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George's Mother and Other Weird Stories

George's Mother and Other Weird Stories

by Susan Berliner


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Welcome again to Susan Berliner's world, a place where strange things—both good and bad—happen. Meet some of the inhabitants:

* Dennie. Her parents look the same—but everything else about them is different. (The Imposters)

* Ken. What happens when he gets the opportunity to relive a pivotal moment of his youth? (Do Over)

* Megan. Like many young children, she's afraid of crows. But these are not ordinary birds. (Megan's Crows)

* Deb. She tries on a sorcerer's hat. How much harm can that cause? (Hat Trick)

* George. The woman at his doorstep claims to be his dead mother. (George's Mother)

* Alex. She's offered a chance to be thinner. Is it worth it? (Skinny Alex)

* Tina. Who's phoning her—and what does the caller want? ("507-9302")

* Jayda. Her new eyeglasses prove to be extraordinary. (Visionary Girl)

* Ruben. Why is he given a key—and what door does it open? (The Key)

In this weird world, you'll encounter a variety of genres—from thriller and horror to sci-fi and humor. Enjoy your visit!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780983940197
Publisher: Srb Books
Publication date: 03/19/2020
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.44(d)

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