Tingley (2011), ‘Who Supports Global Economic Engagement? The Sources of Preferences in American Foreign Economic Policy’
24. Martin C. Steinwand (2011), ‘Estimating Free-Riding Behavior: The StratAM Model’
25. Leonard Dudley and Claude Montmarquette (1976), ‘A Model of the Supply of Bilateral Foreign Aid’
Volume II:
An introduction to both volumes by the editor appears in Volume I
1. Craig Burnside and David Dollar (2000), ‘Aid, Policies and Growth’
2. Alberto Alesina and David Dollar (2000), ‘Who Gives Foreign Aid to Whom and Why?’
3. Paul Collier and David Dollar (2000), ‘Does Africa Need a Marshall Plan?’
4. Paul Collier and David Dollar (2002), ‘Aid Allocation and Poverty Reduction’
5. Thad Dunning (2004), ‘Conditioning the Effects of Aid: Cold War Politics, Donor Credibility, and Democracy in Africa’
6. Stephen Knack (2004), ‘Does Foreign Aid Promote Democracy?’
7. Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler (2004), ‘Aid, Policy and Growth in Post-Conflict Societies’
8. Jean-Claude Berthélemy and Ariane Tichit (2004), ‘Bilateral Donors’ Aid Allocation Decisions - A Three-Dimensional Panel Analysis’
9. Paul Collier and David Dollar (2004), ‘Development Effectiveness: What Have We Learnt?’
10. Kevin M. Morrison (2009), ‘Oil, Nontax Revenue, and the Redistributional Foundations of Regime Stability’
11. Sarah Blodgett Bermeo (2011), ‘Foreign Aid and Regime Change: A Role for Donor Intent’
12. Christopher Kilby and Axel Dreher (2010), ‘The Impact of Aid on Growth Revisited: Do Donor Motives Matter?’
13. Camelia Minoiu and Sanjay G. Reddy (2010), ‘Development Aid and Economic Growth: A Positive Long-Run Relation’
14. Alberto Alesina and Beatrice Weder (2002), ‘Do Corrupt Governments Receive Less Foreign Aid?’
15. Eric Werker, Faisal Z. Ahmed and Charles Cohen (2009), ‘How Is Foreign Aid Spent? Evidence from a Natural Experiment’
16. Kul B. Rai (1980), ‘Foreign Aid and Voting in the UN General Assembly, 1967–1976’
17. Strom C. Thacker (1999), ‘The High Politics of IMF Lending’
18. Ilyana Kuziemko and Eric Werker (2006), ‘How Much is a Seat on the Security Council Worth? Foreign Aid and Bribery at the United Nations’
19. Axel Dreher, Jan-Egbert Sturm and James Raymond Vreeland (2009), ‘Development Aid and International Politics: Does Membership on the UN Security Council Influence World Bank Decisions?’
20. Peter Boone (1996), ‘Politics and the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid’
21. Joseph Wright and Matthew Winters (2010), ‘The Politics of Effective Foreign Aid’
22. Christopher Kilby (2009), ‘The Political Economy of Conditionality: An Empirical Analysis of World Bank Loan Disbursements’
23. Eric Neumayer (2003), ‘The Determinants of Aid Allocation by Regional Multilateral Development Banks and United Nations Agencies’
24. Randall W. Stone (2004), ‘The Political Economy of IMF Lending in Africa’
25. Randall W. Stone (2008), ‘The Scope of IMF Conditionality’
26. Christopher Kilby (2006), ‘Donor Influence in Multilateral Development Banks: The Case of the Asian Development Bank’
27. Julien Reynaud and Julien Vauday (2009), ‘Geopolitics and International Organizations: An Empirical Study on IMF Facilities’
28. Helen V. Milner (2006), ‘Why Multilateralism? Foreign Aid and Domestic Principal-Agent Problems’
29. Steven C. Poe and James Meernik (1995), ‘US Military Aid in the 1980s: A Global Analysis’
30. Steven C. Poe (1991), ‘Human Rights and the Allocation of US Military Assistance’
31. Keith Krause (1991), ‘Military Statecraft: Power and Influence in Soviet and American Arms Transfer Relationships’
32. William Easterly (2008), ‘Foreign Aid Goes Military!’
33. Patricia L. Sullivan, Brock F. Tessman and Xiaojun Li (2011), ‘US Military Aid and Recipient State Cooperation’
34. Jean-Paul Azam and Véronique Thelen (2010), ‘Foreign Aid Versus Military Intervention in the War on Terror’
35. Navin A. Bapat (2011), ‘Transnational Terrorism, US Military Aid, and the Incentive to Misrepresent’

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