German Recipes

German Recipes

by Kira Crain

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German Recipes by Kira Crain

In this book you will find the most traditional, classical and best-known German recipes. Most of the recipes are well-known for ages, some of them are quite new. No matter what, with those recipes you get a very good insight of the Germans taste.

All recipes are meant for 4 people.

Just for giving you the chance of identifying the meals on your next journey to Germany, I retained the Germany names of the recipes.

As we have the metric system here in Germany, I stuck to it and give you a conversion chart at the end of the book.

I left out any pictures not only because this is an Ebook but also because every family in Germany has its own tradition of arranging their meals. There are so many different ways of presenting a specific dish, that it would cause only confusion when it would come out different than you saw it in the picture.

Now, have fun reading and cooking.

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Publication date: 03/01/2013
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