George Washington And The American Revolution

George Washington And The American Revolution

by Kim S. Collier


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I've always had a special interest in the architecture, paintings, furniture, and homes of the Colonial days in America. And I've always have had a great respect for the leaders of the Colonial days who established the United States and their rode to Independence from Great Britain and their hope of having a country with accomplishments, peace, and happiness.

George Washington is the one I give title to in this book since he was a brave leader along with many in the world in his life time but he was also the first President of the United States. He helped establish America with his Army and leaders John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who wrote laws of the land and with French allies Admiral Francis Joseph Paul de Grasse and Marquis de Lafayette and their Armies. Along with American traders, farmers, and citizens who all wanted to retain their own land and what they all believed to be a fair government. This book is an account of George Washington's life with other leaders in America before the days of the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence then during and after the revolution with accounts of the revolution with leaders in their own words. And how the American Patriots united together and made contributions to establish America. And with liberty they have taught many a special respect and heart for life in the United States.

In this book are Photographs I took from the State of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia where Colonial leaders first started the laws of the land and outside of the City of Independence where the American Soldiers had battles and retained forts. Photographs of Springfield and Whitemarsh townships and the documented Fort Washington State Park where 12,000 American soldiers of the revolution camped with their Brigantine and Lieutenant Generals and Commander General George Washington for one month during the revolution. The American Revolution lasted close to seven years to independence from Great Britain and the battles where fought in all of the thirteen colonies. I hope this book provides the answers to questions you may have about the establishment and history of the United States and about George Washington's life and careers and his family's immigration to America. All American Patriots in this time era shared in common to keep the American lands their own and to share in world peace..

Kim S. Collier

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