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Gerti's War: A Journal of Life Inside the Wehrmacht

Gerti's War: A Journal of Life Inside the Wehrmacht

by Lois Buchter

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Gerti’s war is a journal of Gerti’s life after Hitler took power and she found herself pressed into service as an encrytionist with top security clearance. Gerti’s journal chronicles her experiences, hardships and the atrocities suffered by all during WWII. Gerti’s early life and later years are told from Gerti’s stories to portray her life before, during, and after the war.  

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780997510850
Publisher: Evershine Press, Inc
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 274
Sales rank: 880,534
File size: 674 KB

About the Author

Gerti's War: A Journal of Life Inside the Wehrmacht is Lois’ first non-fiction book although she has been an active storyteller for the last fifteen years. Lois’ life changed when she was visiting Gerti and extended family in Germany and a photo album fell out and onto her foot. That photograph showed Gerti’s father wearing a WWII German uniform with another German officer in a wagon. Lois casually asked her cousin, “What did you do in the war?” However, she was not prepared for Gerti’s answer. Gerti told Lois that she had been in the Hitler Youth and was fourteen when the war started. Lois literally dropped to her knees. The kindest woman she had ever known, couldn’t be a “Nazi”? Gerti’s War covers the years 1938-47 showing what life was like in Germany during the war and afterwards as taken from Gerti’s journals from the time and the stories she told.
Lois lives in California with the best dog in the world who happily sits at her feet while she writes. Occasionally she walks said dog, sculpts in marble, clay and stone; paints, cuts glass and works in fiber arts. Lois sees the world differently and pursues her love of a good story in novels and screenplays. She has previously self-published a children’s fairytale, Legend of Cinnamon Valley, under the pen name Lois Frazier. Lois has written two other books; and is a screenwriter with several screenplays, teleplays, and shorts. She also works with children teaching classes…

Table of Contents

Gerti's War
Chapter 2 - March 1938
Chapter 3 - September 1938
Chapter 4 - June 1940
Chapter 5 - February 1941
Chapter 6 - May 1941
Chapter 7 - November 1941
Chapter 8 - December 1941
Chapter 9 - February 1942
Chapter 10 - September 1942
Chapter 11 - July 1943
Chapter 12 - May 1945
Chapter 13 - September 1945
Chapter 14 - April 1948
Chapter 15 - Part Two July 1992
Chapter 16 - December 1992
Chapter 17 - February 1993

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