Gesturing Toward Reality: David Foster Wallace and Philosophy

Gesturing Toward Reality: David Foster Wallace and Philosophy


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ISBN-13: 9781441128355
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 06/19/2014
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.73(w) x 8.84(h) x 0.99(d)

About the Author

Robert K. Bolger (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University, USA) is the author of Kneeling at the Altar of Science: The Mistaken Path of Contemporary Religious Scientism.

Scott Korb teaches writing at New York University, the New School, and in Pacific University's MFA program (all USA). His books include The Faith Between Us, Life in Year One, and Light without Fire.

Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors

Scott Korb

Chapter One. How We Ought To Do Things With Words
Alexis Burgess

Chapter Two. The Subsurface Unity of All Things, Or David Foster Wallace's Free Will
Leland de la Durantaye

Chapter Three. A Less ‘Bullshitty' Way To Live: The Pragmatic Spirituality of David Foster Wallace
Robert K. Bolger

Chapter Four. This is Water and Religious Self-Deception
Kevin Timpe

Chapter Five. Inside David Foster Wallace's Head: Attention, Loneliness, Suicide and the Other Side of Boredom
Andrew Bennett

Chapter Six. The Lobster Considered
Robert C. Jones

Chapter Seven. The Terrible Master: David Foster Wallace and the Suffering of Consciousness (with Guest Arthur Schopenhauer)
Blakey Vermeule

Chapter Eight. Philosophy, Self-Help and the Death of David Wallace
Maria Bustillos

Chapter Nine. Untrendy Problems: The Pale King's Philosophical Inspirations
Jon Baskin

Chapter Ten. The Formative Philosophical Influences of David Foster Wallace With Special Reference to The Broom of the System
Tom Tracey

Chapter Eleven. Beyond Philosophy: David Foster Wallace and the Dangers of Theorizing
Randy Ramal

Chapter Twelve. Good Faith and Sincerity: Sartrean Virtues of Self-Becoming in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest
Allard den Dulk

Chapter Thirteen. Theories of Everything and More: Infinity Is Not The End
Ryan David Mullins

Chapter Fourteen. Does Language Fail Us? Wallace's Struggle with Solipsism
Patrick Horn


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