Georgia Sweethearts (Love Inspired Series)

Georgia Sweethearts (Love Inspired Series)

by Missy Tippens
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Georgia Sweethearts 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I uhm.... gtg.... bye.. ._.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I completely enjoyed reading this story. I just flowed right through it. I never lost interest. I liked that it was realistic issues and a great Christian message throughout. The romance progressed perfectly. Character developement was perfect. I got to know a variety of characters that allowed me to get the full feel of the community that the writer created. I have nothing bad to say. I absolutely recommend.
VincePlato More than 1 year ago
I've read all of Missy Tippens books. And "Georia Sweethearts" is the most serious and hard edged. In her first books, Missy's voice was notable for expressing love for her reader. It was unique and why I so enjoy her writing. Her last book upped the ante adding a great touch of reality and this I believe made the book a finalist for a RITA (romance's highest award). "Georgia Sweethearts" has gone even further into realism. There are sad events in this book. Much of the warm fuzzies found in the first four books are replaced with the way things really are. This makes good Stienbeck but I missed my sea of good feelings. Of course, I read romances for how they make me feel. Why not? I know how they end. I'm guaranteed a happy ending. Does "Georgia Sweethearts" have a happy ending. Of course and it's even happier given the sad events that were encountered along the path to redemption. Given this: many readers may find this the most rewarding Tippens book yet. That's for each reader to decide. The story is about a preacher who God has called to start churches and then move on to start another. (I never understood why God wants to start new churches when so many existing churches stand half-empty on Sunday morning). The problem is: is this really God's plan or a plan the hero would like God to have given him? How do you tell? The heroine is in much the same position. She finds God in this story and thinks He may want her to find a new career in another city. But is God really talking to her or is she just engaging in wishful thinking? And if God's plans are so different for the hero and heroine, then why has God brought them together in this small town at this time? Trying to find out what God wants for them and what they want for themselves is the heart of the conflict. This is strong stuff. It makes for deeper reading than I expected. It adds more spiritual realism. It's hard to evaluate this book. For many readers it will be a 5 star book. For others, who are more into the old Missy, it might only be a 4-Star. I'm going to doubt my own feelings this one time and give it a 5-Star rating - if just for the exceptional quality of the writing and the eventual, 'well earned', HEA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the characters and the story. Most importantly I loved the lesson-- learning to trust others. Its the basis of all relationships and the base of our faith in God. All the characters seemed to struggle with it in different ways or react to a lack of trust in one way or another. Great book!